Android 2.2 Froyo to feature Tethering, Wi-Fi Hotspot function

Android 2.2Xperia X10 owners may have to wait until the end of the year to get Android 2.1 (Éclair) on their handsets, but by then I imagine a lot of us will be envious about new features getting baked into Android 2.2 (Froyo). Rumours already include Flash integration, app memory card support as well as performance improvements.

However, Techcrunch is reporting that Froyo will have built-in USB tethering (something not natively supported on the X10 right now) as well as the ability to turn your Android phone into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

This is great news for Android users, but probably makes X10 owners yearn for root access even more. Especially as SE has not even confirmed whether or not we’ll get another major Android update on the phone post v2.1.

Android 2.2

10 responses to “Android 2.2 Froyo to feature Tethering, Wi-Fi Hotspot function”

  1. If SE really makes this huge update in Q4 then it will be shame if they dont put Froyo inside…many of us would then simply sell X10 and buy Desire or Nexus One. I think that they must make this update on v2.1 this summer, people dont want to have one phone for 2-3 years, I wont have it more than 6-8 months, that is the maximum for 75% people with smartphones.

  2. The X10 is the flagship phone SE pjone. A flagship that will constantly be one step behind the competition. If any SE employees are reading this blog implore your bosses to sort this situation out. This phone is great but your failing massively by not doing the 1 thing all businesses should do, listen to what your customers actually want not what you think they want. We want Android 2. 2 not 2.1

  3. By the time X10 gets her 2.1, N1 would be on 2.2 & so on & so on.
    N1 being a Google phone will always have priority over other Android handsets.
    So SE will be forever lagging behind & in view of this I hesitated buying the X10.

  4. Dennis: That is true but it all depends on what you want the phone for.

    The X10 Will always have a better Screen as in not only is it Bigger but it has more pixels and its even great in Sunlight and white looks white not pink.

    The X10 Will always have a better Camera and its confirmed of getting 720p HD Video Recording which is something the N1/Desire still won’t have even with Android 2.2.

    Then theres the rather subjective subject of style to me the X10 is the best looking TS phone around even the Rumored new iphone looks fugly next to the X10.

    Then theres DLNA something which yet again i have not heard of being on the N1/Desire. Hopefully this will mean PS3 Connectivity.

    The Only thing i wish we had and i hope we will get is Live Wallpapers because even though their just a gimmick they are very cool! lol.

    Or too sum it up i took the X10 Over the Desire/N1 Because too me having a better Screen & Camera and Design is more important that MT & faster updates.

  5. For those that are saying 2.2 then …
    There won’t be anything after froyo for at least for a year as Google intend to concentrate on making apps. So 2.2 will be there for a while. Don’t expect to get 2.3 three or so months later. Google apps all the way 🙂

  6. The major update in Q4 better have most if not all of the froyo capabilities. I have barely gotten over the MT issue; playing eemulators using the back and focus key just isn’t the same.
    I wonder how many of us would have gotten the phone if we knew we would have to wait till Q4 2010 to get 2.1; personally, i expected to get 2.1 before summers end

    Nevertheless, i still love the phone, even if i still havent been able to update fro firmware 14 and all playnows issue

    just my $0.02 ;p

  7. with all the Plus points related to hardware of X10, but if software is not up to date, than definitely the other sets running latest android gets an edge over the out dated X10, Its just beyond my comprehension as how SE is taking so long to launch the 2.1 in Q4, perhaps they have other businesses on priority.
    with such a strong competition in the cell phone market where every other month cell companies are launching a new model, and people are now more frequently changing their cell phones, im sure till Q4 sale of X10 will go down drastically, not only this many with X10 would be disposing off their sets and would be buying new sets running Latest android OS. I just bought X10 a week back later knowing that its running an outdated version of OS, now i have decided to get rid of this crap and would rather go for desire or upcoming HTC evo.

  8. I am so cranky about the tethering issue. I have an xperian (spelling?) and it is used for business. I wanted to replace my lost apple 3GS and happened to win this a little time back. I plug it in now and BAM, the ONE feature that should be on by default is NOT. What pressure can we add to Sony to fix this horror?

  9. I have got a problem , actually i am unable to run the wifi hot spot function in my set , can any one help me to find the solution?