Has Sony Ericsson done enough to win you back? [Poll]

Sony EricssonThe majority of Xperia X10 owners should by now have received the Android 2.1 (Éclair) update, although we note that there are still a few regions missing (the US springs to mind). The broad consensus seems to be that it is a worthwhile update, although there are quite a few who say it should have had Éclair from the start.

The positive sign is that there is still (officially) at least one more firmware upgrade on the horizon for the X10 family that will bring UXP changes, DLNA streaming and dual-touch support in Q1 2011. Whether or not we see Froyo or Gingerbread from Sony Ericsson remains to be seen however.

Considering this is SE’s first foray involving Android we don’t think the company has done a bad job. However, it’s hard to ignore the very lengthy wait for updates which may have put some people off a Sony Ericsson handset next time round. Hopefully, SE has learned its lesson for the second-generation of Android phones, but the question we have for you today is do you plan to give Sony Ericsson that second chance? Please vote in the poll below.

Do you plan to give Sony Ericsson a second chance?

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103 responses to “Has Sony Ericsson done enough to win you back? [Poll]”

  1. Where is an option “I’m SE fanboy, I knew that I bought their phone and I knew what would it cost. Anyway, I loved my X10 even with 1.6 🙂 “?

  2. just hope they won stop supporting x10 after new flagship released since their support during x10 golden age already suck

  3. I would. I know they mucked up with the delay of the update, and ok some may argue that they should have started with Eclair and included multi-touch, but people have to walk before they run… SE did just that. Their first dive into andriod they went from the beginning with 1.6. tbh, I also think that they didn’t include multi touch because it was their first android phone… and once they got the actual phone out there with all the more important things working like ability to run,camera,radio,wi-fi,bt etc. they probably figured they’d advance a bit later on.
    I’m just glad they haven’t ditched the X10 so far, and hopefully won’t after the firmware upgrade in “Q1”!
    The ANZU & Z1 look like they’re certainly stepping up the game now. The X10 was almost like a beta run for Android in general with SE.

  4. ” Where is an option “I’m SE fanboy, I knew that I bought their phone and I knew what would it cost. Anyway, I loved my X10 even with 1.6 “? ”

    That’s a good example of an useless flame. Boy, it seems that you don’t have an Xperia X10… READ the url again: http://WWW.XPERIAX10.NET


    got it?

  5. I’m one of those folks in one of those little regions (USA AT&T) that is still slogging on with 1.6. It’s really, really a pain. Due to the fact that I use Yahoo! mail, I still have NO WAY to get a Yahoo mail app on the phone until I get that 2.1 upgrade, as Yahoo! mail app only works on Android 2+. A royal pain, and such a demonstration of one of the pitfalls of Android fragmentation.

  6. @deathblaze: lol, there was a “golden age”? I guess I missed that one.
    Luckily I’m stuck in a 2 year contract. So I’ll skip the next gen of SE. If their are as appalling with the next flagship as they have been with the x10 then they can go to hell.

  7. I am happy with my X10 Mini Pro. It was a great phone with 1.6 and it is an amazing phone with 2.1. I was a little dissapointed that SE are behind everyone else in updates, but I knew that when I bought my Mini Pro.

    It would be nice to see 2.2 on my device – either officially or unofficially. I am not bothered about multi-touch – at least on my phone two fingers on the tiny screen would be a bit tight, but I can understand why X10 users are a bit miffed.

    Would I buy another SE phone? Well I have another 18 months on my contract so it will be a while before I could get a free upgrade and I will see how SE play the next few months with their new handsets and how they treat current X10/X8 range users.


  8. I’m still happy with my X10 and I’m sure SE will have learnt their lessons. Also with the huge amount of work that went into this current release hopefully they have tweaked things to allow it to be updated quicker in future.

  9. well, let’s summarize:

    1. SE released the X10 with Android 1.6, when 2.1 was already in the market, and 2.2 was on its way.
    2. SE updated the X10 to 2.1 (and not 2.2), six months after its release, when the net was already filled with news/rumors about 2.3/3.0
    3. Their custom interface is basically hard-wired into the system, and you can’t escape it’s bloat, even if you root your phone.
    4. “No multi-touch, hardware can’t support it. No. No. No.” …. “well, we can give you multi-touch, so here’s a demo” – contradicting statements do not put them in a good light.

    So, I’m voting ‘No’.

    Unless their next update is to Gingerbread, and it makes their interface just another app to be loaded at will. Since there are no minimum hardware requirements on Gingerbread, I see no reason why SE wouldn’t release it as an update for the X10. The cost of development and testing shouldn’t be that high, if they don’t insist on building their interface into it, and have their interface as an add-on up (easier testing, easier updates and maintenance).

    The 2.1 update was very good, and I’m really enjoying it (except for the little annoyance here and there). But it’s not enough, not by a long-shot!

  10. Never again. SE screw with the software to much. J & Z over at XDA have shown that the hardware of the x10 is capable of so much more than SE are producing with their locked down ROMs. This phone is so much quicker using XDA’s stripped down ROMs and I mean lightening quick!

  11. I will always stay with SE! The best phone brand in the world! The X10 was even better with 1.6 =D
    Born SE, always SE!

  12. Given the very well known facts about the lack of compromise of SE for the American markets, I doubt SE would recover from this debacle and be a force to reckon with or a leader in the USA. Maybe outside the USA there is still a flame burning for SE, but when it comes to the USA that flame or hunger for new SE products is gone.

  13. What is wrong with you people – we are 2 updates behind where we should be… I’ve been a SE phone user for years. I want the software updates right away not 1 year behind the others out there. I’m going for an HTC, Samsung or Iphone next they are all far better.

  14. Well, i like SE but i used to use an Iphone 3g, i went to Orange Rep. Dom. to get an Iphone 4 but it was out of stock, so i got desperated and took the X10, i’m not disaponted with the phone, but i’m with android, it’s not as stable as iOS, i love the desing of the phone, but not the sound loundness neither the battery duration. I go back to iOS….

  15. Yeah, I agree with Hott Dogg. I knew there were better hardwared phones but I went for the SE X10a because it was the only one at the moment in my country that had the UMTS 850MHz band. I have never regret buying this phone, I love it. Android apps are free many of them I have customized my phone so much that I don’t think it envies any other.
    Though it does not have multitouch or a 1Gb ROM, I don’t miss any of thouse, I just don’t use them, I rarely run out of memory and have few lags when running many apps in the background.
    So I am in the mere 31% “Yes – I trust they will step up their game in 2011”. Things can just get better and even if not directly on the x10, the Anzu or Z1 looks pretty atractive to me as a hardcore gamer.
    I have been user of smartphones not as much as some of you but truly this moved I made to Android with the X10 has amazed me since then. Maybe if I had purchased a Samsung Galaxy S I would be equally satisfied but I am not going to buy it, the X10 is better good looking to me, larger screen and does everything it is meant to, even Wifi Tethering which I thought it was not possible on it.
    So X10a and SonyEriccson fans, let me tell you: We have in our hands a very good piece of technology, and it is not as expensive as other. Let’s continue to enjoy it.

  16. Sorry but I haven’t forgotten the days when I was stuck with 1.6 when everyone else had 2.2.

    No sir. Sony failed to deliver, lied about features, and there’s no guarantee whatsoever that that’s going to change in the future.

  17. Android is growing, and so Sony Ericsson.

    Well, Sony Ericsson had done some bullshit with their releases, but let’s be honest:

    1.6 was a good system, I can’t complain. Why you should update on 2.1? I updated my phone because I wanted the new SDK for programming. I was totally satisfied with the 1.6 version. They have to know if Android is strong enough against the IPhone, and it is. Sony Ericsson has learned out of their faults.

  18. @Caifan
    I have X10, trust me 🙂 I bought it in early june and I am SE fanboy since T100 🙂
    If you need a proof, tell me and you’ll get it
    P.S. I’m moderator at one of russian SE forums, so be sure I am not troll

    Even now 2.2 is installed on less then a half devices, so you are not right
    and they didn’t lie about features. they just told nothing about them

  19. @Bandit

    I don’t understand why do you say they lied about features. My phone has all the features the specification sheet says. Now, if they lied about the “future” that is different. As another guy told before, this X10 is like a test and I have no doubt new models will be better.
    Also, XDA people doing a great job cooking custom roms, so if you don’t like the rom you have download and intall the Sempiternal from XDA that is way cool!

  20. This is such a pointless exercise. It’s as simple as this… those who are happy with their x10s will probably stick with SE while the dissatisfied will move on to other manufacturers. If the anzu as specified is their next flagship phone, then only SE fanboys will go for it because there are quite a few phones out now that are better than that.

  21. @zodiac
    It’s not that simple.I’m happy with my X10 now that it’s got 2.1. SE did a good job on the 2.1 update. However they took far too long to release it, have yet to commit to future OS updates, and have shown me they really don’t have alot of interest in pleasing their customers in a timely manner. As such, though I love my X10, I won’t buy another SE phone until they prove (through multiple future releases) that they can release OS updates in a timely manner.

  22. I upgraded a week earlier than Orange UK rolled out 2.1 and it was better than the 1.6 hell but I wouldn’t really be bothered about it unless I took much notice of my friends android phones with there multi touch and the upgrades to 2.2 with most of its features intact.

    The thing is I foolishly mixed and matched a flashing process and tried to get the official Orange rom on to my Xperia X10 and bricked it.
    I spent a week waiting for pay day using a Nokia 6310 which blew my mind with the speed, full reception and the clearest phone calls since I can remember.

    Three days after pay day I’m a very happy Milestone 2 owner. Now I want for nothing, no excuses it just works if a little battery hungry but its a small price to pay.

  23. @Shizumaru
    No company ever intends to release a product as a “test”. You are talking massive R&D, support and supply chain implications as well as reputation amongst peers.
    Put simply, X10 1.6 was the best SE could do at the time. Other companies just did it better and faster.

    I think SE has improved a lot and appreciate them listening to their customer requests. This website, has been just SO DAMMN COOL in allowing the X10 consumer to voice their opinions in a subject we hold close to our geeky heart.

    SE could have just parked the entire X10 1.6 platform and gone Z1, then expect people to pay another 400 ukp… NO WAY would people have done that !!!!!. Thank god they listened to us people who had spend so much money (X10 costs more than ps3)…and gave us a massive improvement on 2.1. For me, the wifi eas/peap/mschapv2 finally started working and I can link my x10 into my company exchange server on moxier, plus lots of speed improvement. SE for sure, need to tighten up their Product Requirements Document spec. How multi touch got missed from the hardware, and no mschapv2 support got past review stage, I dont get it….when the competition has it.

    SE will never go without UXP, as this is their deemed value add and distinguisher in this gold rush like market. Alas, their implementation optimisations let them down for a long time. Hopefuly this skillset remains lodged in the development team, and Z1 is developed with the experience gained from X10 development team.

    I found the concept of shipping a base android deployment with UXP as a bolt on an interesting idea. This would give speed, with the option to go UXP feature set. Or maybe provide the option to un-ininstall UXP. Alas, UXP appears the be the framework behind the phone book contacts, face detection, online social network…so this sounds very unlikely.

    SE perhaps once wanted the whole PlayNow thing to sell u music and this is future revenue stream. If this was the case, no wonder UXP cannot and must not be unbolted… its like asking apple to unbolt iTunes… no way.

    SE alas,… have failed on expensive items in PlayNow…
    This Shop… will probably take off for Z1…as the only place to buy a Z1 game, and deliver OTA.

    My advice SE, go massive on PlayTime, make it planty cool, plenty Sony Eco structure. If u can tie Z1 to a ps3, u have the chance to convert every ps3 owner to a z1 owner….this is what MS are trying desperately on WM7 and XBOX360. I would be surprised if SE can succeed. SE is not a software company…. clearly. else we would not have had 1.6 for such a long time…. but here is a chance for u to reach out….. IMHO.

    Back to X10, I am really happy to hear DNLA and dual touch on the way. Lets see how this gets delivered.

    Would I buy SE again, NO was what i would have said before 2.1. Having seen 2.1, I at least would evaluate the next gen from SE amongst its peers on its own merit, whereas before, I would have refused to do business with SE again.

    ..keep up the good work SE !

  24. Nop, I ‘ll sell my X10 and get a Nexus S, as soon as I can. SE was so incompetent with the X10’s software, I don’t see any reason to trust them again.

  25. Being stuck on AT&T with 2 of these X10s on 1.6 sucks. (I know all about XDA and DaVinciteam, et al.) Having XP Sp3 is also a issue with these and with SE Companion/Update/SEUS since SEMC flash mode on the phone puts the PC into the twilight zone. (You could do it in SAFE mode, btw.) I NEED 2.1 cause of the APPS I WANT!!!!!! I can’t even get a pay FlightStats app (that I need) without 2.1!

    As of today, SE’s released kits for something on the order of 70 countries, and AT&T went from a 2 for 1 sale to FREE! on this phone. It’s obviously trying to rid itself of stock, with no 2.1 in sight (they said months and months). If AT&T would say, they would go to a 2.1 update-2 or 2.2 next by Q1 2011, it would be ‘ok’ but AT&T has to SAY SOMETHING about the update coming and not leave it to SE.

    SE-NA screwed the whole thing by firing programming staff, moving the Miami (south america support) and Raleigh (north america) support offices to Atlanta which certainly wasted time and from posts elsewhere, fired some of the people most familiar with meeting AT&T’s test requirements. How many updates have the Samsung people gotten onto AT&T for the Captivate? 3 different updates. In 3 months. HOW DO THEY DO IT AND SE CAN’T GET A SINGLE ONE? (Captivates outsell X10’s on AT&T more than the 20 to 1 reported a couple months ago. There’s no sale, no discounts, no 2 for 1 offers or free for a new contract no signed Taylor Swift special phones in white.) I was at the AT&T service center near me, and they all think it is SE that is holding up the update. When I told them how many variations of the firmware and countries have been released already, they hardly believed me.

    Q for SE. You gave every employee of the Sony Style stores a X10. WHY DON”T YOU GO AND FIND OUT HOW MANY OF THEM STILL HAVE THE PHONE? HOW MANY ACTUALLY USE IT? Here in NJ, every employee I talked to, either sold or gave it away. How many AT&T employees use the phone? That number is also near zero, as they would rather have either iPhone or RIM or HTC’/Samsungs if they like Android. In 3 stores near me, I could not find a single employee who even wanted it, “it’s only 1.6,” “it’s not MT,” “it’s not AMOLED.”

    SE- You say you don’t want to compete on hardware specs? Sorry, YOU HAVE TO as that’s WHY Samsung’s S series is outselling you by so much. There was a pent up demand from people who DIDN’T want iPhones, DIDN’T need Blackberrys and DIDN’T want HTC which is sort of a non-brand in the US. They heard “Samsung” and good hardware specs and they bought it in droves. You could have put up a fight with 2.1 on the X10 and a full 512mb rom.

    As an aside. You all know that SE monitors this site? They follow it on twitter and a number of the developers also follow it. (They also follow me since I’m a PITA on twitter.)

  26. Hey Hott Dogg Im very sorry, I misundertood your first comment. But you know, there are a lot of people who only come here to attack/complain about the same reason every day. That’s annoying because this isn’t a SE complains department.

    And you don’t need to prove you have a Xperia, I believe you. You’re very lucky, like me! 😀

  27. Not a chance, this was my last Sony Ericsson phone.

    If they can not be bothered to update, i can not be bothered buying their phones.

  28. @Caifan
    I’m not complaining. I love my X10 and I hope it will stay with me for more that two years (my last 4 gadgets stayed with me exactly for too years, then I was bored of them). I really want to beat that “score” 🙂

  29. HA HA HA most of the users here voted to give SE a second chance, so in your face haters 😀

    Now we know for sure that no one even gives a damn about your opinion, and most users still think that SE is awesome, including the owner of this blog 😉

    I don’t care if low life people use my nickname to make fun of me, what really matters is that most of the users including my self are happy with SE products and satisfied and they are willing to give them a chance.

    When you care about both style + technology I don’t think you have another choice other than SE.

    se= make.believe

  30. @zodiac

    Just STFU already and accept the fact that all your attempts in making people hate SE failed like you lol, your just a failure a person that comes constantly here for one reason only, to bash se products and annoy the users, I have never seen you once write a constructive comment.

    And yes most of us know that your the low life bastard called bandit but with a different nickname 🙂

    Anyway, I hope you can live with the fact that we won and you lost, so it’s better to leave this forum because no one gives a damn about what you write 😛
    Keep using my nick I think that’s the best you can do loser!

  31. SE likes to omit “great” feature for their phone which lead them to poor selling and bad comments. So happen I owned two SE phone with such things
    1) My ex-phone, SE Satio is lack of kinetic scrolling (which natively support by symbian) made it the worst symbian flagshit phone and a lot behind Nokia (and what happen to Nokia phone now, have we ever talk about it on smartphone) SE knew the end of symbian and they just leave the Satio with no further update for almost 9 months. Don’t think they will release it.
    2) without their lesson learn on Satio (omit great feature) they came out with their first android phone X10 and again, you all know what is missing and how long it takes them to update with missing feature.
    The incompetence of SE engineer not start from X10, they are that dumb when they start with symbian phone. They do strong on their own software, like PSP and PS3. (opps, tat PSP & PS3 is from Sony not SE). heh, SE, you should shift all your operation/HQ from UK to Japan. I believe your guys all work until 5PM and never have overtime, maybe you cannot afford to pay overtime.
    Can you see the future of SE?
    1) symbian based completely die
    2) android based so much behind competitor, are you going to buy SE phone again?
    3) PSP phone cannot play PSP game, will it survive?
    4) WM 7, never heard SE got plan on it.
    SE, i think you just become tier-2 contractor to foxconn to make the next ipad 2 or iphone 5, or make Nexus SE for google
    My answer is obvious, no second chance.

  32. To ALL at&t X10a users with SI# 1237-4604

    -Call 611 from your phones.

    -Choose the option for Tech.Support or press #6.

    -Demand 2.1 Update NOW, as 1.6 is dated and obsolete.

    -Ask the Rep.to add your name and phone # to the case already opened by me.

    -Case #20101209_15240048 opened by RYE on 12/9.

    -If your name cannot be added to my case then demand a new case with your name be opened and ask for resolution date and copy to your email.

    -Tell the rep. how you see other x10 users worldwide blogging and enjoying the 2.1 update while nothing happens in the USA.

    -Its up to us to be heard and satisfied as customers.

    Strength in Numbers, People!!!

  33. “Trust is like a mirror, once broken it can be patched but there will still be cracks.”

    I bought the X10i on trust, on hindsight a lot of you fanboys would say do your research, blah, blah, blah.

    Yet I was among the first in the queue in April for the X10i, despite no Android experience or knowledge I put my TRUST and FAITH on SE to deliver a product that deserves to be called a Sony Ericsson phone. That was based on my previous experience of owning many SE Walkman phones, and I especially loved the W890.

    Therefore, when SE released a half baked X10i, I am naturally disappointed. Bad sound quality, bad call and data reception, laggy, etc.

    Naturally that TRUST and FAITH are broken, and it is going to take time to put that TRUST back in me. Like all fanboys have said, do your research or buy another brand. That is true because I can no longer put my TRUST and FAITH on SE to deliver a quality product until I see and experience one for myself.

    And I will not TRUST any fanboy comments, because on the one hand they urge you to do research, yet with their own glowing biased analysis of the product who then will you blame if you are unhappy with the product? And SE has never been forthcoming and open with their communication. Everything is vague, the phone is CAPABLE of multi-touch, only Android 1.6 software limited it. That does not mean they promise multi-touch, but people would think otherwise.

    So SE has a lot to prove to convince me they deserve my next dollar.

  34. I didn’t like the update speed. BUT all in all, this phone (a Mini Pro!) is actually good. I’m also not too happy about Android in general, but it’s a reasonable alternative to the iPhone.
    I still remember when the SE P900 was one of the few phones that could be updated at home, and not only by a service center (in the very unlikely case that there was an update!) and the good times. No other phone i had lasted me so long, not on the personal satisfaction side.

    Will i buy another SE in the future? It’s likely (either an iPhone or a SE, surely not a Samsung, maybe a “Google experience” HTC): they still have my trust, considering i knew this X10 had an outdated OS when i bought it, but it won’t be too in the near future 😀

  35. Personally I would think twice to choose SE again however I cannot say NO nor YES right now. SE do very decent job when it come to HW but they fail when it come to updates. Right now most of the android phones running 2.2 and we just got 2.1, 2.3 is available and vendors starts with upgrading and where is the SE now? There is only speculation about 2.2 on the end of Q2 when every other brands will finishing migration to 2.3 . They better skip 2.2 and start with 2.3 but I’m repeating myself and it is probably for nothing. Posts like this are just a scream to the void. 🙂

  36. People wake up SE didn’t fail in updates, they are among the best that provide updates, you will only know this if you have been a long se user, other than that I don’t blame you.

    SE sucked big time with android updates and thats a fact. All their java, windows, symbian phones were updated in time with no major delays. The X10 was the first Android handset from SE and therefore they made mistakes, yes I admit they made mistakes and there is no shame in that.

    And now new phones like the ps phone and the x12 will be on gingerbread! So do you understand that this is great news for all of us? No more 1.6 and no more lagging behind, now we will have top notch hardware and software as well, the way it should really was meant to be from the beginning.

    Finally, I want to point out that even with 2.1 the X10 didn’t have major problems and issues like what happened with samsung and moto when they upgraded to 2.2! So overall, everything is great and things are getting much better. I like to think logic and this is the way I observe and analyze things, if you have a different point of you feel free to share it, but please be reasonable and logical and don’t only swear like a kid to defend your case.

    The future is brighter for SE, just wait and see!

  37. @fact is fact
    Are you out of your mind on saying that SE are among the best that provide update?
    If you think numberous firmware revision on Android 1.6 is consider the best then why should you update to 2.1? And if they did roll out 2.2, why should you bother?
    Remember, firmware revision on same OS version implies incompetency of their engineer as lotz of bugs.
    I am the real victim on Satio (symbian based). How often they roll out updates on Satio? very little, especially the one they need to recall Satio in UK market for software update. You can search on Satio + kinetic scrolling then you will find out the last update on Satio is March 2010. Remember when was Satio launched? sometime 2009…. They are repeating the same stupid move on X10. And they are reluctunt to update as Satio may be the worse and shortest lifespam phone by SE. Why should there bother? As there are lotz of fanboys continue to support SE, give postive feedback on SE phone. But you forgoten a thing, i buy phone using my own money, so i do have choice. X10 is my second chance to SE (1st is Satio).

  38. @fact is fact
    Mot/Sam 2.1 –> 2.2 = X10 1.6 –> 2.1
    Your maths is too good. You are the ingenius (engineer) of SE

  39. @burdie

    Dude please next time read my whole post or don’t bother replying. I stated clearly that the only exception was android and yes se sucked in android updates other than that they are doing really well.

    Satio had the latest os from symbian so no complains here, the same thing happend to the X2 it was the first phone to get the latest windows mobile os 6.5.3 while others like omnia 2 from samsung were still on 6.1! The same version that was on the X1 2 years ago.

    SE are excellent with updates, they made a mistake in android and it seems that it’s fixed now, if the x12 and ps phone will come along with gingerbread, I think there is no reason to complain about updates anymore.

  40. yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….yes….

  41. How all of you are going to say that SE is the best??? Whom of you have used the Sony Ericsson Satio with MR1 UPDATE??? It’s a USELESS phone, only works almost perfect the camera. And what about the SONY ERICSSON XPERIA X2 (wich phone I bought before the X10) it’s the worst phone that I’ve ever used, it’s so painfull to use it even with the last MR2 “UPDATE”,but at least at the Satio and X2 the automatic flash to take pictures worked fine, now the XPERIA X10 has one year announced and still WE CAN’T USE the phone to take a SIMPLE photo with flash.

    With all of the problem with the major Sony Ericsson’s FLAGSHIPS there are people who cares about SE?? Jajajaja… It’s a shame for us the costumers, ’cause these people don’t push the company to fix basics things like the camera in our X10.

    I’m NOT gonna buy another SE phone even being a SE fan since the begining.

  42. @ fact is fact

    Have you had a Sony Ericsson Xperia X2??? Have you had a f@&%@g SATIO man??? Are you crazy to said what you said??? =@

    I suffered much with the stupid-phone X2 (it is NOT a smart-phone, it’ a STUPID-PHONE)…
    and my girlfriend it’ suffering too with the f%@&*¥$ Satio with MR1, and what the fuck you said man??? =@…
    I’m not english and my english its not the best, that’s why i didn’t explain you all the BUG BUGS that have the X2 and Satio. Maybe tomorrow.


  44. If we don’t get 2.3 by the time the successor to Nexus S comes out I’m jumping ship and never looking back, even with the PSP Phone.

    Great hardware but terrible software support.

  45. whats with 1.6, 2.1, 2.2, and all the cakes and deserts…
    What happened to:
    The phone works!
    As a tool, it’s brilliant. As a Showoff-gadget-toy, it’s probably a bit old.
    Oh and I’d rather wait for an update that works, than doing buggy updates every second week.

  46. Sadly it depends on what my carrier offers. Im locked for 3 years so the landscape could be very different by then for my next device. Ill judge the next Sony phone on its merits, and then make a choice. Like my choice when I got the x10 was sammy had spica, and HTC had nothing of merit and failed to update my HTC dream to 1.6. So I do not regret my x10, sure I would of prefered another companies phone, but lacked that option. If im in a similar sitch where Sony is the best choice I will pick it yet again. But if it comes down to two similar devices it probably will lose out.

  47. I’d vote YES!
    reason :
    1. I bought my x10 mini pro with 1 yr installment
    2. I’m proud of this phone
    3. I like materials used to build this phone better than samsung does
    4. I don’t need multitouch or 16K colors, but i do need install to SDCard, since i’ve managed to do App2SD, then this shall do 🙂
    5. If i’m going to pick another gadget, i’ll choose an android pad (larger screen)

  48. still no update(x10 mini movistar spain)sick of waiting we wont get the update this year? se sucks.

  49. no
    1. too long to upgrade to 2.1 and have to wait more just to get multitouch
    2. no clear plans to upgrade to 2.2
    3. they say xperia x10 can not handle 2.2 and we see phones with less specs runs froyo smoothly
    They have to make something impressive to make many customers to come back.

  50. With the X10 on Android 2.1. It is still filled with bugs and lacks speed. Let me give a couple of them here.

    – Phonebook with Google Sync was perfect on Android 1.6. But has been meshing up all my contacts when I updated to Android 2.1. Now all contacts has a lot of text fields and it was a big mess. So I had to manually redo all 173 contacts! Thank you SE!!! Morrons!

    – Before the A2.1 update I had pictures of every contact thar I made in Adobe Photoshop so it had exactly the size and ratio of the pictures in the phonebook, it looked great and perfect! All the pictures was and still is stored in a folder on the SD card. Then after the A2.1 update, I have got some ugly ones from google website that the phone had synced to google in smaller image size. So I had to update all contact images again! God damn it!!!

    – All the settings of my App from Market was not used when I did the A2.1 update after I installed the apps again in the SE wizard! So I had to configurate all app again manually!

    – When typing a SMS message in portrait mode. If you put down the keyboard and raise it again. If you had typed more text then there is visible in the Text field, now you CAN’T scroll up the text so you can see what you now are typing. You then HAVE TO turn to landscape mode to see your typing again. That really really really SUCKS big time!!!

    – The phone still lacks speed/responce reaction when a phonecall comes in. The thumb swipe IS STILL lacky and sometimes needs 3-4 swipes before engaging athe call. The swipe button keeps hanging to the right side, making it difficult to take the call!!!

    – Call volume is a bit louder on A2.1. than on A1.6 but it is STILL NOT loud enough!!!

    – Try to put the phone in a leather pouch, then you can’t hear the phone ringtones when a call comes in if the phone is in your pocket!

    – We still dont have multitouch! We all KNOW that the X10 CAN multitouch. We have seen it proven on many youtube videos!

    – We still don’t have 16,7 million colors on the display!

    – There are still no Android 2.2. The X10 IS capable of Android 2.2
    Why had SE not skipped A2.1 development completely and given us the one and only A2.2, we still haven’t Adobe Flash Player 10.1 in our webbrowser. And still no App-to-SDcard. I only now have 40mb left on the internal memory! COME ON SORRY ERRORSON!!!
    You know the X10i is STILL TOP OF THE LINE FROM Sorry Errorson!

    – Still we see people write “oh but I still love my x10… bla bla bla”. Then I feel very sick!
    Dont you guys have a brain?! Or is it Sorry Errorson that have people writing that for money? Off cause I respect other opinions. But i think that this x10 phone is SO UTTERLY FAULTY STILL so no people with common sense can be liking it, in the daily use. SE has been doing no good so far, for the X10 owners! Will it ever happen, you have to ask your self?

    I will be buying a HTC Desire Z in february-april 2011, when the price has been cut about 40%. I know SE will put a new faulty X12 or something out by that time, but I do t want SE again. They simply dont deserve it!
    The HTC Desire Z is born with Android 2.2 with slide out backlit full QWERTY keyboard. I know I’m going from 4.0 to 3.7 inch display. But at least I get 16,7 mil. colors, multitouch, Adobe Flash player and Apps to SD! I will be buying the Adam pad (a cool iPad clone with android 2.2) from http://www.notionink.com so I don’t need video on my phone as much then. But I will love typing messages on a real keyboard, it will result in less typos.
    The only thing I will miss is the X10 design. That I will give Sorry Errorson credit for. I have a Nintendo DS it is MUCH more fun to play than ANY Android games out there! Compare Angry Birds to Mario vs. Donkey Kong!!! So I dont need a android phone for gaming ether.

    I need a android phone primarily for: SMS, e-mail, calls, websurfing WITH Adobe Flash player, FTP, Wifi and GPS navi.

    Well that is my opinion on the still faulty SE X10 and my general phone needs. My X10i luster white is a unbranded phone by the way.

  51. well i don’t have any problem with sony ericsson.
    i have been buying their phones and will buy more….
    but when it comes to android smartphone i am not sure….. i guess i will better go for HTC next time . when it is about smartphone i want both software and hardware up to date best possible.

  52. Why do you need websurfing with adobe flash?? It’s just a pain in the tooth and slows the browsing experience in my opinion. If you want to watch video just use skyfire or youtube player.
    As for SMS, e-mail, calls, FTP, Wifi and GPS navi, they all work fine on the X10

  53. I voted that I wouldn’t give them another try. It’s not because I am disappointed with my phone, I actually quite like it, but because of the custom UI. At the time that I purchased the phone, I went with the Xperia because it was the only smartphone Docomo offered that could give me an experience similar to the iPhone. Now that I have used Android, I can honestly say that I prefer it to the Apple OS. However, I would prefer a stock version of Android over a modified OS.

  54. Fact is Fact,
    As usual your writing pure nonsense and calling it logic. Satio and Vivaz owners would be completely horrified to read all that crap your writing. The stark reality is that SE have a miserable record when it comes to smart phones. Only the mindless drones we call fanboys fail to accept what is a very simple and well documented fact.

  55. Why I need X10a updated beyond 1.6

    Google Docs requires at least 2.1 but for all features 2.2
    Google Mail with priorty inboxs at least 2.2 (I get 100 emails a day, I need priority inbox)
    Google Maps with animated weather overlay needs 2.1
    FlightStats Pro requires 2.1 (Lite only supports 3 days of fights in advance and you can’t sign in to your acct.)
    Install apps to SD card (I have a 32g card already, I’ll delete some of my 5,000 songs) needs 2.2
    Faster browser- 2.1/2.2
    JIT (I know it’s been hacked) requires 2.2
    Better Exchange 2.1/2.2
    More secure Wifi parameters 2.2
    Tons of other apps that would be better if it was 2.1

    I don’t play games on the phone except for solitaire or mahjong. I sort of would like 64m color but I can understand why it’s not implemented.

    I had my first weekend away without dragging a laptop in 15 years, if the phone could do just a bit more, I could certainly be comfortable without one for a modest time.

  56. I do in fact regret buying the Xperia X10i.
    I find it ridicuolous that the bootloader is locked, why does sony make it so hard for us developers to make this phone more useful? I chose android because of it’s open architecture and chose the x10 for its specs and looks. If I would have known that there was no froyo (official or not) coming, I would have bought the galaxy s.

  57. Yes,
    Sure we had to wait long, but we knew when we bought the phone it had 1.6 I didn’t mind it worked well and now with 2.1 even better.
    I don’t care if others have 2.2 or 2.3 later on I’m not one of those people who have to brag about their phone being better then other ones.

    Love the X10!

  58. dont do away ur old backet until ur sure d new one holds water…
    to al of u dat hates ur x10 do urself a favour throw it away..
    to my sony ericsson fans…We’ll buy more se phones in d future…i love android and.i love se
    comparin looks and interface sonyericsson mks x10 stand out from d various android phones ….
    i love my x10 and am proud of sony
    my vote is

  59. Need help. I debranded my fone n than got 2.1, can anyone tell me whether xda cutome rom is light weight or mine. Currently my rom lags sometime.

  60. You know SE certainly messed up BIG TIME.
    but they were in constant contact with us through there Blog. You cant say many other manufacturers communicate the same way with there customers.
    Also I really like the 2.1 update on my X10 its really a much better phone now.
    Now it all depends on what they have learnt. if they do it again then there a gonna. and if they launch a new handset or handsets with low end specs…………….

  61. Just a FWIW.

    SE-NA has been pushing 2 for 1 pricing on X10a on AT&T and FREE X10a at SonyStyle stores with a new contract.

    Engadget has a short list of smartphone suggestions. For AT&T, iphones naturally, and the new LG Quantum phone, and a refurbished HTC Aria. That’s right, they suggest a refurb’d Aria over a free X10a on AT&T. Why? The Aria has 2.1 and 2.2 is coming (leaked).

  62. How can you be so patient? Since I discover xda-developers I pissed sony ericsson ‘s update quite while a go. Using the xda tools I have good fun I flashing my xperia as a morning sport.
    I check 2.2 xda rom, customisation, JIT, Simlock, ADB server, number of themes , few launchers and many more.. every thing goes well not for real just for fun installing played and formated and checked another one. And then help other junior member of the Xda-developeres (Glories Website, glories staff, glories people which are there) My phone lost virginity (guarranty cover)in 3 november and suppose to have another 9 mounth. I bought a basic one just to keep my life going (nokia 1616) so be able to answer call.

    To be honest my perception to life has change and I’m very happy I thing the hardware in x10 is amazing couldn’t be damage by flashing if you don’t dropped on the asphalt

    NOkia 1616 spec and price

  63. Lets have a look:
    1. 1.6 when 2.1 was out
    2. 2.1 when 2.2 was out
    3. lying about mulitouch
    4. 2 months turned into 6 months
    5. Slow as dev team.

    Good side.

    If it wasnt for hackers this phone would be dead…

  64. MAYBE

    I’m on the fence with 2 X10’s and stuck with 3 Yr Contract until Sept.2013!
    I chose these phones for 8MP Camera and screen size available on my network.
    After it is out of Warranty, I will start messing around with all the wonderful things I have and continue to learn here, in the forums and from XDA. The device has potential and I am fairly happy overall except for battery performance. Most new phones will have dual cameras for video chatting and everything else. Maybe developers will wise up and add a second card slot that functions as RAM? There will be many advancements in the next 3 years and like computers, they’re almost outdated before you get out the door with it.
    I will keep watching what “the other guys” are up to as well. Haters hate, Lovers love and the world keeps on turning 24/7 regardless of who’s awake to see what happens next.

  65. @Noxious Most times warranty cover about a year, but to do honest I don’t think any rom hacks are worth it right now if you have 2.1 But I think rooting is the best way to go…. Get rid of moxier.

  66. @Asad Mulla
    SE do constantly update us on their blog, but they lie to us on their blog. First said no multitouch due to hardware problem, now said got multitouch but with software problem. Committed on certain date but keep delay the update. The truth is, THEY LIE ALL THE WAY, so the ” fact is fact” you cannot deny this part. Furthermore, do you think they listen to our complaint? After they announced on the delay, I try to leave -ve comments, and it never appear on their blog, got filter or block
    If there is Top 10 IT/Gadget Liar for Year 2010 Award, i vote SE the champion.
    Time Magazine today announce The Top 10 Everything of 2010, i didnt see X10 there, but Galaxy S second place and nexus one fifth place.

  67. a second card slot for ram what a great idea(comment noXious)Also when will spain get this 2.1 updade at this rate 2011.

  68. I voted No.. wish I could vote more than once No.

    I have been let down with C905, W995, Satio, and X10, all top of the range or maybe what i’d call flagship phones, all a let down, either for dodgy hardware or dodgy software.

    It seems to be a feature of SE phones that they break down regularly, and they are sloooooow, all included in the price!

    In the days of 12 Month contracts, I could forgive SE, in the days of 24 and 36 month contracts, I cannot.

    No more SE, cannot describe how much better HTC Desire is than the X10.. only 1 thing is worse, battery life, everything else is better.

  69. @biffy

    What about the camera what about the larger screen what about the looks? Come on man be honest with your self.

    In fact, the only thing HTC is better than the X10 is with their updates nothing more.

  70. @ No name
    Your theory of bigger screen if sounds, I should go for Galaxy S (same 4″) or Desire HD (4.3″) or even less famous i-mobile i858 (4.3″)
    Camera? 8MP vs 12 MP of Satio with flash, Satio wins but that is the only acceptable features of Satio, the rest, crap. In fact, comparing the photo quality and regardless megapixels, (DSLR pro will tell you that you need bigger pixel for bigger print), i ranked these phone (with galaxy s from friend) (1) Iphone 4, even better with HDR (2) Satio (3) X10 and (4) Galaxy S. It was taken the same time. For best photo and HD video, i still use my digital camera.
    And for “look”, if you are good looking with empty pocket, don’t think any girl wants you. X10 no doubt is almost perfect with the look but without the latest software on it, it is just piece of crap.
    The reasons i still keep X10 are
    (I) it is white 🙂
    (II) Iphone 4 don’t have white color, yet 🙁
    (III) it is spare phone with games for my daughter the moment my iphone 4 battery run flat
    So, no more “new” SE phone for me but i still keep my X10

  71. as much as i like sony in terms of their technology, like tvs, etc i have almost everything from sony, but the x10 to me was a disappointment. the x10 was a beautifully crafted handset and had all the right hardware to keep up with the big boys but, lacked the latest OS, i sold my x10 and got a HTC DESIRE HD and i can tell u now that the x10 can compete with handset, just as good, but sony need to realize they have to be on their game in terms of OS updates and latest processors if they want to get peoples vote again. Sony is the best in terms of technology, i dont know y they lack in the phones department lol

  72. I live in Israel,
    Here, this phone is among the cheaper high end android phones. I bought it because it was $50 cheaper than the next android phone but had all the features I wanted. I knew android would be updated on it so I bought it.

    What I didn’t know was that this phone had a locked down boot loader. I probably should have done a little bit more research. I also didn’t realize that there were touch screen phones that weren’t multi touch. I don’t care about anything but features and price. In this market, if the boot loader was open, and this phone had multi touch I would buy this phone again. But with the incredibly slow release of updates and possibility that this phone is stuck on an older version of android on a relatively fast platform, I will not buy a locked down android phone again.

  73. I voted for “No” because I expect a company such as SE to get i right the first time, there is simply no excuse for sloppiness when the customer is signed on for a 2-year contract and getting stuck with a dud. There are other supposedly mediocre handset companies like LG and Huawei who did reasonably well for their first android product, simply because they kept it simple. For an android phone, I agree with the previous poster that SE tries too hard to lock down the phone and made things complicated. That in itself are minus points when considering my next purchase. Add Mediascape and Timecape which are rubbish applications, and the decision is simple.

    And SE has not done itself proud with its PR. I have great respect for LG because, they faced a lot of stick when someone from the company said that the Optimus line will not be getting Gingerbread because it did not have the minimum 1ghz processor. And when they were found out that there were no such requirement, the company immediately did an excellent PR by committing the whole Optimus line to Gingerbread. That is how a company should react, and unfortunately, SE has often hidden behind hardware limitations by not committing to even froyo. And not to mention 16M colours, Muli-touch, the exact time for upgrades to be made available, etc there are too many “uncertainties” and non-commitment from the company that have made it a very irritating and annoying experience.

    To quote “the Comic Book Guy” from The Simpsons, “This (X10) has been the WORST episode, ever”.

  74. I sm not impressed with the 2.1 update.. it has made the phone more slow and its not responsive anymore.. takes time to load things, gets hanged. Quite a disappointment. if they dont come with something better and fast, i would shift to 1.6 again.

  75. I have to see, i got my x10 end of July and the wait for eclair was long. And then, it got watered down, a lot mentioned was not implemented, as seen in earlier replies. So hardly an upgrade experience, but a lot can be under the hood.
    For a new phone? Still 18 months to go, but it won’t be
    An SE automatically, that is sure.

  76. SE, I bought this phone because it was the best spec Smart Phone on the DoCoMo network in Tokyo April 2010. Regretably, it fails to deliver a quality interface worthy of its specs.

    SE, eliminate the bootloader lockdown, give us 2.2 and 2.3 without delay, get us flash, unlock Gallery, replace Mediascape with something simpler, better, faster, and smoother(like iPhone), make the camera faster, allow smaller photo sizes, improve sound quality, speed up response when answering calls, add multitouch etc. etc. and then *maybe* I would buy again. Otherwise, there are a lot of excellent phones out there already doing these things (iPhone4, Galaxy, and others come to mind).

    SE: Let Google Build and improve Android. You Improve the interface with apps, not with a full system lockdown. Don’t cripple your device!

    SE, If you stay out of the Android System, it will be faster to get updates to the people. And you will sell more phones! Your phone has AWESOME specs and could rule the Android world…but who wants a crippled, handicapped phone? I feel cheated. You could win me back, but you aren’t even close yet. Make this phone hot! Let the developers in. Try it, I think you’ll like it.

    Make.Believe?…isn’t that what Disneyland is for?

    It is an Angry Bird world now. Simple, Efficient, but very capable.
    The people want Make.Simply.Awesome. or we will look elsewhere.

    The clock is ticking….

  77. I’m on my second Captivate which will be going back to ATT tomorrow due to random shut and problems with e-mail. My next phone will be the x12 or Motorola Olympus. Whichever comes out first on AT&T.

  78. no, will sell this x10 and buy a real google phone as i’m fed up with branded & company souce phones. no matter how good the compitetion is you will always walking behind the facts as history tells us…

  79. I think the update: Android 2.1(éclair) is a good update, i had some problems/issues with the Android 1.6, and now everything is very fine & nice 😉 I am able to do more things then i’ve ever expected so i don’t know why people got problems with Sony Ericsson. I hope there are more people who love the X10 ;).

  80. Got my phone (X10) in March and had to wait until Dec, 8 months before SE released the 2.1 update, Sadly a big brand company like SE have shown that they cannot keep up with the Android software improvements, and there’s no guarentee that they will issue further updates for my phone,
    My contract is up in March and one guarentee is that my next phone will not be another SE.

  81. I think SE can go one of two ways. Either stop playing games with the platform and gain market share through there obvious strengths or continue to cook up silly scenarios by dabbling with software smoke screens and have to reply to angry owners constantly which in the long run will cost them time and money.

    I can see that they don’t really want to play the Hardware specs game with the likes of HTC but in truth they don’t need to and the sooner they realise that and give the users Megabass with quality sound reproduction, put there efforts into decent lenses for there cameras rather than just upping the Mega pixel count and concentrate on the digitiser, the screen quality and video play back then they will have sales going through the roof.

    HTC’s still sound tinny and the whole media reproduction has a harshness and a coldness about it which I think lets it down in comparison to SE.

    When they realise these points or at least try to then they will have done enough.

    I here the new Market upgrade is causing issues with 2.1. This is something that could have been avoided I feel.

  82. people makes mistakes. same goes for SE. yeah ok they screwed up x10. but hey, I’m quite happy with my x10 Android 2.1. not massively superior, but it doesn’t matter, because I KNOW what I want and what I’m gonna get/not.
    at least I’m not using a Nokia.
    to SE: increase pace!
    to those who regrets: next time di your homework before buying stuff.

  83. For me, the pros certainly outweigh the cons.
    I’m using the Mini Pro and think it’s pretty darn good. Personally I don’t like the larger screen phones, but I need android, so I was ecstatic when it came out.
    Out of the box it did have a good few problems, but most of them were easily enough fixed by rooting it, deleting all the bloat-ware, including the crap calendar, the sms app, alarm clock, all the dodgy games, the radio, TIMESCAPE… the list goes on (I did keep the corner shortcuts though because I like them).
    The you just buy some proper apps and off you go. I’m happy with Handcent SMS, AlarmDroid, Business Calendar Beta, CalcBuddy. They’re just my “necessary” apps, but there are heaps of others of course.
    The only time I experience lagging is if I play intense games, so I just stick to Abduction (I don’t play it much either, because I have better things to do).
    Only thing I would like now is a battery life longer than 2 days, but I know that that’s a pretty big ask these days.
    In 18 months I’ll review my stance and what SE is offering to keep me loyal, but so far I’m comfortably happy with SE.
    The X10 sounds like it’s in a totally different situation, I can’t pass judgement on it though.

  84. It’s a dessapointment no matter which way you look at it. I bought the X10 not knowing anything about the O/S and agree that the phone works ok and looks good too. Then when you get home and find out on the update and can’t help but feeling fooled, then hope to receive the update then get delayed months (US – AT&T thank you!! you have your share of blaim and I am one not forgetting, you shoud stop behaving as when you did not have competition) Now it’s a conspiracy, in the end I cant’ help but feeling a bit lied to and wish SE would have sold me a relatively up to date product and forget about the BS of updating. For me it would take a lot for considering a SE or even Sony TV or stereo or even game console (which overheats and needs to be repaired a couple of months later) C’mon. As far as ATT again, no wnder they have to bombard me with so much advertisement.

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