Google Maps 5.0 with 3D maps and offline caching supported by Xperia X10

Google Maps 5.0Google recently announced Google Maps 5.0 with some very impressive headline features. This includes 3D vector graphics as well as offline caching and rerouting. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is only partially supported as it includes panning, zooming, and tilting gestures only. What we are missing is the rotating gesture, which requires Android 2.2 (Froyo).

You’ll notice in the official video below, that a dual-touch gesture is used to enter the 3D mode, however X10 owners aren’t left out in the dark despite the lack of multitouch. The map modes can be toggled between 2D/3D by pressing the Compass logo in the top right of the screen. The 3D maps really does make an eye-catching difference when using maps, however it is only limited to around 100 cities right now globally (click here for the full list). The offline caching is also a very practical addition and is enabled automatically, storing the most used routes. Click through for an idea of what Maps 5.0 brings to the table. You can download it from the Android Market now.

Via Google Mobile Blog (1 & 2).

27 responses to “Google Maps 5.0 with 3D maps and offline caching supported by Xperia X10”

  1. How do I use tilting? The google site says x10 supports tilting but I can’t find any way to do that.

  2. @SusJ: very top of the map check there is a compus just tap it and u will enable tilting mode….

  3. WTF–most misleading title EVER. You tell us it’s “Supported by X10” in the title and then a few sentences in, you tell us it’s only PARTIALLY supported. Eff you x10 blog for making my day and then ruining it. UGH

  4. @Hannah its missing one feature, dont cry over nothing.
    @bravo check the market for Google maps version should be 5.0

    I think this post is missing the two killer features. This update uses 100X less data, and supports caching. Also it has some offline navigation.

  5. This must be a joke. Google can map Taipei in 3D and not Singapore…. huh? Taipei is a messy place and Singapore has practically the best roads in the world and yet…… Sigh….

  6. That’s why we need 2.2 and above on X10. New apps are optimized on latest android built (2.2 and above) and our X10 still far behind. For those fanboys that satisfied with 2.1 (or even 1.6), now you realize why we keep fxxking SE for update?

    @Dark Max
    Sinpapore may have best roads in the world as it may be the shortest road in the world. It may explain why it is the best. (eerrrrr, few months ago i just went there and wonder why i felt bumpy inside the cab)

  7. Very nice with updates, but i have 2 problems with google maps 5014 on X10 Mini.

    1. Street names and icons for restaurant etc are all too small now. They are so small i cant even read many of them plus they look broken up/destroyed. This because they are too small. Pre 5014 the text and icons were also very small but they looked great. This has to be fixed.

    2. I cant see any “compass” icon when i run it. So no idea how to see the vector graphics 3D view that tilts etc. Tried starting GPS and everything but i still cant see any compass.

    Maybe both problems are because it didnt update correct. Anyone else with a X10 mini have any of the 2 problems i mentioned?

  8. Bullshit, not present in Romania and the app is nowhere to be found on the market. Still version 4.4.
    Possibly it will arrive later.

  9. I installed it on my X10 mini, there are no features from 5.0 even though the new version feature pop up in the beginning says so.
    The version said is 5.0, but there are no features.
    the top bar which should have a search bar and my location button isn’t there either.

  10. Works fine (#5014) on mine X10 mini pro, can use it offline (very nice!), but can’t toggle between 2D/3D…

  11. I have the same issue with Alex, I can NOT see the buttons above where the Compass option can be tapped. im using an Xperia Mini Pro

  12. I can’t change between 2D and 3D, i can’t see the compass even I have google maps 6.0 🙁 do you something about this? i have xperia X10 mini..!