Ingenious marketing campaign for X10 mini [Video]

Ingenious marketing campaign for X10 miniWe’re not sure how this slipped through our net, but around three months ago Sony Ericsson France launched an ingenious viral marketing campaign for the X10 mini on the streets of Paris. It involved a fleet of small radio-controlled vehicles including cars, trucks, buses and even boats with an obligatory X10 mini mounted on top.

These vehicles were let loose on urban Paris with some delightful results as we watch people curiously trying to find out what was going on. You can find the dedicated site for the campaign here as well as some videos after the break. Hopefully it should lift the doom and gloom surrounding the Android 2.1 delay, well at least momentarily.

23 responses to “Ingenious marketing campaign for X10 mini [Video]”

  1. Gah. As a male, I don’t like how my phone is being marketed as a woman’s accessory. If this continues, I’ll be embarrassed to take out my phone in public! I’ll need to get a droid with flaming skulls or something to compensate…

  2. At post #5

    haha don’t worry Chris, this is the 21st century where (for example) Red is no longer just a girls colour even if it’s still marketed as a girls colour (similar to X10 Mini). Ok maybe this was a bad analogy, but you get the idea 🙂

  3. Cute – maybe I could get a skull and cross bones charm to hang from my full sized x10’s man strap… 😛

  4. The only thing we X10 owners want is Android 2.2
    NOTHING ELSE! SorryErrorson should spend more resources in android development, than on stupid commercials!

  5. yes. bootloader now

    Their programing and developing department are clearly retards! just make the phone and let us do to it what we want!

    p.s mini is and always will be a girls phone

  6. They’re advertising the phone to non xperia owners so stop moaning about what xperia owners want. I have one, but I get the jist of … marketing…

  7. @pete shouldn’t we warn future users before the trap is closed?
    they shouldn’t make the same mistake, sony r.i.p.

  8. i think there is a hidden sense in this campaign. These randomly moving cars represent X10´s way to the update 🙂

  9. X10 users don’t want. …THEY DEMAND!!! pete! Let people blog what ever they want. Yell at your wife or dog in stead!!!

  10. Good ad and all but…
    how is this suppose to make us feel good about our X10s? Get your head in the game SE, I know you are CAPABLE.