Xperia X10 gets rooted, this time with proof and benchmarks

Xperia X10 gets rootedJust over a month ago we reported on the good news that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 had been rooted using SETool. This joy was short-lived as accusations flew around that the root was fake, mainly due to a lack of evidence.

Well for all those worried that we may never see root access on the Xperia X10, good news has appeared from xda-developers. A number of coders are reporting that they have achieved root access, but this time with all-important photo confirmation.

The root was achieved by jerpelea, biktor_gj and bin4ry. Information is limited right now and they are promising more details shortly. What we do know is that they have been able to remount the system partition, enabling them to get rid of Sony Ericsson’s Mediascape and Timescape applications along with Moxier and others. You can see the difference this makes to performance by checking out the benchmarks below.

Xperia X10 gets rooted

This is the first production phone to be rooted and the guys behind the root are looking for a “good way to get it to you all,” but that it will only be released when it’s ready. Personally speaking, we can wait as long as we know that it is coming for sure. That isn’t something we could confidently say before today. Check out the photos of the Xperia X10 in root action below.

Xperia X10 root in pictures

Xperia X10 gets rooted

Xperia X10 gets rooted

Xperia X10 gets rooted

Look, no Timescape and Mediascape on the Xperia X10!

Xperia X10 gets rooted

Xperia X10 gets rooted

Xperia X10 gets rooted

Via xda-developers (1, 2, 3 and 4).

Thanks nekkidtruth!

39 responses to “Xperia X10 gets rooted, this time with proof and benchmarks”

  1. “Also shows how incompetent SE is.”

    That has got to be the dumbest comment in a while, and there’s some whoppers out there to compete with it.

  2. This sound stupid but…. can we still upgrade to 2.1 or 2.1 even if our deice is rooted?

  3. The coders have said that you will be able to revert back to the SEUS update if needed.

    Once rooted we will be able to install custom ROMs, so yes, that includes Android 2.2 (Froyo) without worrying about when SE gets round to doing it (if they plan to at all!)

  4. @sorehammer – For those wondering what root access will bring to your Xperia X10, then the answer is full control over your handset including the ability to load custom ROMs, relocate apps onto your memory card, complete backup of the phone as well as being able to run some special apps designed for rooted handsets.

  5. YEAHHHHH, FINALLY!!! YOU MAKE MY DAY!! Hope it come’s fast, and then we will upgrade to 2.2!! (WITH FLASH!!) ohhh YEAH!

  6. Great news. Now IF we get 2.1 or even 2.2. Are we going to be able to use the LED flash with the root?

  7. I was wondering if this will apply to the X10 mini as well? I really want to load Android 2.2

  8. I was wondering if you rooted your phone and put in a custom 2.2 froyo firmware, would it result in a loss of functionality, because some of the phone’s hardware might need a certain SE app?
    Or is it possible to to upgrade your phone to Android 2.2 froyo and still keep some of SE’s own apps?

    Also with a rooted phone, does that mean we can add multitouch?

    Sorry for my many questions, I’m just really new to all this android rooting stuff, and i love to hack all my devices, so I’m just trying to learn 😛

    Thank you for your time!

  9. @Shukla,

    It’s POSSIBLE to lose some functionality. It’s generally due to drivers. If there aren’t updated drivers for said hardware within Android, it could very well not function.

    You can’t add multi-touch to a device who’s hardware doesn’t have multi-touch capabilities. Although it’s still debated (I’m not sure why to be honest), Sony has officially let us know that the hardware is NOT capable of multi-touch. This was apparently verified by someone who checked the manufacturer of the screen and found it to be true. You never know though, both Sony and the manufacturer could be lying.

    Hope that helps you out some.

  10. Hmm.
    So what about the X10 mini.
    I bought one last week.
    it was really good…
    Can it be rooted..

  11. They just changed the whole game by doing this!!! I doubt Somy will even care about releasing 2,2 now!!!! Oh well!!! Lolol

  12. Tey say the screen is not capable of muti touch, but I beleive it is.

    I recently upgraded my phone on contract and got the HTC HD2 (as you know this is multi touch) but due to quibbles with the OS (M$) I took it back and got the Xperia X10 (which is a beautiful phone)

    I noticed on the HD2 if you catch sunlight on the screen it has dots on there arrande about 3-4mm from each other, these are obviously the sensors for where your touching and so the phone can detirmine what your doing.

    If you look carefully, the X10 has the same layout of these dots, so does look like it is multitouch capable, Sony are probably saying its not just to avoid the whole Apple vs HTC thing thats going on at the moment…

    Also, on a side note, how the hell can you paitent multitouch, it just shows what kind of company Apple is.

  13. @Mark.. Dear Dude, my old SE P1 has the kind of “dots” you’re talking about.. I read from SweDroid that the X10 has a ClearPad 1000 digitizer from Synaptics, whereas, Desire and N1 probably have a ClearPad 2000.. Single- vs Dual-touch

  14. @Mo
    Yes, infact there are many apps for voice recording on the xpeeria x10, all you need is the android marketplace…
    I have a question of my own, is there a way to stay he the firmware we are currently at and still root market enabler?

  15. I am new to SE Xperia X10. I love the phone. EVEN though I am not enjoying being patient in learning how to use it. lol. It’s a very in-depth mobile. People are throwing around the term “rooting” I am weirded out by this……. What is it and do I need to do it?
    I also want to know if I can use my own message tone or if I can only use the ones provided.. I need help… I just hope you don’t think that I am stupid. I am just sleep deprived. 🙂

  16. Hi, I. Recently bought my xperia mini x10. I was soo disapointed that it cannot transfer files using bluetooth. I recently heard that when an upgrade comes it is gonna be alright. Will that upgrade come soon?:-/

  17. I rooted my x10. How do I access the new functionality? I want to remove skype and poxie mailer