Android Gingerbread Xperia X10 firmware certified by PTCRB

Android GingerbreadIt looks like we are getting close to the official Android 2.3 Gingerbread firmware release. The PTCRB has just certified a new firmware that judging by the number (3.0.1.G.0.70) is the first Gingerbread software to be certified for the X10.

Don’t everyone get your hopes up though. It will probably take a few weeks for the firmware to hit SEUS (if this is indeed the release candidate, other revisions may be on their way). However, what it does mean is that hopefully the early August release date will be hit.


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  1. I recently spoke to my Sony Ericsson rep, and he advised me that it would hit around the 17th of August for the Australian market (generic handsets only)

  2. Seen UAP’s released, a video of 2.3, they’ve certified the update, and told us what we will and will not have….. Just another five
    weeks of waiting till we get the actual update apparently 🙁

  3. Since the dates coming closer, how do we actually flash our phones to generic.. I’m on optus in australia.. ? ? detailed instructions if possible please… Would be good if this blog actually posted instructions for everyone…

  4. @all.
    dont be exited all. This release is not for all.
    I believe its only for generic firmwares.

  5. no to worry bout generic or customized..
    devs at xda will make it possible wif flash too…
    letz see how early by August…
    its merely 4weeks away

  6. What does generic mean, im with telstra in australia, does that mean I wont get it

  7. Excuse me for sounding nerdie, but what it firmware? New to cell phone land…just got my first cell phone and learning as much as I can! Thx!

  8. @lucifernerotor
    i was in the same boat as you (also have an X10 through telstra), but i debranded it. the phone is unlocked, so you can get rid of all the telstra apps, etc, etc when you put a generic kernel on
    i deliberately waited until i had debranded my phone when it was still on Android 1.6 (Cupcake). i only stepped up to 2.1 (Eclaire) once i had it debranded, it got harder and harder to do (especially since SEUS is trying to crack down on debranding)
    check out threads on XDA developers to find out how to debrand –

    @Lisa G
    firmware, in this case, is the software that get loaded up when the phone powers on. if you’re good at skim-reading or have time up your sleeve, check out

  9. @lucifernerotor
    i take that back. 1.6 was Donut, not Cupcake *sheepish grin*
    also, the X10 that telstra distribute is the X10a, not the X10i. it is important not to mix them up (different frequency ranges, etc, etc,). i have switched over to the Brazilian generic firmware for 2.1, which a X10a-type

  10. If you point your browser to a site called Google or Wikipedia you can find answers to ANY questions in the whole world! I don’t know if you have heard of it… Ha ha ha!

    The video is from .il top level domain, so it is from Israel.
    You can see the text is going from right to left. So that is very possible from Israel. The language also sounds arabian like.

    I wonder why he did not show a website in browser that had a big Flash on it. Or perhaps their internet is censured. I would like to see the damn X10i doing websites with Flash. I guess it will crash as it usually does, when it does something it can’t handle.

    Never mind, we all are STILL WAITING FOREVER for the lawsy update.

    The APPLE iPhone 5 can’t come out soon enough now!
    Then the former Sorry Errorson’s “flagship” the X10i goes down the drain. To be forgotten forever. And why is that you ask?
    Well the internet again has the answer.
    Point your browser to youtube:

    (make sure to copy the whole link)
    Then go in 37 minutes in the video, and hold your breath.
    If you can be a Android fan over iOS 5 and iCloud after seeing the video, have your self examined by your doctor quickly!

    (to all the “small kings” in this forum that wants to tell other people what to post in here and mostly what not to post, to them I can say. Shut up! Long live freedom of speach) I give my point of view and respect others. You should do the same.