Custom Froyo ROM loaded onto Xperia X10?

Custom Froyo ROM loaded onto Xperia X10There are reports from xda-developers that devs may be close to loading a custom ROM onto the Xperia X10. Video evidence shows xda member booting an X10 running Android 2.2.1, albeit with an unchanged kernel. As a nice touch the boot screen has the words ‘Free X10’.

He goes on to confirm that the bootloader hasn’t been cracked (yet) and that in its current state the ROM is not ready for daily use. No other firm information has been released so far, but keep an eye on this thread for the latest developments.

Custom Froyo ROM loaded onto Xperia X10

Thanks Pappy!


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  1. very very very promising and I should add delightful news. Free x10 free x10 indeed. Keep it up guys… your our only salvation from the greedy bastards at SE and their pathetic fanboyish crowds.

  2. Would definitely upgrade to custom firmware., as we are still running ancient version of android.

  3. Would definitely upgrade to custom firmware., as we are still running ancient version of android 1.6.

  4. if the bootloader can be cracked imagine the possibilities we could actually get 2.2 without waiting forever se need to open the bootloader, only reason they wont is because they know they’ll be made to look bad because modders/hackers will be able to get 2.2 onto the handsest quicker than their tech guys they can upload a picture

  5. Hi

    I wonder what the chances are of having this 2.2 hack ported to the X10 Mini/Mini Pro.

    I have only just upgraded to 2.1 on my Mini Pro and loving it, but the big question on a lot of X10 range owners is will we ever see 2.2 – something more like on the X10 rather than the X10 Mini/Mini Pro.

    Whether it is officially from SE or via some kind modder, 2.2 would make my phone even more killer than it is.


  6. Now, that’s great news! 🙂

    And, no, I’m convinced that SE will definitely not open the bootloader to the general public. Why should they?

  7. im happy with 2.1 wouldnt wana risk messin up my phone so close to end of contract wana upgrade to the possible new one

  8. Bring it on I say, id say its worth any risk with my handset as its already outdated now, and still will be well outdated if I ever get fucken 2.1 to start with… id donate to the lads at xda for this once they have mastered it. Keep up the good work.

  9. perhaps these people should be working for SE. it taks SE 6 months to do that it seems
    (i know there are loose ends that need fixing as it wont all work, but a lot of those are caused by SE building android on their system, rather than the other way around)

  10. FIRST.

    This is wonderful news. Leave it to the great folks at the XDA to get the job done. SE should be bloody embarrassed.

  11. and i must add

    @ zodiac the troll who keeps slating se and ‘fanboys’ you seem to be pretty much a fan boy to me lol i think you need councelling 🙂

  12. 2.3 is NOT possible with the X10. Android Gingerbread requires minimum 512mb ram, which the X10 doesn’t have.

  13. At this rate it seems that I’m going to get Froyo before Eclair, I’m still waiting for the oficial release from rogers or any X10a firmware.

  14. geez..constantly checking seus everyday has got me feeling like a is pissing me off..

  15. even just for the flash support, i would most definitely put this 2.2 on my phone. with 2.2 my x10 would finally become the phone i hoped i was buying, i don’t even want MT or X trillion colors on my screen. if what i saw here becomes a reality i’ll make sure to make a donation to XDA and forget about SE for the rest of their hopefully short lives.

  16. does this mean I’m getting froyo before eclair? LOL
    love the guys @ xda
    fuck the guys @ SE . slowpokes lol

  17. Guys guys… why the hell are you waiting? I’m with rogers and been running 2.1 for the last week in a half. Go on XDA and flash the global generic 2.1 firmware… its really easy and worth it! Can’t imagine being on 1.6 right now.

  18. Why dont SE work with Hackers? Give the hackers some credit,. and the costumers a nice cellphone… with no ancient Android and software…Think about it SE… might be a thought to think about.

  19. @x19
    let me repeat
    Free x10 free x10 indeed. Keep it up guys(devs at xda)… your our only salvation from the greedy bastards at SE and their pathetic fanboyish crowds(faxt is fact, x19,x10 fan and the rest of the mindless SE drones)

  20. lmao slating se yet ur buying their phone and praising xda for updating the phone ur slating from the company you love to hate 🙂 makes sense, if you want se to fail then your phone will then become useless to you!

    @ zodiac i think you are clearly the mindless one, you are clearly one lonely sad individual maybe you should get out more instead of constantly complaining about one company, maybe buy a new phone? and let me say yes i am a Sony fan boy i bet that makes u so mad haha i hope they keep screwing you over so your never happy 😀

  21. So then if this is real…that would be very nice indeed. I saw a few serie ago a video of a chinese beta custom rom with multi touch on the x10 running on eclair. Check youtube. Keeps getting better and better. What we now need is a end-user version. Hopefully soon 😉 goodluck xda devs.

  22. ok anyone on 02-uk waiting for 2.1 gueess what 02 announced today week commencing 15th november 2.1 will be released dont believe me go to 02’s twitter page and the 02 forums

  23. please let me enjoy 2.1 wich is very cool on my x10, and then lets think on 2.2, but I think we change phones in les than a year, so, i have now 5 months with x10, i think its better to buy anew phone (maybe x12 anzu if exist) than other phone housing for x10 cause phones get wasted and have too many signs of wearing after a year. so thats why im not crying and feeling betrayed by sony e.
    a year ago I was stuck with nokia symbian and samsung wm6.1 , i never want a sony e, and now xperia x10 its just amazing. i was the lucky one who bought a x10 with no major flaws, and good performance. people are mad at s.e. sometimes i got that feeling but im not angry

  24. very cool! So tempting but I’m STILL waiting for Rogers to upgrade to 2.1 so I don’t void my warranty.. but I don’t know how much longer I can wait till I take a trip over to the xd developers site.

  25. got sick of waiting for official aussie x10a updates so i took a trip to the lads at XDA and now rolling with 2.1 generic global. never looked back, didnt relise how shit 1.6 is till using 2.1.

  26. Well it seems great, however, for me I’ll stick to 2.1 since it’s still official. Let me tell you something from experience, sometimes upgrading to versions that the company didn’t yet improve may truly mess up your phone and ruin it.

    So for me, since 2.1 is working very well, I would not like to sacrifice getting 2.2 that may then reveal a lot of problems and crushes in the phone. Of course in the end of the way, it’s you call and everyone is free to do what he wants.

    But for me I really love my phone, and I want to keep it clean, I won’t try to risk and do such thing until I plan to sell my phone, so their will be no regrets 😛

    And yes I’m a very happy and proud x10 owner !

  27. @fact is fact

    You love the X10 so much, you’re very enthusiastic about your phone. Which makes me wonder, when you love a shitty phone this much, what would you do if you had a real phone?
    iPhone: fact is fact wearing an Apple custom, dancing and screaming in the streets, hoping to find Steve Jobs
    HTC Desire HD: Tattoo HTC on your forehead and stitch your Desire HD into your skin, then span the forums about how great HTC is, not that anyone will disagree with you there

  28. Can the X10 mini also have it??
    I really love the mini with the 2.1 and with 2.2 it would be great

  29. @Bandit

    I keep telling you if you don’t like this phone why do you keep coming here? Coming here again just shows that your still attracted to this phone. I don’t care what excuse you will come with, because your actions speaks louder than your words.

    Since I don’t like the iphone, you would never see me in their blogs or forums, but since you hate the X10 so much and think that SE is a retarded company than why visit their blogs ? You just keep contradicting your self, you try to make a fool out of me but the only real fool here is you.

    PS: no need to switch names between bandit and zodiac it’s so obvious your the same frustrated kid that wants everyone here to hate se, whereas most of us are fans and happy ones 🙂

    Let’s just spread the SE love WooooHoooo I feel good 😛

  30. If this is true then I am happy as SE has given no indication of porting 2.2 on X10. I had purchased X10 to use 2.2 on it as it has hardware for it and believed it would be delivered.

    Don’t mind messing up my phone to get hands on 2.2 as I will not miss using X10 even if it never works after installing custom 2.2 Rom 🙂

  31. Y all d hype…even 2.1 is lame..1.6 seems faster wif beta ui
    2.1 is cool wit d new live wallpaper thin asides dat I culd install new app overall performance 1.6 is cool…wat happen to the led notifications? To fast on missed cal nothon on messages ebuddy non..facebook non nimbuzz nothing aswell only yahoo

  32. check the play time 1: 23, what the Fuckin massege ‘ No service?? ???
    is it Fake?
    I really want custom rom in my Xpeia….

  33. K, if you read the thread, it says GSM is not working yet. and they will release the custom rom when GSM is working.. please read the thread to avoid embarrassment 🙂

  34. X19, does it make you angry to be called a mindless drone. Judging from your comments, it certainly does. Well I’am happy it does because I rather enjoy upsetting pathetic idiots who invest so much emotional capital into material possessions that they can’t stand to hear them criticized.
    Fact is fact, once again in true form, talking nonsense. I was not aware this was a SE blog. I thought it was a forum for x10 users to discuss the phone and the people behind it.

  35. @zodiac ur mums calling its bath time little boy. I bet u sit indoors all day checkin this website getting urself off on peoples comments. Go do something useful

  36. Ben21,
    is that the best you can come up with. You need to really sharpen your wit and imagination. Coming out with the type of stuff that’s not even fit for the school playground just emphasises my point. There are just so many midless fools on here. You need to really improve the state your brain. It seems incredibly weak and in desperate need of expansion. Read a few more books, preferably of the philosophical variety, then come back with something worthy.

  37. i dont give a shit past 2.1 atm im happy with 2.1 coming next week for 02 that and i actually have better things to do with my time (like a job and a gf) than moan and bitch about a phone. seriously its a just a phone a posession which will end up being something different either few months or years down the line. those who moan about the phone get rid of it stop btichin. those who like their phone good for you but i personally aint gonna let a phone rule my life. btw just wondering. few people have repoirted not being able to restore conbtacts with backup/restore option but others say its worked. whats best to use to backup contacts and apps? people recommened gmail?

  38. @Steve

    I love my X10, and yeah bitching about it is useless. To make sure your contacts are maintained, you may want to try at least two methods. I used the backup/restore app, as well as Sony Ericsson Sync

  39. I’m posting some links but it seems they need to moderation approval first 🙁

    So I hope X10 approves them.

  40. thing is @freddy 099 sony ericsson sync wont work for me for some idiotic reason itll send the contacts but not receive it