Who uses Timescape on a daily basis? [Poll]

TimescapeThis week’s poll is a simple one, we would like to know how many of our readers use the Timescape application. Both Timescape and Mediascape were pushed heavily by Sony Ericsson on the release of the Xperia X10.

We actually like the concept, but don’t use Timescape as we found it a bit of a battery hog. What is your view on Timescape? Please vote in the poll after the jump.

Do you use Timescape?

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133 responses to “Who uses Timescape on a daily basis? [Poll]”

  1. I removed it as soon as i rooted the phone and found out it was doesn’t cause any instability. It’s laggy and absolutely useless.

  2. I can just about see the point of Timescape. But as in everything Sony did to the X10 over the stock rom it’s massively style over substance. Pretty but not a day to day usable tool.

    Mediascape is like they went out to make media as hard as possible to be viewed by the user. Took all the great features of the many other media viewing applications of other android and non-android systems and deliberately avoided using any of their useful features. My wife still uses it on her X10 as she’s too lazy to install anything else and when I’m trying to find anything on her phone… swears are used I tell you. 🙂 Worst android application ever…

  3. Actually I find Timescape quite interesting, but only after the performance improved over the updates.

  4. Maybe it would be wise to post the shocking rdebater,to the guy @ S.E who was willing to debate the bootloader with the bigboys on top of the S.E food chain…

  5. As I only use Facebook and Twitter to keep track of what my friends are doing and never post anything myself, Timescape works great for giving me a quick overview of both. So I use Timescape a few times a day and will miss it if I change to a custom 2.2/2.3 ROM later.

  6. The only thing good about timescape is that it can hold about 12 hours worth of content in memory and not lose it unlike the fb / twitter / tweetdeck apps which lose info as soon as you go offline. Even then I only update it when I remember to.

  7. Tried Timescape once or twice but then found it didn’t work how I wanted, so never used it since… Completely useless app. as far as I am concerned.

    Mediascape I have used a bit more but why did SE remove the Android app that did this already (is it gallery?) and replace it with Mediascape seems a totally pointless exercise to me, especially as gallery seems to be better.

    I am sure both these apps. were just marketing tools as when you start to use them you realize the functions are limited and what have SE done with Mediascape in the latest update????

    I would much rather have had the X10 with a choice of whether I used Timescape/Mediascape apps. and not been forced to keep them on the phone if I didn’t find them useful.

  8. If it wasn’t so slow, there might even be some use of it, don’t see a reason why I would waste my nerves on it when there’s a thing called TweetDock.

  9. I still like the concept, but no, I really do not use it ever after the first couple of months since I got the phone.
    Don’t use MediaScape either; the music player doesn’t have a widget, the photo browser is OK but I mostly use the 3d Gallery instead…

  10. PS: TimeScape would indeed be less useless if it would get e-mail out of the default GMail app.

    The ‘Pure Messenger’ widget is a great and far more functional replacement for TimeScape.

  11. I might have continued to use it if it integrated with the actual gmail, facebook and twitter apps and not just open everything in the browser. Oh and it syncs independantly of these apps so you sync everything twice.

  12. It’s far too slow, and as others have said, it requires its own sync AND I have no data connection where I spend much of my time, so I don’t really have any choice

  13. Thanks for posting the poll,

    i’d updated my x10 yesterday, to see what sort of improvement that SE make. They say timescape and mediascape has been improve for performance. As soon as i tested sync with my facebook and tweeter account, my screen freezes a lot. I tried reset and reboot. I still have those freezes everytime timescape does the sync and that kinda piss me off, i wonder where’s that “improvement” thay they are saying?

    I notice the performance after i remove it(timescape) and yes SE has made improvement on the UI. And let me make it clear, my x10 are faster without timescape. For The mediascape app, i find it’s nice to have thumbnail on the music and the video. but using it become a nitemare bcos of it the too many buttons and the buttons are very tiny and small for a big screen device. A pre-installed app should be simple and easy to use.

    im happy many x10 users are with me saying it useless… thank for the writer of the blogs for making us have a place to release the tension we have with SE customisation. Mediascape would rock if it has walkman and megabass along.

  14. Can we have two more polls one to guess when UK Vodafone will get the multi touch and one to see if anyone with an x10 would go with SE again on there next phone ,i would def look at HTC and Samsung next time

  15. Time scape is pretty to look at (if the images are over compressed) but the use of a phone shouldn’t be based on it.

    There isn’t a single manufacturer who has changed the UI elements of android and made it better to date.

  16. Well, I don’t use the app itself but I find the widget useful to get a preview of recent messages or missed calls….

  17. Tried it a few times, but it’s kind of useless to me as I’m a heavy gmail user.
    Later, I rooted my phone, removed timescape, froze mediascape and noticed a significant speed improvement. Right now, my phone runs freeX10 and I use pure messenger widget, which does what I originally expected timescape to do.

  18. I use Timescape very occasionally and it is slow (like the rest of the handset). However, as I don’t tweet or facebook this isn’t an issue.

    Mediascape was a big disappointment. As a media player, it is terrible which from the people behind the Walkman handsets, this was a shock.

  19. Was impressed by the UI and transitions used. The software is completely unstable.. I used it a couple of times and eventually it didnt update from the servers and crashes when it is used heavily. I have left the software as it is cause it imports good quality images from Facebook server that can be used as contact image. But other than that its a complete failure to me

  20. I used to use TS all the time when I first got the phone, mainly as a novelty factor.
    But I don’t use twitter all that often unless I am chasing some form of product support.
    Facebook Touch and the stand alone twitter for android do a much better job.

    And I certainly dont see the point of using TS for my emails and sms messages.

    MediaScape I use. But I haven’t touched Timescape since before the 2.1 update.

  21. I used it every day as it was on my mail homescreen before I move to FreeX10 – I quite liked it but don’t miss it now it’s gone… releasing it as an SE app which you could download if you wanted would be a much better option…

  22. I haven’t used that garbage since I updated to 2.1 last yeast. Laggy crap that just isn’t worth it.

  23. It was a terrible experience using both Mediscape and Timescape. I deleted both of them after i rooted my phone. These are the worst app that i ever used in my life.

  24. Timescape is no longer used (still in phone however, handy for contacts syncing etc etc for personal reasons, though I knew it’s a bit laggy)
    Nice concept, but still seems very “beta” version.

    Mediascape.. Really liked the last update tbh. I used the music player a lot, a bit of complaint here and there (playlisting etc), but it’s a generally good news for it.
    The last update made it even better..

  25. Ok. So i think we are all in agreement that Timescape and Mediascape aren’t the best options.

    What does everyone recommend as an alternative to Mediascape?

  26. If u want a reccomendation i would say open the market app, explore, experiment, experience it, xplore, excecute, uninstalled if you hate it. There’s more to download.

  27. For video I use VPlayer (wich plays mvk and avi and Mediascape doesn’t), for music Player Pro and for pictures the 3D Gallery.

  28. Forgot TS and MS were on the phone until this thread. I’ve rooted, but did not remove…My phone is still extremely laggy….maybe this is part of the reason.

    The stock [Gallery App] works well (you have to unbury it)…except it starts with the first photo you took and you have a lot of scrolling to get to the new photos. Pinch works fine and it scrolls smoothly. If only you could easily make folders, sort images, and change the order of display it would be perfect.
    [Photoshop Express] has a great app for looking at pics, but you can’t pinch zoom, you can only flip through individual pics or screens of icons (that are slow to appear). Also no resize or rotate on the [Photoshop Exp] App.
    [Reduce Photo Size] is convenient for sending images at lower resolution to your friends with non-Smart phones and non-gigabyte data plans.

  29. I do occasionally use the Timescape app and rarely the Mediascape. I actually used to use the Timescape far more frequently because I had 2 different Twitter accounts – one linked to TS and the other using the Twitter for Android app. I have since lost most interest in the one linked to TS (though I still check it about once a month). Timescape is also helpful while I’m at work. My work space does not have good cell reception and we have a signal booster installed but when it acts up I only have G or E internet, not 3G/H. During these times, TS will update a fair amount of my FB data but when I want to actually use the Facebook for Android app, it can’t connect so I can’t see anything. Because of this, I have been using TS a little more often than before, but not much.

    I’m not entirely certain what I would prefer in place of TS. I would like to have something that is easily accessible that shows the most recent FB/Twitter content (possibly multiple Twitter accounts), but that does interface with the associated Android apps…or replaced them because it was good enough to open content within itself instead of in a browser. The idea of having everything so easily accessible as shown in ads for WP7 is appealing, but I would definitely need to see it in action before I would promote WP7 as an alternative to Android with SE UI.

  30. To bad Timescape is (was?) needed for the stock addressbook 🙁

    Just remove Time- and Mediascape and give us a clean Android …

  31. I used to absolutely LOVE this app and I honestly used it multiple times, every day. But recently, after the most recent update actually, I’ve given it a go with the stock launcher (sans ADW) to see how it runs and affects the battery… it’s doing pretty well, but part of that is probably due to the fact that I’ve set Timescape to never update automatically. I find it useful for quickly finding a picture or a song to show a friend, but even then I find Mediascape is so improved that I usually just use that. Le sigh… maybe one day I can use it again.

  32. I actually would love timescape if the facebook and twitter feed would only those post where I am mentioned (or DM’s). Since I got every message from all the persons I follow, I do not use it.

  33. Never use TS and MS, it sucks…
    As mediaplayer i use poweramp a superb app with lots of features, including eq, that can assign eq preset on a single track.

  34. i just checked it when its new but now its very sucking n ver laggy tu use i think its better he gave someing wich is usefull if any new update is there for x10 after 2.1

  35. I don´t use it at all, the idea is good, but working with the app is very slow when updated the accounts, if you click is just a link to the browser, sucks

  36. the idea behind it was a good one, but the implementation of it totally sucks!

    I never used it past my first two weeks with the phone. and now I hate it because its one of the main reasons why we wont get updated past 2.1… I’d rather have the current software than a barely ok-ish app that i almost never use.

  37. I never use Timescape. Like some said, the concept is good, but the app itself is crap.

    However, I know I might be the only one, but I actually like Mediascape. I don’t know why, but I do… :$

  38. Quite like the concept, and using it a bit frequent. Eventhough most people don’t use it, i do, because that’s where my money goes to so yeah, i use it and it meets my need. Only weakness is that the Facebook timscape can’t link to the app, but directly to browser. That’s all.

  39. So…good idea. bad execution. 140 characters is restrictive enough but not being able to ready the same 140 characters in timescape makes this app pointless. When I do use timescape I almost always have to be lead out of timescape to read the whole message from a 3rd party website like twitter/facebook/ or even sometime in to my message area to read a whole text message. Useless to me. Waste of time. Could be way better.

  40. never use it.
    i want s.e to offer an update to remove it and allow a more pure version of android

  41. Good poll..
    but too late…
    They are EOL on x10 now. No news on updates or anything..

    can u start a poll on mediascape ??????

    you can see more NOs than Timescape.. The most laggy app ever made in Android. 🙂

  42. I don’t use it. I just find it useless.Also heard it consumes more battery.

    So to have a pure ‘Google ROM’ what do I have to do,install the AOSP version of this ROM?

    I would appreciate your confirmation.

  43. Timescape is unusable. Why using this messy app which is even unstabile at my x10 mini pro with latest 2.1 when I can use really good clients for social networks like TweetDeck. Mixxing SMS, contacts, FB, Twitter and so long into one cool but not practical UI is crazyness. Maybe If I have two contacts, 5 friends at FB and 5 followings at Twitter, then maybe it could be usable. x)

  44. well, if they push their 2.2 firmware, im no problem to use it. Reason is simple, performance is key, the stock 2.1 ui from sony is already laggy and barely smooth (even they improve from1.6), i do not need another laggy stock apps sitting behind the background to destory my whole experience on x10. (It might have change if 2.2rolling out, then it will not having any performance issues)

    Mediascape also another epic failed, compare with the stock 3d gallery from google, it looks dumb and laggy too, 3d galerry is much more smoother and caching better on pictures (big thumbs friendly too:D ), i haven’t remove it for the sake of video decoding.

  45. i use timescape… but only beacuse it looks cool… its very laggy and when you want to see something it throws you to the facebook or twitter website… and the widget its just useless…

  46. I would delete it with Titanium Backup and my phone would run so much faster and smoother without it.

  47. never used it, didnt even set up time scape but each time i use the apps killer, ta-dah! it will kill of the apps. whats the point in that?
    Am thinking of removing TS when i root my phone. I would need to keep the photos and music i have placed on MS before removing.
    Should I download google gallery first and transfer over my music files, videos and photos?
    I think MS is competely stupid, some songs on file i do not have a pic, it automatically place a picture on the screen and i cannot remove it.
    Dumb apps, completely useless for me.

  48. Never used it, never wanted to either. Removed it after rooting, but it reinstalled after the update so it’s lying around somewhere…will dump it when I flash 2.3 gingerbread.

  49. I find Timescape really useful for what it was made for – a brief view of msg’s, fb posts, etc. I use it daily.

  50. I just leave it on the homescreen to have a quick glimpse of my fb frens’ updates. I don’t actually click on it very often.

  51. Timescape should have been uninstallable. Just like Moxier mail. Let customers choose their own apps instead of wasting precious memoryspace.

  52. I like to see recent events, but use other apps to actually view any thing interesting. If you dont like it just remove with root installer app or flash drive. Simples!

  53. Well….Timescape sure is a great app if it wasnt so laggy…it still is the first thing i show to people when they wanna know abt the x10…and ya…many of us here bought the x10 surely for its unique features like timescape etc which differentiated it from other handsets when it was released….

    But if u want to choose between performance n beauty(timescape and stuff) am pretty sure most of us would go for the former…

  54. Broly..

    yes! totally agree with you. posting polls that are very useful for X10 users here..
    There is no other MOD that would uphold our X10 to the limit
    we r totally rely on FreeX10 and CyanogenMod and some others..

    pls don’t make us talk about timescape mediascape 2.1 bla bla.. we r totally frusted about it already..

    its time to move on bish!!..

  55. I don’t use Timescape because it’s heavy and uses battery big time and kind of don’t need to as well. Mediascape is just not good enough (I use wikiTune for music and a 3D Gallery apk for pix and vids and for me its much better alternative)..
    Both are pretty nice apps but just nothing that I use almost at all mainly because it’s a heavy app and there are better alternatives (for mediascape). It’s like using the default browser or text messaging instead of handcent sms and dolphin browser. Still, good job on these SE.

  56. they’re both bullshit and useless, especially timescape, mediascape is slightly better, but it incorperate music from other folders, such as background music from game, etc. can somebody tellme how i can remove it as im have difficulty trying to removethese stock apps, along with neofinder, whatever its called, (all the shitty useless crap that SE put on their updates!!!)

  57. I have never used Timescape. It is the very first system app I uninstall once I have the root access.

  58. Never used it before I rooted my phone, was the first app I got rid of after I rooted. Enough said 🙂

  59. @Broly

    I love XDA work and custom ROM cookers and I don’t want to bash anyone but I need my phone to be fully featured and stable. And I have yet to see such custom ROM. I want to have my camera working, my WiFi working etc. I think my X10 will fall apart before we will get custom ROM which meets that criteria. Until now I prefer to use slow and ugly SE ROM. Of course I deleted Timescape because it’s unusable… And I learned my lesson – next time I’ll think twice before buying smart device.

  60. I never used it,. never will. But ,. i think its a cool concept and really looks cool,. and i think its a slick widget,. but like i said,. i dont use it. If anyone wants a cool interface,
    try ADW Ex. Its one of the best interface on the market. Id give adw es a 10 and timescape a 3.

  61. Why doesn’t this phone do what it was designed to do?

    I mainly got this phone for integrated social messaging. Timescape and the phonebook are supposed to show all correspondence within the PhoneBook. The e-mail is constantly blank. I use two different e-mail addresses and they are supposed to all merge here. Then the Infinite button links it all together. Take all the services and merge into one.

    My recommendations for PhoneBook improvement:
    1) If I have a contact’s phone number, write a program to ensure it doesn’t duplicate!
    2) PhoneBook and Timescape pixelation – fix this > It’s a multi-media phone

    I refuse to get the iPhone bc/ although it doesn’t lag like this, Mac is not the world standard. PC is. Get over it. Convert videos and music all damn day so you can use the thing. Android is much better. This is the flagship. Let’s see what’s next. I’ll likely go to something Samsung. More reliable company. Ericsson runs Sony Ericsson programming. It’s a terrible company. The sex appeal is all Sony.

    I wish I got paid to demo phones and blog about it.

  62. @CarzeCan
    Mac is also a PC….. PC= Personal Computer =)
    Mac people hate me, when i say that, but it’s true

  63. Timescape was one of the negative features in most reviews I read before getting my X10a. It used to many resources, caused lag, and drained battery. The first thing I did was root my X10a and remove a lot of the SE bloatware, including Timescape. I have recently been using Gallery instead of Mediascape, and am considering removing it as well. I really like the idea of timescape, but it is not worth it.

  64. Great ADVICE for the fools stuck with a crappy X10.

    2. DOWNLOAD Titanium Backup FROM MARKET
    4. VISIT http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=947974 AND DELETE THE JUNK APPS LISTED HERE
    5. ????


  65. People will use it if forced by the os. People just want simple stuff but SE likes to use their device to the fullest.

  66. It’s a good app and I use it. But it should be open: don’t you think it could be very nice having the freedom to add new plugins?

  67. I used TimeScape just for update my status at FB & Twitter…
    Because it will shows: “Posted from Xperia X10” on both page, which looks awesome… LOL ^_^

  68. I love it very much and for me it’s very useful. In fact, I got disappointed when SE removed the animation in Mediascape when opening it after the latest firware update. It’s so frustrating that it’s not possible (according to SE Team) to go back to the previous firmware having this animation. SE should return back this animation in Mediascape on their next minor update.

  69. With JIT.. the phone is more smooth.
    TS is lil bit faster in loading but unfortunately still takes along time,. Idea is nice but in this case with the loading issue not very useful for daily use!
    Mediascape.. it looks nice, but SE should add more functions (EQ,..) like the walkman phones!And where is the widget??
    After updating there are a lot strange behaviour of MS, like when you swipe between album/artist/playlist/.. then it always starts on the top and not there where you’ve been before!! Where the hell are the ANIMATIONS gone!!! awful!!!

    actually i’m happy with MS, so i didn’t check other players

    if SE can improve loading speed of TS and make it using less memory i think it’s a good app!


  70. Timescape is like an app for people with short term memory loss. Well sort of.
    Its not a useful thing.
    And mediascape… Somehow I like iPhone’s approach to media content better. There’s an icon for music, an icon for photos, and another icon for videos. Bunching them in one application can be annoying sometimes. But other than that I’m actually quite happy with my X10, does multi-touch too now.

  71. I have the widget on a home screen so that I can what’s been going on i.e. last caller/email/tweet etc. but find that using it to access stuff takes way too long. The phone is laggy enough already, and some had reported that the clever graphic when opening and closing it had been done away within the latest MT update, but mine still does it.

    Don’t want to root the phone until there’s a stable ROM that can do everything, as I use all the features there are.

  72. Don´t need it. I don´t use it because it´s slow and doesn´t ad much functionallity. Same for Mediascape. It looks nice, but there are better apps that I prefer to use.

  73. I actually find it one of the best apps in the phone to me using it as home its like using the x10 in “Xperia mode” but its slow im still with 1.6 🙁 and its toooooooooo slow but i hope that when i get 2.1 get faster because i do like timescape. Cheers

  74. X10a is my first smart phone, initially great app but now advancement in rooting and customising, i think TS is useless specially the update… wow slooooow. also had freezing. i tried hard to like it, but no i will uninstall it now thanks to super one click 1.7 …even got rid of my stupid postcard app. the way i see: it’s my phone i should decide of what i keep.

    Also not a big fan of home screen, it’s great they have five screens, but i was using LiveHome which i love, gives you upto 11 screens but best features: 2 custom drawers, and custom up and down swipe, also customize the size of any Widgets. everyone try it, it’s good. but you decide.

    finally Mediascape, i like some bits of it but overall hate it. Main problem for me is i like my music while driving. so bad idea, considering no Widget. those who got the same problem try MixZing from Market. it gives you a widget, and an option for having one on top of locked screen. Try the free one first, cos it premium is almost 7 bucks. great driving app.

    on the plus side, i like the multi tap and pinch zoom.now

    in conclusion, Factory Timescape, Mediascape and even the Home Screen i find useless for me. they would have been a superb idea 3 or 4 years ago. now it’s like RC cola, it’s there but who wants it.

  75. I would like it if it wasn’t laggy. It would be more useful if you can click on a pannel and reply to it with out it executing anything. Just a pannel, and pure type reply into it’s intended reply… that’s the way to go! Facebook without going into facebook. meh.


  76. One of the most disadvantages of media scape is that it doesn’t support DivX Mkv … .
    And it makes me really disappointed while i see lots of android phones such as Samsung galaxy s supports almost any video formats.

  77. Yeah, actually the concept of Timescape is good, but it should be perfect if it update itself automatically.
    Actually I use Timescape time to time because of this lack. SE can improve it.

  78. Hi there,

    I haven’t used this app.. for me sound totally crap… unnecessary app.. mediascape(its ok, even I prefer winamp) but timespace definitely not!

    Regards from New Zealand

  79. Yep deleted it too and the home launcher I bought adw as it has more options
    deleted all the stock apps too they take up too much space for my 600 on the and over the market apps. I can go a whole day (with mediocre use) with 40% battery life

  80. Nope, do not use it. I find it too much of a pain to use. I’d rather open my browser and let facebook open… or open the gmail app and check my mail. With the new update more widgets can be placed on the screen, I found at least, and really it took away from what necessity Timescape was trying to push for.

  81. It’s honestly one of the best social media integration tools I’ve found on a smartphone. It takes a while to get everything organized though. I got my X10 from Axiom 8 months ago, and it took me at least a month to get all my contacts organized, but since then TimeScape made it a breeze to stay up-to-date with my contact list.

  82. timescape is an extraordinary feature of se mbiles….
    It separates se from odr androids

  83. I’ve used it twice – once the first time when I was trying out all the features on phone, and second time when I had forgotten what it was, so checked that again.. Never had to use it afterwards.. I never found any practical use of this application..

    In fact I find it difficult to track my messages since the messaging does not differentiate between sent messages and received messages, and also they are not organized datewise, instead all messages are clubbed together for a particular sender.. Yesterday I was searching a message (the sender I didn’t remember as it was some Airtel no., but I did remember the sent date), but simply couldn’t locate it..

  84. The only thing that i love abt timescape is that…..
    When u update ur fb status vis timescape it will read as follows:
    “Se logo….’status’…….via xperia x10”
    Which i love….like how it shows for bb,apple users
    Thts the only reason i need timescape…can some1 give mcspeelink wer i can get fully working timescape for my cm7 by jerplea?

  85. We can only use Timescape to update our status..!!
    The only reason I like and use Timescape is because when we update the status, below it it says via Sony Ericsson Experia. That is it.!!

  86. It’s like having Big Brother tracking your every movement on your phone. I don’t want it, don’t need it and find (amongst other things on the Xperia) the fact that I don’t have a choice (I’ll just repeat that for the Sony guys CHOICE!) to switch it off, completely abhorrent. Thus, my phone has been rooted, Titanium Backup installed and all Timescape features FROZEN. I recently watched a quite pathetic Sony promo video about a day in the life of their target market female using Timescape as though it was the greatest thing to happen in her life since the (alleged) discovery of the ‘G-Spot’ . Has the human race really sunk so low as to be a collective of automatons who need every minuscule aspect of their lives recorded on a phone for playback – just in case they forget? For God’s sake Sony, give us the choice to switch this piece of crap off your otherwise, elegantly designed phones.

  87. I started to use Twitter 3days ago and thought that Timescape would come in handy. Well I was wrong!!!
    It would be great if it did what it’s suppose to do but sadly it fails to update tweets. A thing that it constantly says is “Sever is unable to update ” oh there’s nothing wrong with twitter just timescape…
    Definitely not something I’d use on a daily basis or ever again(TOT;)

  88. well ive tried custom roms for gaming n installed the 2.3.4. feauters timescape and media i will have to say i enjoy it its useful i got it set to automaticly update status to see everything everyone posts. i enojy the shareapps features with like button for music and such more.. but overall im a gamer not a facebook fan as much.. i want my x10 runnin full speen for ram.. but the apps are great if u get used to usin timescape you will lyk it its because its new and nobody wants to use it for while to get used to it..
    LionsPride V4 gaming rom x10
    rooted overclocked