Justin Timberlake carrying an Android 2.1-powered Xperia X10?

Justin TimberlakeJustin Timberlake uses a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android handset. Well that’s if Engadget is to be believed with their photo detective work. However, before you feel vindicated about your choice of mobile (or not), the real interesting part of the story is that Timberlake may be running a special Éclair update on his X10.

The evidence comes from a tweet that was sent on 1 August (5 days before the picture of him carrying an X10 was snapped). The tweet is from the ‘Twitter for Android’ app, which of course is not available to us donut-totin’ X10 owners, it’s only for Android 2.1 handsets.

Engadget concludes that as Timberlake is tied to Sony Music, the mobile division (SE) has given him the Android 2.1 update on his Xperia X10. Personally, I don’t believe it for a second. After all, even if Timberlake has an X10 it’s unlikely to be his only phone. Also, I’m sure most celebrities get somebody to tweet for them and this is the most likely explanation I can think of.

So not much of a story then, however it’s worth mentioning that Sony Ericsson UK reaffirmed that the Android 2.1 update will hit by the end of September. That’s exactly 6 weeks and counting now. Let’s just hope there are no delays…

Justin Timberlake


17 responses to “Justin Timberlake carrying an Android 2.1-powered Xperia X10?”

  1. JT ? my friend’s name is John Tourna but he loves iShit …. lol
    Seriously, xperia is the best ! android better thans ios, rim, windows mobile etc 😉
    so Sony ericsson + Google = xperia X10 = better than ever !

  2. “The evidence comes from a tweet that was sent on 1 August (5 days before the picture of him carrying an X10 was snapped).”

    You call that evidence? It’s well known that Justin doesn’t run his Twitter account himself so I would guess that the tweet in question was sent by the person that runs the Twitter account using their personal phone.

    Engadget fail at reporting.

  3. It can’t be, the edges are not rounded towards the same side. One edge is upwards, the other one downwards. On top of that.. based of a picture they are making assumptions on the software it carries?.. Could they tell the color of my underwear based on this post?.. Come on!..
    I agree.. F- for Endgadget on this case.

  4. @yh, you better bring out your magnifying lens. The one edge that you say is pointing downward is the cord for the handsfree. Anyone who uses or has used the bundled handsfree would know that plug and those fugly earphones. I use the earbuds that came with W901i because they sound much better. JT is definitely holding an x10 in that photo. They’re not making assumptions based on the picture. They’re making it based on a tweet. Which is still a fail. Though it is possible that they gave him one with 2.1 since all those stars get special treatment. I’ll be skeptical until they show a picture of JT holding up the phone with the screen showing the firmware version.

  5. it looks like the Xperia alright, but looks like he ripped off the cover for the charger hole haha. (I probably would have done the same at times, the freaking thing always gets in the way when i try to charge my phone)

  6. Did you not read the engadget article properly? lol. They clearly state “those tweets are identified as coming from “Sony Ericsson X10.””
    What I am thinking is, when you do post anything from X10 timescape, is that not what it says?

  7. If you have an X10, just go to Timescape -> Setting -> Setup Service -> You will see where to enter your Facebook and Twitter account. Even at Android 1.6, Sony Ericsson has put in the extra effort of providing that service for it’s X10 users. Obviously, you did not own an X10, and mostly the people who post here as well, except Packe_SWE…

  8. Does it even matter? All i need to know is when it will become available to us. “The common people”

  9. @Emkay I think I read it properly :

    ‘Just to clarify, Timberlake’s tweet did NOT come from the X10’s Timescape app.’

    I even followed some of the links in the article (http://twitter.com/jtimberlake/status/20085712813) :

    ‘…1:27 PM Aug 1st via Twitter for Android’

    but hey, maybe he’s using another android phone that’s instead running v2.1

    @Rod M. twitter can be accessed using different clients/applications for android, including timescape (developed by SE) and the official twitter client (as in the one released by twitter.com themselves which should only work in android 2.1). obviously, you and Packe_SWE just don’t understand what the others are talking about 🙂