Sony Ericsson Shakira a mid-sized Xperia X10?

Sony Ericsson ShakiraOne factor that may have put people off the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is its large size with its 4-inch screen. Considering that the X10 mini only has a 2.55-inch screen SE doesn´t have anything in the middle. This is where the the Sony Ericsson Shakira (most likely a codename) comes into play according to the recent rumour mill.

The handset has made an appearance in China and appears to feature a HVGA screen and Android 1.6. The full features aren´t known, however it is expected to launch by the end of this year. Hopefully, we´ll hear more on this interesting handset soon. Check out a larger screenshot after the break.

Sony Ericsson Shakira

Via it168.

13 responses to “Sony Ericsson Shakira a mid-sized Xperia X10?”

  1. @miguel
    no mostly it will come with 2.1 OS.
    its under andriod OS so all Andriod phone will have Updates the Same time.
    and its gona release Q4 so it will get update

  2. Hopefully we get
    -Multi Touch
    -Xenon flash
    -And Lesser price range 🙂

  3. Does anyone else feel like they should focus on the phones they already have out (aka X10) and not on making more of the same thing!?

  4. its seems this is ALL they can do, they are good at hardware, and very retarded when it comes to software.

    i hope they read my comments…

  5. Xenon flash will help only clicking pics at night….videa shooting will be out of picture at night…