Xperia X10 Root gets video proof

Xperia X10 RootDespite the good news that we brought to you yesterday, regarding the successful Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 root, there are still many detractors who refuse to believe it has been done. To put the issue to bed once and for all, one of the coders (biktor_gj) has released a video that shows this is no photoshop.

They also once again urged patience and will only release information once they’re ready. The good news is that not one phone has been bricked in this process, the worst that has been achieved is an endless loop despite trying their best! Hopefully that should lay people’s concerns to rest once the full tutorial is released. Check out the video evidence after the break.

Via xda-developers.

20 responses to “Xperia X10 Root gets video proof”

  1. Cant wait to root mine either, i just wonder how risky will it be.
    hope this works for the best.

  2. Could anyone explain me why it is interesting or so cool to root an android?
    I see the idea of ‘cracking’ a PSP, but i don’t get the point of rooting a x10…

  3. Once the unit is rooted, custom ROMS can be built on it. So for example 2.2 could be ported to the phone even if Sony won’t do it.

  4. i don’t care if there is a chance to brick my phone! it will be a good excuse to buy another phone! “oh shit! i broke it! i should buy a different phone!” ;P

    one of the best reasons for me is to use apps that allow me to connect my laptop to my phone 3G “tethering”

  5. @Hisham
    were is the problem with the current android version?
    i dont have any problems when i use my x10 as modem 🙂

  6. @Hisham
    You dont need root for thethering. If you use the X10, search the market for an app called EasyThether.

  7. @Hisham

    Download PDAnet you can tether just fine now.

    I’m still gonna root mine though 😉

  8. But to connect it with the ipad in need root, because PDAnet doesn´t work on the ipad .Am I right???

  9. What Theme or App/Launcher? is installed for the cool 3d effect? You will see it at 1min 03 sec in the video.

  10. @ germany (about to be beaten on Sunday)

    You bought a Crapple? Yeah you are right no hope for you 🙁

  11. @zulu

    Go to the market place and search for “ADW.Launcher” it was made by anderweb and looks very similar to the froyo launcher. It also has dozens of settings to customise to make the experience exactly what you want.

  12. @ eiabea,Johnny,topbanana

    Thanks guys! however i wanna make my phone as a hotspot! not just by using USB cable…many apps are available but they needs root access! for examble “Barnacle Wifi Tether”

  13. (mainly because my UK 3 phone has been loaded with all sorts of shite that is draining the battery)

  14. Could anybody promise that the battery will last longer if we have root access? 😛

  15. is there any possible solution, if ever i bricked my phone? can SE fix it? no problem in paying..just in case..just curious

    rooted my x10 mini fine.. 🙂

    can receive/send files from other devices already.. benefit of rooting your x10..i also have a problem browsing the market..i cant browse,but im connected to the internet.. 🙁

    then a msg pops-up (“this could be a temporary problem or your sim card may not be provisioned for data services”)

    any help..please.. thanks