Xperia X8 photo and video samples

Xperia X8 photo and video samples Those guys over at SE-First have been hard at work, following on from their unboxing video, they are first on the scene with some photo and video samples. As a quick reminder, the handset comes with a 3.2MP camera sensor (lower than the X10 mini series) and has no flash and no autofocus.

The latter is a big disappointment, not only for pictures but it also means the barcode scanner app cannot be used. The X8 is also compared to the X10 with some side-by-side sample pictures. Click here for the gallery. You can check out two videos taken with the X8 below, one in bright conditions and one in a low-light environment.

18 responses to “Xperia X8 photo and video samples”

  1. i’m only interested in whom might be interested about it!!! and why?
    who in the hell wanna X8!!, X10 is already retarded!!! why i want more retarded phone!!!

  2. Buy a mobile from sony ericsson(price will be bloated of course). You will have a crippled and outdated version of android in it. Die waiting for an update that will never come. In short, pay your money to get humiliated.
    (The writer of this post is an idiot who owns an Xperia X10 mini)

  3. Sony will never recover from this. Best they can hope for is to cut a deal with operators to offer X10 owners a rebate / special discount when X11, X12 or whatever Android 1.6 / Timescape riddled phone they put out in 6..nay 12 months time.

  4. As a small simple phone, and cheap alternative to the higher end Android phones, why not buy this phone? Maybe there are people like me that ARENT interested in all that “Froyo” & “Gingerbread” nonsense and just want to try out a simple android phone?
    Ever think of that?
    I for one think it’s neat that there is a simple Android phone that doesnt cost an arm and a leg.
    I love my X10 Mini and am considering getting the X8 for my little brother (15 years old). He doesn’t give two cents about all that update hoobla and only wants something he can keep up to date with on his FB and twitter accounts.
    I’d say this phone is more than adequate for his needs.
    So yes, There are people interested in this Phone.

  5. @CactuarKnight – Well said. My sentiments exactly. This was the very reason I bought a mini instead of paying almost $900 in my country for the X10

  6. Nothing against the author of this article,

    but nobody who is interested in SE phones will buy an X10 let alone X8.

    organise something hateful to SE mr author

  7. @CactuarKnight

    “Froyo” & “Gingerbread” nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on!!!!!
    you don’t care about it because you don’t have any clue about it. please get out from your cave, you are missing a lot.

    don’t make your little brother hate you! once he learn about the difference!!!

  8. to hell wit u se haters…..
    like it or not
    se rules…if u hate so much go get itself HTC….
    ill b surprised

  9. to hell wit u se haters…..
    like it or not
    se rules…if u hate so much go get itself HTC….
    ill b surprised….NO
    I won’t advice u…its ur money isn’t it….
    I made a lot of mistakes no perfect phone out dere…
    I had to go back to d company I love…..