Early Android 2.1 build spotted on the Xperia X10?

Android 2.1 build spotted on the Xperia X10Some images have leaked that appear to show what is a beta release of Sony Ericsson’s Android 2.1 update for the Xperia X10. If the images aren’t fake it suggests that SE is indeed hard at work getting the Éclair update ready (let’s hope sooner rather than later).

The screens show stock Android being used rather than Sony Ericsson’s UXP (UX platform). This would make sense given that this is likely to be an early build. Fake or not, you can decide for yourself by checking out the leaked pictures after the break.

Android 2.1 build spotted on the Xperia X10

Android 2.1 build spotted on the Xperia X10

Android 2.1 build spotted on the Xperia X10

Android 2.1 build spotted on the Xperia X10

Via it168.

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  1. I would rather have the current version of Andriod on my x10 (SE UXP) than the ugly UXP of 2.1 above.

  2. and all the dreams of a 2.2 Froyo are shattered by a few images. F*** you SE, n I mean it.

  3. Methinks September. SE’s got to go with Google’s fast revision flow–hard to play catch up if they remain two steps behind.

  4. Can anybody explain me why cant SE update to 2.2 OS?
    even 2.1 update SE dev guys are developing it from scratch right then why cant they directly build 2.2??

  5. @Yasser: Who says SE develops the thing from scratch, they just extend the functionality of the OS using the API provided by Google.Comparing it with the Nexus one would be unfair on SE as Google will always release the update first as its their OS and they are totally a software oriented company and SE is more of a hardware oriented company and this is their first venture on Android…and i like the custom interface of SE than anyother phone..it does take time for anyone to customize it unless u want to go for the stock android OS…which will not make Xperia X10 different from other brands…once SE brings 2.1, they will work on 2.2…its that simple…They have started customizing 2.1and have spent time and hard work on it .. u cant expect them to leave that and start working on 2.2 ….makes sense…u could have asked the samething to google…why bring 2.2…why don’t u get 3.0 with loads of features…not possible…try imagining how much time it took iphone to bring an update to its OS even though its a software company….u will know what im talking about…

  6. @Yasser: Pleasure 🙂 btw I just read what I wrote n it was sounding rude …sorry about that…but i wasn’t being rude 🙁 guess it happens when u type it from the phone and u cant see the whole thing while u typing …while u just go with the flow … 😀
    Sorry if u found it rude Yasser…

    @Obasan : with u mate…that seriously doesn’t look appealing to the eyes 🙁

  7. is some of u are chinese here? coz the picture are grome a famous chinese website

  8. @Ravz
    no dude its cool 🙂
    its just the SE takes lot of time to build custom OS 🙁 and gingerbread comin in Q4 n we will have 2.1 OS.
    i Just want Sony Ericsson to be on TOP 😀 🙂 i want them to be reasonably Fast and dont want them to get loss again

  9. @Yasser: Yeah me too 🙁 who would not love to have 2.2 🙂 I love my X10 although it has poor volume, mediocre battery backup..etc. My friends envy me coz of it..makes me feel great 🙂

  10. I went to the website which was stated in the pic..it was written in Han Chinese..I’m not a Chinese or can understand it.But my browser Chrome translated it for me …and this is what I found.

    New firmware R2FB013 release in about a week

    This is the SE in India, at the round table on the Android system development news release, the firmware will fix some minor bug (not clear and specific content). Also mentions, SE in the X10 will be in its life cycle to provide continuous upgrade(did not say how long the life cycle?). SE once again confirm their goal is to develop systems platform(means to join SE-specific UI) rather than simply selling original system.

    courtesy : http://sebbs.it168.com/viewthread.php?tid=1754178&from=indexheats

  11. Its not 2.2 after Eclair update in October.
    Its gonna be GingerBread in Q1 end of 2011.. Tats the plan..

  12. as SE confirmed that there will be no multi-touch in the next version, i can’t see the point to move to a further versions!!, most of the android apps are getting multi-touch support now.
    and i’m pretty sure that X10 will still be sluggish and miss’s some touches even if its been upgraded! duo to the “fucckkingg” single touch hardware problem.

    when you type fast, sometimes you press two keys at the same time! which can be interpreted smoothly in the iPhone or other multi-touch devices, but with a shitty single touch phone it will mostly just ignore your entry!.

    it is really disappointing…

  13. @hisham : buy iphone, no one’s stopping u.Iphone is designed for the noobs 🙂 have fun with the old technology.
    @Ravz: Thanks for the info bro.

  14. @Roger
    do you consider smooth multi-touching, anti finger prints screens an old technology!!!?
    then how about android 1.6!!?
    we have to be fair my friend :), i’m an android fan and i hate iPhone too but iPhone clearly win in this aspect.
    if i’m gonna buy another phone i will go for HTC desire, however its not available to me right now.
    i mean, look at the new SE phone “shakira” for god sake!!! they are still using 1.6 and single touch!! WTF!! i think SE developing team are bunch of old stone headed software engineers with one finger in each hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. @hisham : multitouching is the only thing missing on this phone. Android OS will get an update in Q4. Its better looking than Iphone,better camera,better touch sensitivity,better OS,more functionality with the phone,better custom UI and u can customize it according to ur need,there is a flash,can transfer files via bluetooth.Iphone takes a year to release an OS update that too little too late.Even internet browsing is quicker on X10 when u compare it on the same network,1 Ghz processor, better battery backup time, better sound quality,can set your ringtone of your wish…etc
    If u see the 2.1 OS and compare it with the one SE has it, there is hardly any difference that u can pin point.
    SE Xperia X10 also has anti finger print screen it is just that your screen is coated with screen protector by factory.Its the same screen used on Iphone.So that answers your doubt.

  16. @Tao :
    Oops sorry about that, it might have happened while i was reading the news of the above pic…i was on the home page and i saw that news article there and i clicked on it ..and didnt know what i was doing really…as translation wasn’t that great…but good to know atleast it translated the imp part correct 🙂

  17. @Roger
    Thank you for the list of advantages, however we should focus on the final result rather of just specs!. i like all what you said but for example, what is the point of having faster CPU and still get a sluggish device!!! have you tried any piano app in x10 and an iphone? if you do you will know what i’m talking about! (it takes from 300ms-600ms to hear what you pressed in X10!!)

    (i know!!!! iphone still generally bad) 😉

    i didn’t know that x10 has an anti finger prints screen!
    so again, this info actually proves my point that SE Development team are “crazy”!! why having an anti finger prints screen and then covering it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. @hisham:

    Hey buddy , piano app on my X10 works perfectly fine with no lag at all…seriously 🙂
    that protective sheet is there so that one doesn’t screw up the beautiful phone’s 4 in screen.
    Just remove it if u wish to 🙂

  19. The only thing preventing me from buying the x10 right now is the lack of multiple e-mail account support. I have to keep 6 different accounts, which I have setup fine on my blackberry, but the X10 doesn’t have that support according to some reviews. Is it just because of the 1.6 OS? Will this be fixed in 2.1? Is there any fix for it in 1.6 that anyone knows about? Any comments would be very helpful. Thanks guys!

  20. I’ve setup 2 non gmail accounts on my X10 using the email application, 1 gmail account using gmail application so that does my job…(so in all 3 email accounts)
    No idea on 2.1 thingy…but i guess it should 🙂

  21. @Irf: i was just browsing and everywhere it says with 2.1 it should help u hook up to multiple accounts…so yes it will solve ur purpose.

  22. Picked up my x10 at the weekend… I’ve already setup my Gmail, 2 Hotmail and my work email (Exchange IMAP) accounts on it without any issues 🙂

  23. @Roger
    i tried 3 piano apps my friend, all has the same annoying lag, what app are you using?
    BTW, are you by any chance work for SE!!?? :-/

  24. @hisham : hey i’ve tried xpiano…works good without lag….but im not much into keyboard playing…just know few songs..

  25. @tum sab ka papa: papa ji….mind ur language 🙂 its a public forum…take it easy…firna kehna dussa ni..

  26. @hisham : Roger is my flat mate , n he doesn’t work for SE….we are just software developers…he was jealous coz of my X10 , so he dumped his galaxy(the lower end one) n bought X10..

  27. thanks guys! thats one less reservation i have then! How is the delay in the e-mails? eg. blackberries, emails come on instantly where as iphone takes 30min sometimes up to 2 hours for an e-mail to come through (made me sell my iphone two years ago)

  28. Oh and I forgot to ask about the multitouch thing. Any word on if that will be supported soon? I hear the main problem with that is if you type fast it doesn’t recognize it since it dosen’t support multitouch.

  29. @Irf: No problem 🙂 sorry to say but multitouch wont be coming to X10 as X10 doesn’t have the hardware to support, so no software can fix that as earlier rumour.. It’s official from SE that this phone will not support multitouch. about ur emails getting delayed i guess its coz of the email server used by both the companies…i know BB has its own email server not sure about Apple. But on X10, like I use Gmail,Yahoo accounts n they are sent and received real time with no delay its instant..so there shouldn’t be any delay in receiving emails…which country do u live in Irf?

  30. Well, I wouldn’t say that the lack of multiple email and multi-touch are the ONLY problems, what about the stupidest support for voice dialing that has ever been put in a phone? Or the ability to sync your contacts to a different folder, but the inability to create new contacts into said folder, so that all new contacts disappear until you go into gmail and add the contact to your phone folder. gmail itself has the answer to your problem, at least it works for me, I forward all my mail to gmail, and then I get it all on my phone. Gmail even tags from which accout it comes.

  31. @ravs: well no multitouch may not be so good int he long run but so far this seems to be the best option. I use 2 gmail accounts, 1 yahoo, 1 exchange, and I’m not sure what my school e-mail is running. I live in Canada. RIM just has it’s own server that checks for e-mails every couple of minutes and forwards it.

    @ daniel: not sure if I understood that properly. Do your gmail contacts automatically two-way sync with the x10?

    @everyone: do you notice any troubles with not having multitouch? (I guess only useres who’ve had iphones can compare the two though)

  32. I really really hate my X10 with every fibre of my being.
    It’s so bad that I am actually considering using my 4 year old n95, at least it tethered, at least its battery lasted more than five minutes, at least it does not crash etc etc.
    I thought technology had moved on, shame on you SE, shame on you.

  33. @Irf: I’m not missing multitouch , i’ve used it on iphone….maybe on apps like piano,guitar…etc u will definitely miss….but on day 2 day life on typing and thing it doesn’t make a difference…although its a good feature to have but since this phone doesn’t come with one, it doesnt
    t make a difference really…but comes down to personal choice as well if u like playing those apps i mentioned.

    @ Trevkin : tethering is possible on X10, u can search for many apps which lets u do that on android market..Trust me N95 was the most problematic phone ever coz of its hanging issue and frequent shutting down without warning(which has been common with almost every symbian phone including SE’s) ….and can u explain the crashing issue u facing with X10? maybe we can help? …

  34. @ travkin: if your battery isn’t lasting more than 5min theres a problem. contact your carrier or SE for warranty support.

    @ ravs: so far it’s looking good. I found an article in the forums about a way to root the phone but the thread was removed from xda’s website 🙁

  35. @Irf: That rooting was removed because it was fake, they were not able to get root access with that method..i believe it would be easier to root the X10 once 2.1 gets loaded…but X10 has made sure its security is the best so far…

  36. Hey guys!
    Yes. Even though Sony Xperia X10 doesn’t have multi-touch in it’s hardware, the developers are working hard to solve this issue with the 1 finger zoom!
    You can see it work on this link:

    Or even better, you can download the tutorial on Android Market and try it out yourself!
    Just press search and enter,
    ‘Sony Ericsson Tutorial’

  37. @LiLAsN: Yup saw that… 🙂 btw i like their feature of 3D contacts that fascinated me more 🙂

  38. Multiple emails linked to xperia work only with hotmail or yahoo… Trying to add a @live.ca account doesn’t seem to work (or atleast for me), anyone able to link a live.ca email?