X10 mini family and X8 will NOT receive Gingerbread update

Xperia X8Whilst Xperia X10 owners are rejoicing on the news about Android Gingerbread heading to the headset, unfortunately it is not good news for the smaller Xperia models. Sony Ericsson has confirmed that as they need to “prioritise” their resources and thus there are no current plans for the X10 mini, X10 mini pro and X8 to receive the update. What we do know with SE is that they always seem to change their mind, so if you’re being optimistic maybe we will see it at some point down the road after all.

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  1. Meh,didn’t expect anything better from SE.Let’s be grateful that there are those guys at XDA who do spectacular job and keep our phones up-to-date with the latest possible android versions.

  2. Why would someone with X10mini or X8 care for Gingerbread cuz these devices won’t benefit from the features at all?

  3. Hi. Please please reconsider us smaller owners. I love my X10 Mini Pro and have over a year left on my contract, without an update this beauty is going to be dead before the year is out.

    2.3 would be awesome – 2.2 would be too – but 2.1 is already out of date.

    Is there a glimmer of hope. Come on SE. Even if its not for six months at least its something. It would restore a lot of peoples faith in SE and help you claw bag some of that respect you lost.


  4. Great for X10, however ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS for owners of x10 mini pro like myself, and the mini and x8.These are all newer phones than the original x10 yet they have been abandoned by Sony Ericsson. Way to go with the treatment of some loyal customers who are stuck on 2.1 with a 6 month old handset like mine, or newer in some peoples cases and won’t even see 2.2

    No more SE products for me after years of buying them,way back to the original Ericsson phones. Treat customers like shit too often and they won’t come back.

  5. Question: Is the mini, pro and x8 gonna get 2.2 update now instead?
    Im not that uptodate..

  6. It’s normal for x10mini and x8 no to get the gingerbread update. Don’t get me wrong, i would like to see it happen, but the truth is that x10 mini an x8 are running a very very customized version of android with a very different menu and layout stlyes, corner shortcuts, etc… The big X10 has a normal layout so there are no problems. In android 2.3 there are some limitations from google in this respect so the only way for x10 mini and x8 to get the 2.3 update would be to migrate to a ‘classic’ view of android, without all those fancy effects (corner shortcuts, …). Maybe SE thinks a lot of x10mini and x8 people after the update will get mad because they lost their look/theme and features. A lot of people bought the x10 mini for it’s unique interface and ease of use. So the solution for SE to keep that UI is not to update the phone. They cannot put 2.2 either because they skipped it, going directly for 2.3 with their new line of 2011 phones. So the big x10 will get basically the same ROM as the Arc.

  7. They are updating the X10 as it is easy for them, they are basically putting the arc’s software on the X10, for the mini, they have to entirely customise the software, so it really isn’t worth it for them

  8. This whole Sony Ericsson situation is getting ridiculous. Please keep updates consistent, a lot of mini/mini pro/ X8 users would love to be able to use Adobe Flash on their phones. The supposed dual touch update hasn’t arrived in the UK for O2 users despite it being released in January – it’s nearly April…

    Pull your finger SE or you’re losing a loyal customer

  9. Just a thought but if the new Mini Pro 2 is receiving the latest android update why can’t the port it over to the original Mini Pro? Assuming it will have all the same menu and layout stlyes, corner shortcuts, etc…

  10. SE, the x10-mini and x8 lags horribly with 2.1 (as with 1.6)


    Damn it, EOL on devices still on sale? That’s not honest to customers.

  11. guys dont worry the devs@xda are always there to help u out… just head over to the forums and check it out… there are already 2.3.3 CM7RC2 roms (FreeXperia project) available for all Xperia devices… and devs have already found out a way to boot custom kernel so keep watching XDA forums…

  12. A big “DAMN IT ALL TO HELL” from Canada… I absolutely love my x10 mini!! I want to be able to use it for at least 2 years, so this means that I need to be able to keep up. And being a total jerk when it comes to customizing my phone (I dont understand a thing on this website lol!), I would like Sony to do the har work for me.

    Still, Andrei has a valid point on the subject… its just a shame I’m gonna be left behind…

    … as long as I can play angry birds, I’m cool, I guess… sob….

  13. Well you get what you pay for right? So, It makes sense for just updating the X10.

    I think the mini’s and X8 are good enough with 2.1, besides I’m not sure 2.3 will perform well on a 600 mhz processor just saying.

  14. @Quick

    You’ve got a point their dude! I saw somebody with X8 the other day and I saw that it ran really well or maybe its just the 16m colors. hehehe. Don’t teh mini’s and X8 have some JIT enabling tool?


  16. that phone will be completely useless with gingerbread, if you have a x10 mini and are outraged with no upgrade you are a twat

  17. Even do X8 or X10 mini is ‘cheap device’ doesn’t mean that we as the user of that phone aren’t Sony Ericsson ‘valuable’ customer!!!

  18. Yep, SE should look equally to all their costumers… as a x8 owner I would love to have 2.3 without custom roms …

  19. On the update says that each phone update will be stop after 3 years…

    and I foresee in 3 years the mini’s will only get not more than 8 updates

    nice SE, nice…you left us mini user wondering, what madness have we bought…your latest update on 2.1 is more buggy than the 1.6…you still had a lot to work for us the mini user

  20. they always fucking change their mind as fuck as they can..
    please refer SE blog.. Rikard Cockberg is GAY

  21. X10 mini and x8 owners – i am sorry for you guys, but that is how life is. SE did not screw you, you screwed you.

  22. se must change their mind for x10 mini and x8.and keep the upgrade for all.and when will the update will be realse

  23. Not long till X10 mini gets the 2.3 update keep your eyes on the xda site peepz, what x10 can do the mini will do it better 😉

  24. How can it be, that the handsets that need APP2SD REALLY BADLY, i.e. the X10 mini will not get an update?????????

    I will never again… NEVER AGAIN! … buy SE

  25. Even if th mini and mini pro got 2.2 or 2.3 they wouldn’t have Flash because the processor doesn’t support it.

  26. suckle on the milk form a horse you fanboys, 2.1 on x10 mini is fine.
    dont need anything else.
    so go milk a horse now and take a bath in it, yum yum.


  27. Im more wanting App2sd and tethering support – flash is impossible, unless adobe rewrites it to accomodate ARM v6.

    p.s. if they are short of resources, they should give the xda devs access past the bootloader and they will gladly develop a custom rom for it soon.

  28. For all the Mini/MiniPro/X8 users out there: before cursing, please consider, that your phones don’t have the 1GHz Snapdragon inside. That’s the most likely cause that they won’t be getting 2.3.3 – the hardware is just not as good as the “big” X10.

  29. Ok even if you can’t have adobe flash on the mini/pro x8, surely the features and apps android 2.2+ offers justify an upgrade. Isn’t anyone else bothered by the fact you can’t save apps to the SD card?

    Once I get to within 20mb of the phone memory of my mini pro (a warning appears), the phone becomes useless and no longer receives incoming texts – anyone else have this problem?

  30. X10 Mini is the last phone I’buy from SE after P800, P990i and P1i.
    Too bad too poor support!
    Going to sell and buy somethig else NOT SE!

  31. I have been fan of se for last 6 years.
    SE have been great in the past, but recently it has lost its own mind.
    What the people over the SE are thinking??
    We are fool to spend xxx dollars on your product??
    Think again SE. By not supporting 2010 products will dump u totally. You are going to lose millions and millions customer.
    Now, goto hell SE with your 2011 line of products.

  32. sony is ace, make the best phones, my mini is so sexual, its on 2.1 . yee harrrrr

  33. I own X10 mini pro and I’m prone to say I will never buy a phone from SE again. Great hardware, impressive keyboard, acceptable camera even battery is quite good,but operating system is full of bloatware you cannot uninstall without voiding your warranty. Now this – no future upgrades of the operating system…

  34. I do not want android 2.?????…… ,
    i just wan to have apptoSD on my x10 mini
    else, the phone is perfect

  35. pleaseeeeeeeee SE
    anything but 2.1
    I’m begging youuuu…
    x10 mini could suddenly become the best phone on the market again with a tiny update
    this phone is perfect in any way!

  36. am a x8 user , i ve an adw launchr thingy installd so tht i can feel its new…
    the phone hangs up at key moments even wen nthn is runnin in the backgrnd , battry is poor , cant install more as it ll block everything if phone memory is less thn 20 mb
    am a common man no nrmal person needs ant + update , i need a android update i regret buying this phone i cld ve bought an htc or smething who have all recieved a 2.3 update ..i ve convinced 12 ppl nt to buy SE phones ill cntinue to do so until i get a update …
    SE things x8 needs a battery optimizer
    a android update because i paid fr this
    a multitouch update

    only three things if u dn ull just looose a lot of customers

  37. xperia x8 is my first SE product and the last SE product for next week
    bye SE
    i will never buy your product again

  38. As I own both the Sony Ericsson X10 mini and X 8 phones i am really disappointed they won’t get 2.2 upgrade. I will NEVER buy another SE phone. I had 3 SE phones before this. I only bought the X 10 mini & the X8 this year – 2011 !!!!!!!!!! Perhaps SE should give back the Award they won for the X10 MINI . I think that is only fair !!!!!! Not Happy.

  39. Posted a while back with my x10 mini and even if 2.2 update would be an useless update, all I really wanted was the ability to save my apps to my sdcard. But I got tired waiting so I ditched SE totally and bought myself a htc desire hd. Best decision ive made so far. Still, I hope the best for ya’ll with the mini/pro that SE fixs it…before its too late. Im done with SE though.

  40. I just want to see 3 things in the next update. SE pls get us these updates.

    1. Option to install Apps on SDCard
    2. Option to clear data after updating the default Apps. Currently only unistall option is available.
    3. Remove the arrange icons mode on long press, in the Home screen.

  41. Definitely the last time I am buying a Sony Ericsson phone. I’ll rather take the financial hit and buy an HTC. They are supported far better.

  42. well i have x10mini pro which is a great phone but i so fed up with this 2.1 update !
    it’s ruins the phone, all we want ”x10mini” users is to have a new final update 2.2 or 2.3 android
    whatever it was,,it would be so much better and we really need to have a new update =]
    i hope we will get this update next month tho 🙁

  43. @kyon, ??

    __Will you upgrade the XperiaTM X10 mini, mini pro and XperiaTM X8 to 2.3?__

    No, we have no such plans. We have had to prioritize our resources and have therefore focused on delivering the upgrade to XperiaTM X10″

  44. just wanna know…..is xperia x8 are all gingerbread or do i have to install that?thanks =)

  45. Can’t believe i bought x8 last week and they have to stop updating it. WTF? 2 gig memory card for what? You cant even install apps into the SD card. Lags. Small internal memory.
    I’ll be waiting for another few months….BETTER BE SOMEHNG GOOD

  46. my mini pro is so slow and laggy, that most of the time i feel ashamed that i wasted my hard-earned money buying this phone. buying good phones isn’t a joke to my family coz we’re not well-off. i have to earn my money hardly and i don’t mooch my parents just to buy stuff to myself.

    now i feel that buying the phone wasn’t really a good idea. this is my first time i fail myself in selecting a good gadget. i usually buy myself a new phone after around 5 years, and im frustrated that i have to bear with the issues for a long time. what im sure about is that the next phone i would be buying wont be from SE. bye SE it was nice meeting and giving you my hard earned money.

  47. I hate SE for not update the best it can for X8..We have already a bad camere in that phone, we accept it as we bought the phone which is not high end,but now we still cannot get APP2SD.and still stuck by low internal memory, others things is not important, as long as can store APP to SD. Hardware poor at least give us better software..

  48. no zoom, no flash light, low RAM, low internal memory, outdated OS platform, is it can said as a new “SMARTPHONE” in 2010.

  49. My parents are going through really rough times with money i cant even buy a ICE without my parents having to work minimum 2 hours extra my birthday is the sixth May my parents used nearly All their savings to buy me a xperia x10 mini Pro which i have been wishing for since it came on the market now i feel really bad cuz u fucking se developers cant even get us x10 mini /Pro/x8 users a Update seriously i hate u our family has only had se phones giving you guys All our money you cant even give us an Update im returning this phone pronto and selling All our phones i want a fucking supported phone goodbye.

  50. Someone should send a message to Sony ericsson(contact them) and give them the address of this webpage!!!! _|_ Sony Ericsson. And for people who want apps to sd for x8 go to xda x8 forums 🙂 or u can just upgrade ur software to froyo or gingerbread.

  51. Shame on Sonyericsson! I hate your company! I will never anymore by any your product. You cheat my money by seling x10 mini pro and stoping support. Burn sony in hell. Fuck SE, fuck

  52. Whilst I appreciate that there are some changes in 2.3 that may impact on mini pro users, there are some good improvements in 2.2 that would benefit us. Just being able to install apps onto the SD would be good enough as the internal memory is incredibly small.

    I’ve never bought an SE phone before and I don’t think I’ll bother again.

  53. According to Eldar Murtazin from Mobile-review X8 is going to have a new update soon!!!
    And believe me, this guy knows what he’s saying.

  54. I really hope they reconsider.
    There are benefits.
    Since 2.2 is faster, there must be some optimization of the code. That probably means more stable device. And the speed gives it more headroom for custom code. This will probably mean less software issues.
    Apps on memory-card will free up device storage and that thus keep performance up. Yet again less issues, less support.
    That native app-support, means less support, for those who are wondering why they cant install the same apps as their friend. Some still remains, due to the resolution.

    And with A 2.3…
    The battery performance is suppost to be improved. That must again mean some kind of optimization of the code. So even more headroom, and less hussle.
    And security, is a pretty big deal, as well.

    I do think SE would gain from changing their minds on this issue.
    Less badwill. Some goodwill, probably less support, and less software related services. I do think it would be worth the economical sacrifise, for the porting of the UI.


  56. I ve always had SE mobile phones, well, even before SE existed i used to have ericsson mobiles. I can say i was a loyal costumer, but since the disapointment i got from buying the X10mini (E10i) i will not be getting anymore SE phones, because of their very poor costumer support. This phone i have was bought 5 months ago, now we have android 3.2, and still stuck on the 2.1. Give us 2.2 at LEAST! Its all we costumers ask. Better performance and battery life, and apps2sd option, and who knows, why not some of the old stuff the usual sonyericsson mobile phone had and android doesnt?. Think about it SE. Dont disapoint your costumers, so we dont disapoint you..

  57. They will not Update Their X10 Family and X8. Because They cause more Money. That’s Why They are Convincing us to Buy some of Their Expensive Device Xperia Arc, Xperia Play. So they Can Earn Money.

    SE all They want is Money.
    XDA They Give Latest Updates and Free too 😀 and No Payment but We can Donate to Them.

  58. SE, you Aload of rubbish, So All other Xperias Apart from X8, X10 mini and Pro Get gingerbread, What About us X10 Mini And Mini Pro Owners, Were stuck on Eclair, You will cary on with all other xperias and were left in the dust Im going to go back to my Good Old Orange Miami Or rome, As this X10 Mini With 2.1 Has now been out dated, Always bought SE phones Well, Obvs Not no more, Loosing more and more Customers By the Sec SE, Pull your Finger out and get to work, You Money Grabbers.

  59. S.E.,I don’t care about flash at all on a update but COME ON! AT LEAST APP2SD!!!! Ya know that only angry birds seasons takes 22Mb? and the phone internal memory is lower than 150 Mb?(after all that pre-installed shit…) and we dont want “Fitness-crap” on our phones,(LISTEN TO YOUR COSTUMERS! THEY PAY YOUR FANCY CARS!)we just want to get this,app 2 SD,and if possible,dual or multi-touch(if XDA guys can make,YOU that CONSTRUCTED THIS GODDAM PHONE CAN!)

  60. I’m really disappointed with Sony Ericcson. I bought the x10 mini and gets bored with 2.1..Sony Ericsson does not care about their customers!!!!!Why most of the other low-end android smartphone from other manufacture can be upgraded to 2.3?? I’m not gonna buy Sony ericsson phones anymore!!!!!!!!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Okay, here’s my opinion bout’ this shitty.
    did it ever crossed your mind ? forcing SE to make an update for x10m/x10mp/x8 ? They’ll always ignoring you ~ Even half of this world users’ begging for an update, they still doing the same —> ignoring.. So, be open-minded and try make a lookup in xda-developers.com.. I’m still a kid here, with bad english speaking, just give this opinion: why don’t make x8 or x10m to be SE’s biggest market profit sales ? then Rikard would softened his GAY heart and give you an update ~cheers 😀

  62. X8 is indeed one of the sohisticated mobile phone ever designed by Sony.
    I am having some problems while using skype on X8. When is the next software update? Maybe the skype issue will be resolved in update.