2.1.B.0.1 firmware update rolling out to Xperia X10

2.1.B.0.1 firmware update rolling out to Xperia X10A new firmware update has started to hit certain handsets. The v2.1.B.0.1 update is the latest firmware listed on the PTCRB site, which was certified on 24 May 2011. This new update comes on a new baseband too (2.1.67).

Right now we’re not too sure what benefits this update brings – this is NOT Android Gingerbread before anyone asks – with some users saying an improvement in performance and battery life. If anyone knows for sure let us know in the comments below (as usual SE has not issued a changelog). If you haven’t got the update, it can be flashed from here.

2.1.B.0.1 firmware update rolling out to Xperia X10

Via xda-developers.


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  1. ARC is already flopping in India…..They need to upgrade Xperia X10 to survive….iPhone 4 and Galaxy S2 is taking the market like wild fire….

  2. I thought it was long sms that it fixed and some 3G signal issues. But this doesn’t have a setting to go to GSM Only. But that might be a branded version.

  3. Just received a notification that an update is available. Couple questions, is this available ota? If so, can this add any AT&T software or rebrand it to your carier? I’m in Seattle, Wa on unbranded 2.1 Xperia X10.

  4. I flashed it yesterday. so far the handset is much more responsive and fast, the camera app is a lot faster and battery life seems about the same. Also, 3g reception seems a lot stronger. I was having a problem with timescape before but now its working great after I installed it.

    I guess this update is more geared at the people who aren’t getting the GB update (sim-locked devices) so their phone still is quicker and snappier even though they still have to put up with 2.1

  5. @Damian: Because you’re probably on different CDA than where this update was released.
    This update was first released to the German Generic kits yesterday, don’t know which regions will follow, if any.

  6. its only for the german kits at this time, still no info for generic or nordic any..

  7. OTW update….. I’m from Malaysia….. jst wonder…. bcoz i jst connect my phone which want to transfer some data to pc. and it show me got phone update…..

  8. guys.. watch out here.
    lets update which region got the update..
    No update still in India

  9. Get if from xda and stop waitin will u wait wen 2.3 comes out? Flashtool takes approx 20mins to install

  10. X10a in Canada.
    Baseband version 2.1.55
    Kernel version 2.6.29
    Build number 2.1.1.A.0.6
    Nothing on SEUS and XDA link even says “latest FW for the X10i’s.”
    Baseband: 2.1.67
    Kernel: 2.6.29
    I’m not going to root & rom until official GB released or warranty expires….

  11. I got it yesterday from xda and to be honest I was not sure whether to update or not, cause of the loss of apps and settings (I have to do them all over again cause I don’t like to back up stuff). I prefer to start fresh when I update. Anyways, to get to the point, the update at first did not seem any different, however after using it for a day it gives the phone a GREATLY improved interface. What I’ve noticed so far:

    1. Touch screen is more responsive and the scrolling is smoother (I use launcherPro). I have also tried games like Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope and Can Knockout 2 and there is a great improve on the touch response without lags or delays. In addition, touch seems more precise.
    2. When I wake up the phone and unlock it it does not lag like it did in the previous firmware (.435)
    3. Apps and in general everything I tap to open responds faster and has an animation (Not sure if that was from before, I noticed now)
    4. I have noticed that the media volume is way higher, I hope I am not mistaken but to me it seems really higher than before. Not sure about the in-call volume though, I cannot really tell any difference, at least not a major one.
    5. There is a difference into battery life definitely. I use ATK(Advanced task killer), Autokill set to Screen Off and Security level to Medium. After the upgrade the battery seems to drain slower. However, I cannot tell since I am using the phone for only one day, but i can say that after an normal use of the phone during the day, with several calls, gaming etc. my battery now is down to 73%

    That is all i’ve noticed so far. I am not a tester, just a simple user. I have not run any benchmark or similar tests on the phone. I am posting this for the simple users that want to know what to expect from this upgrade.

    P.S.: I have removed junk appks and enabled JIT right from the beggining of usage. I figured if I do it before actually use the phone it would reduce the chance for those apps to collect information and save it on the phone, thus improve maybe a bit the speed and space.

  12. Heya,
    Anyone know any way to preserve your apps and settings while doing the update. all my apps live on the SD card and last time things got screwed up, they didn’t link back properly meaning I had to burn a few hours getting everything sorted again :S

  13. if anyone from any country received update on the new firmware.. please inform here… appreciate you guys!

  14. agreed with Okin87….. after yesterday update ….. today morning find out thr improvement on battery life. b4 tht, morning 7am i on my phone which running data 3G/HSDPA.in 3hrs time the battery down to 80-70%.. now…. it only donw to 95%….. GOODD……….

  15. I noticed that my X10a had a Update notification… instead of doing it through the phone, I decided to use the PC Companion — which involves turning the handset OFF to connect for updates. I did this, but when I connected to PC Companion, it said that there wasn’t an update available. I checked again for updates, nope. Then I disconnected my phone, turned it on, but the Update notification was gone. I used the phone to check for updates… NONE found. What the hell? I have an update available — and then I don’t? What’s going on here? It’s almost like I “missed my chance” to do an update…

  16. Updated it the day before yesterday,
    and the only thing i notice is improved battery life, and Camera application!
    rest are same for me

  17. I got the update yesterday 29 May in Australia. Changes I first noticed was Mediascape can be used in landscape with some other good features like you can now make Playlists on the phone, more screen buttons i.e. library & playing. Theres some apps that came down too. Updated Support App, a Postcard App for sending photos to email friends, a NeoReader app for reading those graphic squares for downloads, Extension Search for Timescape and Mediascape and Data Monitor to regulate download and warn if you’re reaching your Gb limit. The sound from the phone seems louder and a better tone when playing music and movies. The sound is great through headphones. I think the ring tone is louder too. If someone from Sony would like to add to this it would be appreciated. Oh, there was an App included for UEFA.com but that was the first thing I ditched.

  18. @X10 Convert
    Most of these features were already there in the previous version…except Mediascape in Landscape, including neoreader n stuff.. dont knw abt timescape coz i never ever used it even once…
    neway, can u tell us wut the call volume is like ?? ne improvement ??

  19. i read this on xda, they say that if the update is not out for your region yet and you do flash it, there is a risk that you may experience instabilities. so no phone will accept the firmware the same way another one does. logically, the more modifications you have done, the worst it will be to make it work after the update if you don’t wipe them off. that’s why i do not use back ups and i just clean everything and start from scratch… this way you avoid broken links and dead end shortcuts which you don’t see of course.

  20. Okin87 can you give me please your skype ?I would like to ask you if you want to help to put this new version !i have 2.1.A.0.435 :(,and is disastrous 🙁 !thanks

  21. @user x10,

    Before updating, make a backup using the backup and restore app. It will save all your contacts, messages and even your apps downloaded from the market. After updating to the new FW, let the software settle down a bit maybe an hour then run the backup and restore app, restore everything there. Make sure you have a WIFI connection because your device will automatically connect to the market to install all your previously downloaded applications.

  22. flashed mine. from sgp. to wait for sgp telco to update is like waiting for money to drop from the skies.
    looking forward to gingerbread..

  23. @GreG

    well skype is a bit personal to post out here sorry. However if you want you can contact me on xda forum (Name: okin87) and i can give you my msn or skype from there on PM.

  24. some users of x10a have reported that the firmware works great, although there are complaints from other users with the same device… a suggestion would be that if it’s not out on you region yet, do not update. other than that it’s your own risk… i couldn’t wait by the way 😛

  25. After Update… battery performance Goodddd…. since yesterday Morning 7 am used(GMT+8) till now still got 50%….. also run with 3G data…. & wifi….. Good…..

  26. @Okin87 nice full illustration of ur usage…didn’t want to update initially waitin for 2.3 bt for the new feature u mentioned….ill have to update

  27. Hi X10 Convert, what operator are you connected with I just checked and no update. I am with Optus

  28. What the chuff are you on about, Optus? whats that a fried squid dish?
    Thomas Shinnanigan more like.
    I thing some people are on here just to take the piss.

  29. yer homes, optus? where are you from girlfriend? i may not have herd of them before, you in austrailia? i live in the motherland, R U S S I A

  30. You are all talking about new Mediascape (landscape mode) and Timescape. I got this in previous update how they called it Android 2.1x (don’t know firmware wersion because I use arc). There is nothing new only better stability of Android 2.1x, improvement in battery life and some bug fixes.

  31. no update yet for the generic user!!! 🙁 1227-4612
    plzz reply if any other in my category

  32. i wonder how much of the performance improvement is due to the fresh install as opposed to the upgrade…

  33. This + root + uninstall Timescape and other useless apps = way faster phone with better battery life.

  34. btw, no update 3UK yet. Usually takes 2-3 weeks after first rollout for 3mobile to get it out there. Which is reasonable imo.

  35. ey i flash it with the tool and it worked, im in Guatemala and on my contry there is no official update from my carrier had to do it and to be honest before with 1.6 and then with 2.1 felt that had a lot of limitations, now with this update i really feel that i have the x10 the way it supposed to be now im just waiting for the arc but in the mean time im really happy with it, ey cheers

  36. Flashed it with flashtool, used the option to keep user data (did xrecovery + titaniumbackuppro backups beforehand anyways) and it worked great. Now got German Generic and the telephone performance has improved. Needed to root and delete the SE crap though. Thanks for the news.

  37. i am on this firmware .

    3 DAYS 3*24 hours with normal usage !!! perfect battery life !

  38. Give me a update please. i need it ,it’s so addictive. It’s like looking for a cigarette butt on the floor when your pack is empty.Pleeeaseeee

  39. I am going to switch to good old days of Motorola phone with matrix screen and external antenna and best of all no updates and no addiction

  40. Can anybody tell me, what firmware and baseband is shown in the Vodafone UK for the x10? I think Vodafone was running the generic version? as far as I remember the baseband was 54 and the firmware was 2.1.A.0.435?


  41. flashed it with flash tool
    works perfectly but i cant sync my gmail acc. anyone else?

  42. ok, now i managed to sync all my stuff but the sync icon won`t go away!

    I turned every possible thing off, even turned into airplane mode and it still there

  43. @guilhermexot
    Gmail is having some problems in the last day or so.At least this is the case for me.
    Try to erase gmail data from applications management.then try to sync again.
    this might work

  44. Orange uk, still no update…. I haven’t got even pinchh n zoom update yet let alone this one…. But I think this one isn’t carrier specific . . ! ! ! Anyhow hope will get it soon….!!!!

  45. No update yet on GGL generic. I am using this set in pakistan and got it from UK, should keep using GGL generic or should I switch to UK generic ???

  46. Not sure, when I flashed it with seus for a factory reset, it did not install any operator software,so I guess what u get in SEUS is the generic firmware?

  47. @ Damian, if that’s the case then how come only german generic got the update and not us ?

  48. no update in india, (1234-8465 nordic fw)
    @ will this update functions be in 2.3 update?

  49. I don’t think this release is a global one. So those of you checking everyday and posting that there is still no update available may be waiting a long time.

    The next Global release may indeed be the Gingerbread one for all unlocked (non-carrier) units.

  50. @Candido

    yes but once you go Gingerbread you can’t go back!
    For example a lot of people may not want to loose the Camera application as it is now with the HD capabilities, for the Android stock one 😉
    So this SHOULD be a universal release, and not an Anti-Gingerbread one…

  51. @NZ

    Sony is taking the camera application from OS2.1 and porting it over to Gingerbread. Therefore, we “should have” the same capabilities in Gingerbread as we do with Eclair in terms of the camera application.

  52. No update in Greece as well.i was curious and couldn’t stop my self but installing the german generic from xda. installed JIT as well and removed apps i did not need.
    First impressions: 3G signal is a lot better swtching between 3G H, G is faaast!! but in expense of battery life.it ate all my battery!!(49% at 12:30 and ended up 17% at 01:30) with minimal use just connected to 3G.phone says 33% use by cell standby. isn’t that al lot?
    i have my applications manually checking internet udpates.
    i will not make conclusions now it is the first day, lets see in a week or so.

  53. no update in Australia, Optus…… could someone PLEASE explain how to debrand the phone to the generic model or whatever its called so that i can get this update. Thought i’d find out about doing now before the 2.3 update comes out since they’re only releasing the 2.3 update for generic models….

    THANKS if someone would help!!!! 🙂

    PS. also if it explained every step in detail that would help, ive never done anything with phones before…. though im not a complete idiot, so just the basics…

  54. @ Seven, I think if you’re really not sure like I was, try “Davinci team”. It costs 10euro or about $14 us. VERY EASY. Just purchase 10 credits for $14, select debrand, select your generic firmware and hit go! Takes between 10 and 20 mins.Most people will tell you to go to XDA and download flashtool which is free and I use now that I’m more comfortable with flashing, debranding, etc. Flashtool is also used to flash all sorts of custom roms for your X10. If you don’ t plan on using custom roms now or in the near future, debranding through davinci just to get stock Sony 2.3 is a good option. They were the first people to save me from AT&T, and I can say there site is awesome and very easy to use with step by step onscreen instructions.
    But if you don’t wanna drop cash, just go to xda developers site and there will be tons of info on debranding your X10 with flashtool. All you really need is a computer with internet your X10 and download flashtool. I’ll try to post a link.

  55. I flashed the German update the other day and noticed a huge improvement with everything, instathen I rooted, installed xrecovery and jit etc and removed the useless Sony crap and the phone flew! Installed my apps again and now the only thing I notice that’s different than before I updated is the screen responsiveness.

  56. Still no update for generic!! i think its not for generic users as they will be gettin gingerbread ltr on!!

  57. its been a week now and i still don’t have an update on my global generic phone!

  58. I have flashed German new update, I managed huge battery life improvement (about 2 times longer!!!), multitouch is working flawlessly!!, and one in my opinnion very important thing INCALL VOLUME INCREASED!!! Also I have discovered one bad thing – after making calls data connection decreases to “E” Edge and can’t get “3g” or “H” for some minutes..

  59. Nothing new from Denmark, still hoping for the official roll out going world wide

  60. No update – UK

    I don’t know why do they always delay the updates…. All updates should be released simultaneously throughout the globe rather than in small pieces and bits…. and in centuries…!!!!

  61. @Maxim when you said multitouch is working flawlessly do you mean the x and y axis problem is fixed?

  62. I have a peculiar problem. The phone shows a missed call mark on top, but the call log doesn’t seem to capture who the person was. I mean, no name, number, absolutely no entry there. Anyone else faced the same? Any known remedies?

  63. i just windered if anyone knew when the firmware update will be hitting canada?Would sure love to have it 🙂

  64. @dinoboy33 it still is not absolutely ideal but now works much much better. Now you finally can play games 🙂
    @RK I personally do not have such problem>
    Does anyone have the same issue with DATA SIGNAL LOSS after CALL ?

  65. Hello Everyone!!

    Bought a brand new SIM Free Unlocked X10 White for my self from Amazon.com for 380$. I think the handsets being sold on Amazon.com were imported from germany as i got all my manuals in german.

    The firmware details of the phone on first boot were
    Firmware version – 2.1-update1
    Baseband version – 2.0.46
    Kernel version – 2.6.29 SEMCUser@SEMCHost#1
    Build number – 2.0.A.0.504

    I went ahead and updated my phone via SEUS. Now my firmware details are
    Firmware version – 2.1-update1
    Baseband version – 2.1.67
    Kernel version – 2.6.29 SEMCUser@SEMCHost#1
    Build number – 2.1.B.0.1

    Prior to this update i didnt have any Dual Touch enabled on my phone and neither i had one finger zoom that SE had implemented. So after the update i got one finger zoom in the Mediascape photo Gallery but the pinch zoom doesn’t work here but works in the Maps section. I cant say whether this has brought any significant improvements over the previous 2.1 update because i updated straight away after the first boot. However on first boot the phone felt very sluggish and slow. but after the update the phone felt a bit snappy and smooth but i would still say that the performance is not on par with 2.2 Froyo.

  66. I don’t understand why you all are crying about this update? In the next month (hopefully) will be the Gingerbread update and this update will be past…

    I dont understand you. Your are crying when told than there will be no updates, now you are crying when the update is comming in few weeks…

    You all (almost) look like kids from kindergarden…

  67. @ LTU

    remember the Gingerbread is only for unbranded phones.
    So this update is important if this is the last one for branded phones.

    And gingerbread will must likely be delayed … it is SE we’re dealing with.

  68. If people are this excited about a minor update then they must be motivated enough to debrand and upgrade to 2.3! 😉

  69. maybe the update is meant for branded phones to improve their performance as they won’t be getting the 2.3 update. It might also be specific to a particular region. There are many certified firmware that we don’t all get.
    Calm down and just wait for the big one… that’s all that really matters now as far the x10 is concerned.

  70. zodiac could be right… but just to be sure, has anyone with generic models gotten this update?

  71. benchmark after JIT scores about 690..less than previous firmware which can get around 750+..

  72. this update is in india also…i’ve updated my x10i yesterday evening through new companion bt the update went two times y i dont know and the
    Firmware version – 2.1-update1
    Baseband version – 2.1.54
    Kernel version – 2.6.29 SEMCUser@SEMCHost#1
    Build number – 2.1.A.0.435

  73. this version is the old one………the latest baseband version is 2.1.67….

  74. well you can wait for the big one or for this one………….aint gonna make a difference…..the latest update apparently helps in speed and stability but some have experienced battery issues but i dont think everyone is experiencing it……

  75. How come there is no Update of 2.1.B.0.1 update for the X10 in Egypt. Its been almost 16 days now. I’ve been keep checking with Update Service but every time it Synchronizes it gets the same 2.1.A.0.435. Any one knows about it.

  76. Ahh…..PC companion just updated. In the past thats always been a good sign of a pending update.
    X10 3UK

  77. Does anyone know when I can get this in Uranus? I really need this in Uranus. I’m about to explode with excitement. Email me at dicken@youranus.corn


    PS You *do* sound like a bunch of kindergarteners…

  78. Last night I flashed the new 2.1.B.0.1 firmware to my X10i using flashtool and by downloading the update from the above link. I installed JIT and removed several apps via flashtool after rooting before using titanium backup to restore my previous apps and settings. I have not noticed any major differences so far except it does feel a bit faster. It doesnt lag after unlock, touchscreen is a bit better and apps seem to open faster. However, 30% of my battery was gone after 2 hours with only minor use of facebook and maildroid. The battery issue may resolve after a few days of steady use though.

    Looking forward to the gingerbread update next….

  79. I dont think so any generic(unbranded) user hav got the update yet & probably we wont even get it!! i think its only for ppl who wont b gettin gingerbread!!
    So patience is Sweet!! 😀

  80. Do we have to draw an Attention or Wake up call to SE for Middle East / Africa users?
    What the reason of ignorance? No One can Answer I know. So lets wait in the Queue for Official Update on Update Service.

  81. George Chandy Ninan@ yeah ur right am not facing ny probs with tat update and its more fast than before n battery backup is also increased somewat…..

  82. can ne1 confirm a problem i m experiencing with my x10 screen.
    when looked at the screen under the sun.. i see greyish white patches all around inner border of the screen n they r prominent when the screen is turned off. At some places they r semi-circle like and on one side its all along the screen about 2-3 mm thick.
    ne idea wut cud b causing it ?

  83. I just got my X10 Mini Pro updated to :
    Firmware Version: 2.1-update1
    Build Number: 2.1.1.A.0.6

    I am in Australia

  84. I am in Thailand. The new firmware update 2.1.B.0.1 is not working here. Anything interesting and new in the update?? Please let me know. thanks

  85. @ Al, the screens protection cover is peeling off. Its what happens when millionaire companies use cheap shit parts to build expensive phones.

  86. @ Fat Mother Fucker
    Thanx man … i m sooo pissed off with this quality … the scratch guard is intact…i never dropped it in 10 months …. no 1 but me is allowed to touch the fone and yet this happens…it looks bad … i looked at it today after removing the scratch guard … n it looks soooo prominent … i can c proper white patches on the inside…. even in normal lighting conditions….
    Feels like I wasted my money for this shit…
    I m planning to sell this off (n tht too dirt cheap coz no 1 is willing to pay a good price for this fone) and get a desire HD or a htc sensation …. atleast i’ll get a good quality fone…and the latest software…

  87. GOOD BYE X10i … its been fun but i couldn’t hang with a poor built fone for any longer than 10 months … got a big hole in my pocket now after selling u and buying HTC Desire HD … but its worth it … faster than X10 and got the 2.2.1 update followed by 2.3.3 on the same night I purchased HTC Desire HD .. I m really sorry to say this but X10 just wasn’t worth the wait for the SO CALLED 2.3 UPDATE …. Neway .. its been fun knowing u my sweet X10 …. !!
    Good bye everyone and X10blog.net, u’ve been really great by keeping us updated on every new development for our X10 ….

  88. Hi all can some one tell me or post a link where to get this update I dowloaded the one posted for Rogers Canada and flashed it to my phone but it didn’t work,don’t know if its me .

  89. No update “2.1.B.0.1″ for my xperia X10 trade kit number “1245-0852″ yet. please suggest

  90. What about restarting of device? Is this solved in 2.1.B.0.1 because my X10 was rebooting on 2.1.A.0.435? Anyone knows?

  91. Only way is to flash your phone. Latest flash tool and firmware file is available to download at XDA. SEUS does not show this for many.

    Camera seems to lag after the update
    Battery is good
    Smoother scrolling and animations
    Timescape smoother.
    Typing is more responsive.
    And there are some crappy apps which i dont use at all.

    These are the things i’ve noticed, the only issue is the camera, its very laggy. Anyone having the same issue or know how to fix