Timescape and social phonebook from Android 2.1 update demoed

Timescape and social phonebook from Android 2.1 update demoedFollowing on from last week’s video demo’s of some of the new found functionality in the Android 2.1 Xperia X10 update, Rikard Skogberg from the SE Product Blog has released another video highlighting the changes made in Timescape and the (social) phonebook.

Timescape, on the face of it, looks largely unchanged, however there are some subtle differences. This includes the ability to post updates directly to the app as well as automatically scrolling text when clicking a tile. The idea behind this is that you don’t have to go into another app to post updates/read long messages.

The social phonebook shows that on clicking a contact you can choose from a number of different functions including calling, Google talk and facebook updates amongst others. We’ll also be able to call directly, unlike the current convoluted method. The call screen has also changed, adding icons for speaker, mute, dial pad and contacts. You can see the video in 720p below that was shot on another Android 2.1-updated Xperia X10.

Via SE Product Blog.

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  1. why they arent saying anything about xperia x10 mini and mini pro? If the dont update I am gonna sell my x10 mini pro.

  2. It’s looks really promising. Timescape is alot faster and smoother in 2.1. And I like the new look of call screen. Hurry up and release!

  3. Still no official date though, and the end of October is looming. Any bets on yet another delay?

  4. SE is very reliable . By the time we will be getting the froyo all the problems that are being faced by the froyo will be solved and 2.1 is looking very promising . 🙂 so don’t always criticize SE .


  5. Looking good, each of the features demoed in this video look awesome…
    All of which seem to be features that people have previously stated that they hope are sorted with the update.
    I know it’s been a lot of waiting and a lot of people annoyed with delays etc, but it’s looking like the wait will be worth it.
    Much rather have an update that is what I want as opposed to 6 months of updates to fix bugs and further UI updates.


  6. Nothing special… Not going to rant like some people do, because it won’t make a difference here. I will however be sticking with the X10 until a more variety of phones have a front facing camera for video calling, and with Android Gingerbread.

    People wonder whats the big deal with wanting the Froyo update, its simple, more USEFUL apps such as; Google Actions (speak any command and the app does it; text, call, e-mail etc, look it up on youtube, very neat), no apps2sd (could be mistaken), no Flash!! The last point is what kills it for me, not only can you view more websites but a lot of the new apps on the market require Froyo because those apps are flash based.

    Wish Sony gave the option of loading stock Android or their version of it. They could have even released stock Android 2.2 and work on Timescape, Mediascape updates afterwards…

  7. to xperian 😉


    Rikard Skogberg says:
    October 20, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    aki and ste,
    No there isn’t a firm date set, we’re in final testing now. The roll-out is done gradually over different “kits” since the software configuration is different between markets and operators. All these kits need to be type approved and approved by the specific operator. It’s therefore very hard to be able to give a specific date but we still plan the first kits to have the update available in the end of October. That goes for X10, X10 mini and X10 mini pro. For X8 it will be a little bit later but during Q4 this year.

  8. I can’t wait!!! Sony has really put alot of work into 2.1. You can troll SE all you want, but they are not sending something half-finished out again! TimeScape also started alot faster, which I like! Just overall the X10 looks alot more smoother and faster now.
    If it only had a better screen (AMOLED or something) and multitouch gestures, this would be one of the best phones out, I think!

  9. Have anyone seem the white xperia x10 filming it too.

    Can you see him at the begining after that you see only the led reflecting in the screen of the black x10.

    just wooooow the timescape looks a hell faster than the 026 release, and the functions was improved a lot!

    I like my xperia but this xperia I´ll love hahaha

    if they get a better battery duration, a more responsive system and a louder phonespeaker it will be an A+, and after our friends HTC/Samsung/Motorola testing and debugging all the froyo we can get it working 110% without bugs!

    C´mon SE, make us beliave!!

  10. If anyone still wants to sell your X10 I buy it from you for $10 kkkkk or you can donate it to me !

  11. Sorry to all the happy excited bunnies out there but your phone will remain largely the same after this update. There is nothing important you can’t do now that you will be able to do after 2.1 besides installing a few apps. Froyo, as of now, is really the only version of android that matters because it brings a lot of new functionality to the table. So I have to say I agree with Clozecall.

  12. WOW…how many more garbage demos do we have to see before this crap is released. I am sick to death of hearing about what is coming with this piece of crap 2.1. I cant wait till i have this crap sold and have moved to another device!


  13. i’m just happy to see the smooth transitions. It does seem speedier… well, considering I’m stuck with the phone for a while I am happy to see the improved performance.

    And Julian, yeah I had problems with Android Market as well starting last week. All you gotta do is go into Applications > Manage applications > Market then click “uninstall updates” and “clear cache”. Initially it will roll back the Android Market update we got recently (the one that allows one click to update all apps), you can at least update and download apps in this state. However, I’m not sure what I did but after a short while my Android market upgraded by itself again and now I can download and update my apps using the new Android Market. Hope this helps.

  14. The more I see the less I care….

    I don’t care about Timescape, I allready have 5 homescreens (adw donut) and that social phonebook? Contacts blast works much better from the looks of it.

    No SE phone again for me. They just don’t know what their customers want.

  15. IMO SE knows exactly what we want..
    We don’t want buggy 2.2.. we want nice and stable 2,1 without bugs

    I think X10 is a great phone.. despite being a year old phone.. it still competes with the ones entered the market recently..

  16. Timescape is not what’s I want on the phone. A multi-touch screen update would be better. Anyway, why the wait is so long for a “small” update like this ?

  17. @ Julian
    Yes. I can’t download apps so emailed SE. I got a reply and it works now. Here it is –

    It’s a problem with the android market silent update

    MyPhone Fun & Downloads Update Service
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for contacting the Sony Ericsson support centre.

    The issue you are experiencing with the Android Market appears to be related to a recent update to the market, uninstalling this update appears to resolve the problem. From what I can see Google have stopped pushing this update out as not all customers are affected. I’ve created numbered instructions for you all to use in your emails/calls:

    1. Menu key, bottom left.
    2. Settings
    3. Applications
    4. Manage Applications
    5. Scroll to Market
    6. Tap Clear Cache
    7. Tap Uninstall Updates.

    At this point the problem should be resolved, go back into the Market and it will prompt you for your Google Username/Password. Once you have entered these details you’ll be able to download content without any issues.
    We can confirm that the Sony Ericsson X10 will be updated to Android 2.1 from the end of October onward depending on your network operator.

    When the update is available you will receive a message in the notification bar of your handset indicating that an update is available and to either connect to WI-FI or to perform the update via the Sony Ericsson Update service application.

    For more information on the update for the Sony Ericsson X10 please visit the following link:


    We apologise for the delay of the release, however if there was any specific features which you were looking for in the update could you please inform us of what these may be so we can help with a possible alternative.

    I hope this helps with your query

    Kind Regards,

    Hayley Rawlings
    Sony Ericsson Customer Services

  18. Dont be brainwashed by Sony Andriod 2.1 wont make any difference the number will only change. Froyo has more options then Eclair. And the update is not fully made because they divided the update in 2 parts which means you wont see the difference. What about Adobe air this is supported above 2.2 which means profesnails apps for andriod will be only availbe for Froyo. Nice SE you will go bankrupt i swear you will have only succes with this flagship Xperia but after 1 year sales will go down.

  19. Man….. I have x10i and i’m proud of it… if u dont like yours sell it and get over it… if you dont have one and dont like it dont buy one….

  20. Agreed with Rohan.

    SE is Mordor and their CEO is Sauran.

    Poor brainwashed people are expecting miracles from 2.1. There’s not much new here, and it won’t address more important issues like call volume and camera flash.
    Xperia needs 2.2 to unleash its full potential.
    SE stop wasting everybody’s time and get on with the updates. The ring of power demands it.

  21. zodiac people are happy leave them alone miserable fool, SE realising their mistake they have had feedback mostly bad and have responded, what kinda of response wud u get from apple they do what they want

  22. Thanks @steve , i clear the cache and uninstall the market upgrade…now works fine again.

    Waiting for 2.1

  23. i can’t believe they didnt make the numbers bigger in the phonebook… that is one of my biggest issues with the phone right now. I think i should just root my phone to avoid all these usability issues with this phone. never buying se again.

  24. yea! good one…
    HD recording really rocks… I love it…

    But U suckin SE, U never think I am okay with your Time delay

  25. I swear half of the people here don’t deserve an android OS. SE made a commitment and broke it. And most you fucktards don’t realize that 1.6-2.1 is nowhere near as awesome (in terms of general OS speed boost) as 2.1 to froyo. That said, 2.1 is better than nothing, but still terrible.

    So basically the only good thing coming out of this update is HD recording and a slight performance boost.

  26. sigh ….still nuthing about the incoming call volume.. that is a strong concern for me as it is for others for sure.. is there any hopes of a fix at all… reguards Becca

  27. Looking good. I’m looking forward to playing Angry birds haha! 🙂

    I hope they have an option to keep the small status bar though. I like that. Looks smart..

    Wonder what happens to all the photos I spent ages syncing with my gmail contacts after it “Automatically” merges them with my facebook contacts..

    Full backup before upgrade methinks…

  28. i hope it works as i am so pissed off with my laggy x10i. i phoned voadfone to kick off at how crap the x10 is and they are sending me a htc magic for 40 pounds pluse no x time on contract so thats a bit better and it can run 2.2 with xda roms ect. i am just waiting to see what this update brings to see if i will sell up and get desire hd or keep the old htc magic.
    hurry up SE

  29. Ohh and I’ve never had a problem with volume at any point.

    Not understood that one. Are people having trouble with the ring tones or hearing the other person in the conversation?

  30. x10fan…your a very stupid idiot. Be as happy as you like with mediocrity for a premium price like your iphone cousins. It’s fools like you greedy dishonest companies like SE make their money from and you thank them for it. I think you need to crawl out of SEs backside and get some fresh air into your lungs. Fucking douche.

  31. @ fashraf
    I totally agree, the thin line to press the number to dial is way to small, I always hit the wrong line and end up calling a mobile instead of land line or vice versa.

    Still looking forward to the update, guess with the X10 you got to make lemonade out of lemons, could have been worse could have got a Nokia N8, played with one yesterday and it is horrendous, feels like a n95 with a better camera and HDMI slot, nokia need to revamp symbian.

    Anybody else hope on Mediascaoe you can remove certain tracks from the player? Seems to pick up every sound file on the phone which is pretty irritating when you press shuffle all… Especially when its starts playing the sound files from games I installed!

  32. @Becca, they didn’t say anything about the low in-call issue. But, I actually asked them about that on Twitter. The answer was: “We haven’t released anything about the update that specific, but we will see updates all around, including audio software.”

    So, hopefully the new audio drivers will solve this

  33. @JACKAL

    Which Froyo do you mean ?? The buggy one on samsung galaxy or the terrible, slow filled with errors on the moto droid heheh, You guys really don’t get it do you now ?? now se are releasing 2.1 and after a while they will release Froyo the way it was meant to be!? Se will not treat us as lab rats like moto and samsung did with their users, se cares enough to do enough testing before releasing any version of Froyo.

    And besides the fact is that most of the apps and games are on 2.1, and by the time most of the apps and games will be on 2.2, we will already get Froyo. Woooow did you just watch how good the X10 video recording was! That’s why we love sony, quality comes first.

    SE = make.believe

    and yes we damn believe 🙂

  34. @fact is fact

    Froyo in itself isn’t buggy, if Samsung/Motorolla can’t get it work properly, that’s their fault, besides, I’ve yet to see this large amount of complaints for any another android handset. SE messed up big time, that 1ghz snapdragon CPU on the x10 has so much potential. The jump to 2.2 from 2.1 is HUGE. And why should SE spend all this time working on 2.1, a year old OS when they can be working on providing a stable 2.2? 3.0 is already announced for December and some users won’t even get 2.x update, while others will be blazing onto gingerbread!

    If you believe otherwise, you are simply in denial.

  35. I have been coming here for a while and have been reading what people say in the comments and I feel I should finally give my two cents worth.

    The xperia x10 is a great phone. It is solid, looks great and does everything I expected it to. It handles my movies perfectly, it lets me play vorbis instead of mp3, I love timescape and mediascape,(I haven’t seen many programs that rival the slickness and convenience of timescape) I can sync everything with Ubuntu Linux, It handles my email just fine,(I don’t use gmail) It handles my calendar (once again, not gmail or anything google) and all out of the box, I didn’t have to install anything special, it was all there. Here is my favorite part. It has never crashed on me, never dropped a call, never had to force quit any app I downloaded through the app store or otherwise.

    I was using an iPhone 3g and I decided to make the xperia x10 my first android phone and I do not regret my decision.

    For all of you out there that are complaining about the lack of multi touch, 16m colours, call volume, 3 home screens, well, so what? I’ll go over this a little bit with all of you.

    Multi touch: I have had NO reason to need this function on a phone. Remember, I am coming from an iPhone. I never used the pinch to zoom for anything besides the odd web page or just to show it off to someone. That’s it, no other reason. When surfing, I always used double tap to focus on what I wanted to read or look at anyway. Most of the time I forgot I had the multi touch functionality. If you want a good browser for the x10, get the dolphin browser. You will love that and forget about multi touch.

    16m Colour: I see NO difference between my old iPhone 3g and the x10. I find the x10 brighter and more crisp and the iPhone has 16m colour. I am going to call BS on this one for most of you complaining the lack of it. I will bet that you could not tell the difference in the first place. The only screens that look different are the phones with an AMOLED screen. Those are better but not worth it in my books. The retina screen from apple comes really close to the x10. I compared them and I see no real difference.

    Call volume: I thought this was a problem but then I noticed that I was not holding the phone right on my ear. It is a big screen and I think most of us are not used to the size. I found that I had to put the speaker over my ear canal and then it was loud. Are you surprised? I had to turn it down for it was too loud. If you hold the speaker too high it is going to be more quiet! That isn’t hard.

    In closing, I love this phone and the problems that everyone sees as limitations and CONSTANTLY comparing it to other phones, I would recommend that you get another phone. We can all see that this phone is not satisfying you and sounds like a bad case of envy with other phones. If you want the ultimate phone, I hope you find it in your search. You are not finding that here in your case. It’s not always a game of apples and oranges and keeping up with the Jones’s.

    I am happy with what sony is doing and making us wait for the right upgrade and works right with their device. I have no problem with that.

    Just a side note, this phone is really popular in Japan and I do not see or hear them complain about the phone in any way. It’s a great device and this is Sony’s way of doing android. Not HTC, not Samsung, not LG, Sony. If you want those features that are in those other phones then get that phone.

    Let’s keep in mind that Android is an open system and any company or anyone can do anything they want with it. No phone is the same and never will be in the Android world. Let’s not forget that. This is Sony on Android and I think they are doing a great job. Give them some respect and maybe they will surprise you in the end.

  36. SE =Make.Believe.

    After all, who else can make a high end phone where you cant hear the person on the other end among other pathetic issues?

  37. @Astroplus

    Well said mate, it’s really a great relieve to still hear from wise and intelligent users! It just gives you hope that they still exist if you know what I mean. I agree with most of what you said, however, I think the use of MT is helpful in the gaming part don’t you agree? I mean the lacking of MT will not make you play the games very smooth and responsive the way they are supposed it. Yet, I agree with everything else, and I still believe this is a great phone with lot of potential.


    I’m not saying Froyo is but at all, in fact I wish we could get Froyo as soon as possible. However, my point is that since other manafactures are suffering from 2.2 now, so it may be a better idea to have 2.1 at least in the meantime. Also, considering most apps + games are on 2.1 now, so having 2.1 is great indeed.

    To sum up, having 2.1 and then getting 2.2 later on that works and functions great, is much better than getting 2.2 now with tons of problems, lags and errors. Because in the end Froyo should improve the overall experience not the other way around.

    Please be patient and hopefully you will get everything you want 🙂

  38. Let’s get a few things straight.
    1. The HD samples they have posted were made with a tripod. They say so, right in the first HD announcement video. We have no idea how well the anti-shake mechanism is working. We do not know how our own hand-held videos are going to look. However, I look forward to this feature.

    2. It was posted that an equalizer/Megabass is NOT in the update by SE. This truly sucks. How difficult can this be to put in some equalizer controls?

    3. Full Bluetooth 2.1 capability. This is one of the biggest problems with the phone, IMHO. However, the SAAB commercial they have been touting shows that phonebook sharing and control can be passed to another device, which is what 1.6 lacks. If they can make Mediascape respond to Next/Prev et al commands from a bluetooth device (not clear from the SAAB commercial) and it works on SE’s own bluetooth headsets, this will be great. IMHO.

    4. ANY improvement to Timescape is important because it also controls your contacts. I like what I see in the contacts to reduce keystrokes, I like what I see in the dialer (it’s much more logical than going to the hardware button sub-menu to do speaker or sliding that dialer up). That is a great usability update.

    Back on the Product Blog, I posted a question (not answered) regarding what was back ported from 2.2. There have been postings that several 2.2 features were going to be back-ported. Here’s a couple of those and some other needed fixes.

    A. app2sd — this would allow us to backup (at least) the apps to the sd card. If it’s the full blown version it would allow install of apps on the SD card.

    B. messages/email auto archive: Froyo has a function to purge messages off automatically based on parameters. It is my opinion based on other Java based SE phones that I have owned which also rebooted on their own, that there is a cache full issue caused by the email/sms messages in the phone, that only gets reset/partially reset when the phone reboots.

    C. There was talk of the ability to turn the phone off during charging. This should make the phone charge faster.

    D. European and US/Can versions of the phone have different social networks, MySpace is referred to in the X10’s manual but not on the USA phone. Many people have posted that they want to do plug-ins for other social networks. I personally don’t know that I want this at all as I find Timescape one of the problems on the phone, but a wider selection of services might be better.

    E. Having Timescape allow you to pick the app it opens for the ‘service’ so that if you use Twitterdroyd or Facebook Mobile you don’t keep opening the browser instead. (I don’t think this is going to happen as the update function in Timescape appears to use browser calls with your stored user profile information that is different than the regular password cache in the browser; but it’s still based on using the browser to update. )

    F. No wifi when there is no GSM signal. What does one have to do with the other? I’m on a plane and I want to use WiFi.

  39. @fact is fact

    I do agree with you on the games side. I admit that I am not a big cell phone gamer. I do have a few games that I play on occasion but they don’t need multi touch. I would like to have multi touch for one reason and that would be to play NES roms with the emulators properly instead of using the hardware buttons.

    I jailbroke my iPhone a long time ago and used the NES emulators for while but I will say on that side of things, not having hardware keys are not easy to use for these kind of games but it is fun to play here and there.

    To get around this, I do own a Nintendo Wii and I have been using a Wiimote to play my emulation games. I use it with Nintendo and Sega Genesis emulators and that satisfies me in that aspect. I find it more fun to use such methods for it shows the power and usability of Android and its fun to be able to do such different things with a device that most people would not expect.

    It may be a bit complicated for some users to do such things but I will also say for others out there, how will you know about these functions unless you look? I strongly recommend to look around the internet or even the app store and see what other functions your phone can do. That is how I found out about the Wiimote usability.

    If you push your device instead of focusing on it’s drawbacks, you could be missing out on such fun and discovery. If there is a limit, try to find a way around it.

  40. The reason the update is delayed is so obvious se are launching the x10 hd in a few days. If they upated us first they couldnt re launch it under its new name x10hd. Why do u lot think se r giving u little samples of the update instead of making one vid showing all the features its to buy time and at the same time keep u lot sweet. They launch x10 hd in one part of the world then start rolling out the update in diffrent part of the world so the to dont collied. This is why the update is being rolled out in the so called kits.come on folks take of the numpty hats and see the light se dont give a frig what u lot think there out to sell phones and they have sold loads of x10s this is there way of selling more far play to them i say.

  41. Gondor 2.2 won’t fix call-volume and won’t add camera flash, those are things that can be address in Sonys base firmware updates, not the Android update.
    The X10 mini has camera flash, because Sony included it, and Its running on 1.6
    All these important features you are saying 2.2 has and 2.1 don’t is BS!
    2.2 adds Adobe flash and compatibility with apps and that’s it, 2.2 running faster then 2.1 is down to SE, HTC, SAMSUNG etc.
    ie, SE’s 2.1 can run faster then Samsungs 2.2 if Sony has optimized it better, and that’s fact.
    Best thing to do is wait for the update and see how well it performs compared to the competition, instead of bringing up BS reasons why Sony should rush a buggy 2.2 firmware build out like other phone companies just so you can have the latest build number displayed in your settings.

  42. the truth:

    I figured this out a few days ago. Now for the current owners of X10, this is actually an advantage, as it means: The X10 series will probaly be updated for two more years to provide a good service for new clients aswell.

    If they had abandoned the X10 platform, we could only expect support for our handsets for about 6-12 more months (yes, we would probably have gotten the upgrade a month before).

    Too bad some people thought they bought a space ship, and not a mobile phone.

  43. Really, who gives a shit as long as they continue to support the phone for a few years? 2.2 in 2011 is fine by me. Even if they don’t update the X10 to froyo I’ll still buy another SE phone, because quite frankly, I haven’t been disappointed.

  44. @Astroplus I totally agree man, and as I asserted before I feel glad when I find people that still has the brains to analyze things in a reasonable manner, because at the end it’s only a phone. And since the phone works well, make calls, send sms/mms/email, does a good job while browsing the internet and will have a great os such as 2.1 with plenty of apps, I can’t ask for more.

    @ the truth

    I really found what you wrote very interesting, but as much as I want to believe it, there is still no prove for what you mentioned. However, if se announces the X10 HD soon, this will be the best news I have heard about this phone. Because, simply announcing the new X10 HD, although it’s the same phone but it means that it is very likely that we will get the 2.2 on this amazing baby!

    I advised my cousin to get the new htc desire hd, but if there will be any announcements of the x10 hd, then I will highly recommend him to get the phone, specially that there will be a very high chance to get froyo on it 😀

    Long lives SE 😉

  45. Anyone know how to one-touch-dial from the phone book without having to long press or go into the contacts?

    Or any app that will let me do that…. its a phone after all…… and it doesn’t look like 2.1 will let me do that

  46. Guys this posy has nothing to do with 2.1. SE just got u all. They r talking about there own apps which they should just brand sony ericsson at the top and let anyone download since android is sposed to be free. 2.1 has NOTHING to do with whats in that video. Hell it doesnt actually do anything for us at all.

  47. Will the in ear call vol be increased with this update? – A nightmare when talking to someone at the station.

  48. It all looks very promising.. however i still see the “Cannot connect to SIM” in the contact list.. why isn’t that fixed? (or removed for all i care..)
    Timescape needs to be very very very much improved before i turn it on as the default interface again.

    I do love my X10 and can’t wait for the update to arrive!!

  49. Android 2.1 rolling out to X10 user’s at October 24 when the white X10 is rolling out?
    I love my Xperia X10 Mini, but i care allot what Android version i got, Remember it’s the whole phone system.

  50. there are just too many SE fanboys who visit this site. Is there not a way to check their IPs to make sure they are not SE moles planted in here to talk nonsense.
    All the fools talking about how buggy froyo is on other phones are just imagining things to make themselves feel better with the mediocre x10x. I have never heard of such anywhere and trust me, I am always looking. The x10 itself has been plagued with issues which SE have tried to fix with quite a few updates.
    So which is better I ask? A buggy phone with latest software and features or a buggy phone with antiquated crap running on it.
    As for astroplus, you sound like the perfect SE mole. Either that or you were just being very silly with your comments. If you love your x10 the way it is….that’s great for you but it is a very stupid thing to do to downplay froyo or the features lacking in the x10 because as you say “you don’t need them”. Has it ever occurred to you that others might?

  51. The point is froyo works well in general. I have seen a lot of demos of it running on galaxy s flawlessly. You can always pick out the odd case here and there to justify your logic. The fact still remains… I would much rather have new stuff that’s buggy than old stuff that’s buggy.

  52. zodiac why are u on this forum all u never do is post comments hating on sony ericsson i think you are mad people are buying their products are u a htc fanboy? people will buy the x10 and continue to but se so stop trying to discourage people your a nobody

  53. Firstly whats with all the name calling? lol.
    Guys, if you dont like your x10 then sell it.
    When I bought my X10 mini pro, I checked it, liked what it has to offer and paid for what I saw i’m getting.
    Remember, nowhere in or on the package did it say that Sony is bound to provide you with Android OS update. Sure, fixing bugs and glitches on WHAT YOU PAID FOR is a given. If you find faults in the advertised features, you have all the right to complaint about it. Anything else is pure ranting and its pointless.
    End of the day, all I care about is the features I paid for. If there’s a problem with that, i’ll complain too.
    The whole “my 2.2 is better than your 2.1” is just immature. Its not a dick-measuring competition lol

  54. I don’t know why people are happy with se. They are terrible.
    Also for those who say 2.1 will being games and apps what about all those which require multi touch? Many games require it and so do the emulators.
    It’s a pathetic attempt by Sony, I don’t think ill but a Sony product again not even a tv or hi-fi.

  55. Also I live in Japan and Japanese people don’t even rate Sony to be a top of the range product in electrical equipment.
    The west are fooled by past glories and clever marketing.

  56. @ras

    you live in japan? lol.. did you know that x10 was the all time number smart phone in your country?

  57. Ras im sorry but you are just a big liar, and i think your a hater.
    The se x10 was sold most in japan, 120 thousand units in 3 weeks.
    Also Sony is considered to be one of the most trusted companies in Asia
    And this also included Japan as well. I doubt you live in Japan anyway.
    Grow up and stop posting false information.
    Shame on you

  58. SEproductBlog, can you describes the experience of mediscape(image gallery, music player, video player) ??

  59. SERIOUSLY. If you don’t like the phone don’t buy it. If you bought it under false pretenses then who is the one that bought it in the first place. I could care less if the phone gets updated ,because I’m just starting on my first smartphone,and if it did with that lil bit like added features and HD Auto focus recording then let it be. Others(on this web/forum) like myself run it for different purposes and actually amaze others that have an ahem(Iphone 4/Samsung/HTC, Etc.) that can’t do what I do!! Honestly if they ever got the update here in the States, I’d jump on getting the LiveView ,a Camron Sino battery and see ya later!! Try running Endomondo/Gps/MusicPlaylist/take Gps tracked pics and Video all while Mountain biking with constantly updating Facebook…..
    Android can and X10a can.

  60. You know I have my opinions on the x10 as well, and I’ve began to realize, whether or not I like this phone or not doesn’t matter anymore on this site. There is so much trolling going on from the pro x10 fanboys (fact is fact) and the death to SE people (Bandit). It is so redundant, you can’t even actually say a comment for either side without childish ridicule. When someone actually has a real issue with the phone, such as myself, my x10 does randomly turn itself off and on, sometimes not even back on! I get looked down upon with disgust by the SE fanboys on this blog, as if I’m making up the problem completely! Listen fellas, the phone has lot of positive things with it, I do like my x10, I really do. But one also has to realistically realise this isn’t the best phone out there or best phone ever, not by a long shot. I can’t wait for the update to come because I hope that it fixes the problem my x10 has, it is insanely irritating! I’m not saying all x10’s have the same problem, but mine does! So please instead of the ego inflating ridicule that comes from both sides of the boat, how about some real help with the issue? I love coming to this blog to find out the latest and best info on the x10 and how to improve it. But I am getting sick of the trolling from both sides. Can’t we just all get along?

  61. @Sal
    I suggest you return you X10, If no one else is experiencing the same problem then It’s obviously faulty, you wouldn’t buy a TV that switches off and assume all those makes of TV does it, no you would return it.
    Don’t understand why u haven’t already.

  62. @sal

    well since this is a sony ericson blog, its totally normal to have fans!
    it’s like going to a corvette lovers club and then ask why do you like the corvette.
    no offense, but this blog is for experessing opinions not fixing problems.
    there is a section for fixing problems so you should go there instead of complaining here.

    I have no problem with fact is fact, at least he is trying to provide good points to convince the readers
    about several ideas. my problem is with the other troll, because all he does is just bash
    nothing productive and nothing that makes sense anyway. So if you don’t like
    the se fans, maybe you should join an lg or acer group, whatever.

  63. Its weird how a large phone manufacturer is taking a long time just to release what seems to be just cosmetic updates. Unless its not just cosmetic. Or hell I don’t know…
    Oh for those complaining about Multi-touch, forget it. This phone has hardware limitations on multi-touch, “unstable” SE said.

  64. I think you’ll find the user experience of 2.1 will be very different to 1.6. Not necessarily in terms of aesthetics and functionality, but with regard to responsiveness and fluidity. Whatsmore, don’t expect any 2.2 features in this update because SE themselves have admitted backporting was the main cause of lag on 1.6