Rogers releases new 2.1.1.A.0.6 firmware for Xperia X10a

Rogers releases new 2.1.1.A.0.6 firmwareRogers has released some new firmware for its Sony Ericsson Xperia X10a handsets earlier this week with version number 2.1.1.A.0.6. This is over and above the 2.1.A.0.435 firmware that has been hitting most X10i handsets to date, but seems to bring similar improvements including dual-touch and Mediascape changes.

One difference includes a new Baseband of 2.1.55 (versus 2.1.54 that exists on preceding firmware). Rooting is also possible with SuperOneClick. Judging by the PTCRB site, it looks like a few more updates may be on the horizon soon. Three new firmware versions were certified on the 3rd February including v2.1.1.A.0.16, v2.1.1.B.0.5 and v2.1.1.A.0.11. We’ll keep you posted if/when these new firmware versions go live.

Rogers releases new 2.1.1.A.0.6 firmware

Image via xda-developers.


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  1. I’m on Rogers in Canada and get the usual messages “Your phone already has the latest…”
    2.1-update 1
    Baseband version 2.0.46
    Kernel version 2.6.29
    Build number 2.0.A.0.504

    This is frustrating me even more….

  2. Nice to finally see this one roll out. Hopefully it solves some of the clunkniess I’ve been experiencing with Time Scape.



  4. Hi,

    updated my phone a few minutes ago.
    Phone Update on my phone didn’t show me the new available update, but SE PC Companion did show me the update after connecting with my computer.

    My phone:
    Xperia X10 – GERMANY – no branding

    After update all my settings / contacts / … were NOT lost => very good.

  5. Yeah same here : I was able to get the update by using the SE PC companion.

    I’m currently updating my X10

  6. Got the update!

    Hook up to PC Companion. It is there.

    Multitouch works for everything too. Two similtaneous touches!!!Tried it on Modern Combat, Real Football, Angry Birds (pinchzoom), Maps, Google Earth.

    Finally the X10 is decent.

  7. Installed a few days ago and just rooted a few minutes ago using SuperUserOneClick
    To get Titanium to work, I had to download busybox from the app market.

  8. why is everyone using that crappy standard software? I’m married with my CM6.1.3 V4 custom rom

  9. guys, any suggestion for x10a already flash to
    phone sofware version : GENERIC-user
    file system : WORLD- 1-3-8_2.0.A.0.504
    and it becomes x10i
    but originally, it’s x10a?
    help please

  10. Timescape is shit, and lags, probably would uninstall it if i know how as i can uninstall my stock app, can anybody help???

    thanks in advance

  11. Has anyone contacted Sony Ericsson about this update? Is it just a differential for the X10a or will it be in addition to 2.1.A.0.435 for the X10i – change log?

  12. It wasn’t working this morning, but now it is updating as we speak. If there is any serious change or issues not mentioned in above blog entry or comments, I will post. I’m still pissed at Sorry Errorsson for not giving us a modified Android 2.3 which would actually be very easy for them to do. I will root and mod the hell out of my X10 to the best of XDA’s offerings as soon as it is no longer in warranty. Stay cool peeps!

  13. Hi goku, head over to XDA for info on how to remove timescape and other useless apps. Look in the SE X10->Android development section. That’s how I did it:-D

  14. Xperia X10 mini – from GERMANY; ISP = Italy. (no update found through UK ISP).

    Build number: v2.1.1.A.0.6

    Absolutely nothing new on phone (possibly faster). Process unrooted handset + installed all the crapware back – more than original build, including new office suite! No sign of dual touch (unless it needs to be enabled).

  15. Just updated my X10a in Vancouver Canada. When I was trying with phone OTA, it kept telling me I have the latest software but connected to PC Companion and it showed that there is an update and it took less than 10 minutes for the whole thing and it was actually pretty smooth. Beautiful Arabic text and Dual-touch are my biggest features and the others, will test out soon. Next one is FLASH Player and that would be perfect. iPhone users, I feel bad for you now even more lol

  16. I had to totally uninstall swype and log in to my account at and download & install it all over again. Now I have a stupid low on space warning because I can’t move any apps to sd. Sorry Errorsson strikes again. I wouldn’t have this issue if those bastards would just give me a modified version of 2.3!

  17. with orange uk still no update ….. i’ve not rooted my phone yet but am seriously thinking of doing it and installing a custom rom …….

  18. guys…is this 2.1.1.A.0.6 update only for Rogers branded…??…if it is then does it have anything new in comparision to the 2.1.A.0.435 update recently released for x10i…??…and if it does how soon is this going to be released for the x10i global user…do we have to again wait for ages…???…

  19. s.e people i just want to tell you one thing ,each time you provide an update ,you are not increasing its performance but adding bugs to it,my phone loosing the data connection frequently .this was not there you fucking people know anything about an update.iam gonna ask you two questions you fuckers
    1.did you try using this phone while charging,i bet you that you cant use it more than 3 minutes after that it reboots,this wasnt there in 1.6 version. you people test the product completely before you take money from our pockets,an iphone with 500 mhz processor ha triple the speed of a xperia with 1ghz,that is the power of rulz and you suck.iam not an iphone user i have an xperia and my friend has iphone with which i cant compare my phone.icant lift the call at a single strech when a call arrives because you must drag the call button multiple it is not a phone at all.please remove everything timescape,live wall papers etc and make this device a fucking phone.

  20. I did the update through PC Companion, however before I did that I checked with my phone and it said that I had the latest update.

    I am now doing my update via PC now

  21. @Thomas

    you wont receive any thing untill you change cda code or you are in rogers network – phone is branded

  22. Okay people, do the updates through PC Companion and after that root the phone, install busybox, xrecovery and custom rom like freex10 beta 4 with cyanogen mods and u know what now the xperia will be a good phone, no timescape, no mediascape, flash player, 3d maps, and the list goes on

  23. @stevek,you know one thing try using your phone while in charging,and apple provided ios 4.2 to 3gs you know that,and we didnt even recieve froyo,where the hell are you from,if you want to say something positive about xperia it will be the look,when the whole world shits on it ,you are saying you like it,use the device to its full extent stevek,what about the in call volume,froyo,speed ,screen response,and the fucking interface ,timescape,mediascape with equilizer,multi touch,etc tell me one aspect which satisfied.

  24. Damn need some help here ..

    I tried to update with SEUS but it doesn’t work .. It says that the update is available and all .. And when I press to proceed it says the download failed or something like that ..
    My phone has been rooted when I had 1.6 but 2.1 removed the root .. I’ve removed apps that require root such as TitaniumBackup and Barnacle’s wifi tethering .. But it still doesn’t work ..
    Anyone in my situation or who can help at all?

    Appreciate fast replies!

  25. Tried it but pccompanion says I had latest update so I am stuck with the old 2.1. Any answers I’m in montreal.

  26. i have an iphone and my mom has an xperia x10.. even though the 2.1 is old, the new update for xperia x10 just made it better than iphone..
    its so much faster (like insanely faster than iphone),
    and even though no other touchscreen out there beats the reaction of the iphone, the xperia is ok now..

    overall, good update idk what people are complaining about.. its faster than iphone now… so yea.

  27. Anyone knows if this update works with Shapewriter or Ultra Keyboard?
    Does the dual-touch or one-finger zoom break these “swiping” keyboards?
    If so, is there a mode to turn zoom/dual-touch off?

  28. i am from malaysia. its the same problem when i check for new update.. shown’your phone already has the newest update’ .. how to make multitouch for my phone??

  29. im on rogers, i had the update, and i flashed a custom fw on it. i dont like it. how do i revert to rogers fw? any help would be amazing!

  30. I got it. Mine was becoming a clunker. It’s slighly improved. Happy I didn’t need to reinstall everything again. That’s not fun. I’m sure if I ever get a rooted 2.2 it would be required.

    What I’ve noticed:

    The Phone Book
    Layout of contacts is a little more organized. But that was the least of the problems. They need to fix duplicate phone number entries. If it’s their Facebook says the number you have listed for it… don’t display it again! It’s so basic.
    Also they didn’t address the crappy pixellation of your contact photo. Which is so pathetic.

    Google Maps & Angry Birds & Gensoid:
    Multi or dual touch – works!

    Things I want my phone to do:
    1) 2.2 functions such as tethering – How do you get a connection at a library to a school you don’t go
    2) Justin TV Viewer – My buddy with the iPhone 4 showed me this. Wow! I want it. Stream all day long.

    Still a long way to go. But I’ll be getting a new phone when they are starting to become your wallet.

  31. the only diference between .435 and 2.1.1.A.0.6… is the calendar and the provider apps.
    the calendar include in .435 is better than the old one include in 2.1.1.A.0.6.

  32. Any help would be appreciated, since updating through rogers to get dual touch multitouch I have not been able to use Z4root to root my phone,is anybody having the same problem if so how do I fix this?

  33. @Angelo. You need to download superoneclick on your PC. Put your phone in USB debugging. Open the program attach your phone, mount, and click root. That’s it.

  34. nao e possivel instalar ou iniciar componentes de atualização do software do telefone

    essa e a mensagem que aparece quando tento atualizar meu x10
    por favor me ajude.

  35. This release rendered my swype install non-functional. I can still punch in manually keys, but not swype them, which sucks. At least it affects eye-candy only & not total functionality.

  36. OK, since rooting my x10 yesterday, I reinstalled swype & works better than ever…