Froyo a minimum requirement for Flash 10.1

Flash 10.1All of those Xperia X10 owners looking forward to Flash 10.1, you may be waiting a bit longer. Adobe yesterday confirmed that you will need to be running Android 2.2 (Froyo) before you can run Adobe Flash 10.1.

It will be available on Android Market, but will only appear for those handsets running Froyo. If you’re thinking of somehow installing it on your phone it won’t work. The reason for this is that the APIs needed to run the software only exist in Android 2.2.

Flash 10.1 is one of my wanted features and this news makes me hope that Sony Ericsson does the right thing and delivers a Froyo update to the Xperia X10 rather than the Éclair update in Q4.

7 responses to “Froyo a minimum requirement for Flash 10.1”

  1. SE still got alot of time to adjust UX to froyo, so i would really be disapointed if they keep planning to upgrade with 2.1….

  2. If the X10 doesn’t get 2.2, or get Flash 10.1 even, I definitly will be trading it for a Desire or Nexus one. Why have a top of the range phone that still behaves like last generation phones. Even the X1 custom Android ROM can run more than the X10 at the moment!

  3. When i got my X10 about a month ago, i choose to go with it because Android 1.6 vs 2.1 didn’t seem that much of a big deal; SE had integrated some of the 2.1 features in their UI and MT wasn’t a deal breaker for me. However, Android 2.2 seems to be a much more tangible and hugely more desirable update over 1.6 or even 2.1. I can definitely see people ( myself included ) trading or replacing their X10s with a phone running 2.2 if SE doesn’t buckle up and deliver 2.2 instead of the reported 2.1 update ( even thats in Q4 ). Android is the biggest phenomenon in cell phone industry. Froyo is already being hailed as the front runner, leaving iPhone OS in the dust. SE needs to whip their horses and keep up or they’ll risk falling even further behind.

  4. Are SE not back porting some of the software from Froyo to Eclair ? I should imagine that SE will back port the ability to use flash on their eclair update.

    1.6 is a pest yes but the X10 is a great phone and it will get better when the update gets here. By then I am sure the guys over at XDA would have cracked the bootloader then it wont matter what SE do because Custom Roms will be around for the phone.

  5. I heard that SE wil be bringing Android 2.1 x out in the beginning of 2011. Is this true and would it have Flash player? Is the SE Xperia X10 able to run 16m colours or is the screen to crap?