Camcorder fix hits FreeX10 custom ROM

FreeX10 custom ROMZdzihu has updated his popular FreeX10 Froyo 2.2.1 custom ROM for the Xperia X10 to include the 720p camcorder fix that we reported on recently. The beta4 hotfix1 also includes a hacked camera driver so it works across all applications including Google Goggles and Barcode Scanner.

He also said that he is committed to working on the ROM although he will be busy with work commitments for the next 4-6 weeks. In related news, one of the prominent xda-devs who has worked on the X10 since the beginning, Bin4ry, announced he is moving on to a new challenge. A donation thread has been set up by users so that he can keep his X10 to continue working on it.

Thanks chinaik!

13 responses to “Camcorder fix hits FreeX10 custom ROM”

  1. Slightly old news. Can i unnofficially announce the 2.2 FreeX10 ROM as Completed? 🙂

  2. Thank you very much, Sony Ericsson.

    Your work would be perfect if you’ll also increase the colours to 16 millions as at first we’ve been told that the colours limit was due to Android 1.6.

    It would be a nice way to compensate us for all the frustrations about this mobile.

  3. anyone had a blow job today? or milked a horse? going to kiss my phone now because it has the latest 2.1 android on it.

    i am so cool, and not a techno geek, but i do like technology, so i think ill go make some tea, maybe a biscuit too, keep it locked and loaded homies.

    stay safe

  4. well uh i wonder if they could fix the lagspike on ninjump idk if this is internal but im having a hard time without the damn game:)

  5. How do you flash to the lastest kernal and baseband?
    i cant seem to find a thread in xda developers

  6. […] je nog steeds de FreeX10 heb is dit goed nieuws voor je: Camcorder fix hits FreeX10 custom ROM | Xperia X10 Blog je kan nu dus ook in 720P video's schieten Met citaat reageren + Reageren […]