SE Brazil says Xperia X10 getting 4-point multitouch in next update

Four point touchSony Ericsson Brazil has said that the Xperia X10 will receive four-finger multitouch in the upcoming Android 2.3 Gingerbread update. This was refuted by Sony Ericsson’s Rikard Skoberg a few weeks back, but SE Brazil seem insistent that the display’s drivers will be updated to allow 4-point multitouch from the current dual touch display.

SE Brazil said on Facebook a week ago “here in Brazil the advice received was that the X10 will update multi touch 4 points (translated)”. There has been so much misinformation that we can’t be sure that this will be included, but hopefully there’s not too long to find out.

SE Brazil says Xperia X10 getting 4-point multitouch

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  1. SE Brazil is weird… they reveal all things before the highest Instance of Sony Ericsson does 😀

  2. @ David

    you are like a little child who sits all day waiting for a new topic just to write FIRST
    who cares if you are first

    if you have a good comment, or an idea about something or useful tip write it
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  3. 4 point multitouch? Cool! What is it good for that I could use 4 point on right away?

  4. if this is real i will be so happy with SE that i might just trust them again… i hope it is true so i can finally play games without it messing at the axis’s

  5. Wasn’t SE Brazil the first one to say that we’d get Gingerbread at all? That was a huge announcement and what they say is certainly not to be discounted.

  6. NOT put lot of confident on this news. Better wait for update release.
    Playing games with 4-multifocus sound nice!

  7. NOT put lot of confident on this news. Better wait for update release.
    Playing games with 4-multitouch sound nice! haha


    Last topic you were also the first, am i right to think you have no life and are refreshing this side every 5 seconds to be first again next time? XD

  9. dats a bit of good new…its only 3weeks till we fine out..
    cuz am hvin bad issues wif d y and x mess up obviously on modern combat

  10. dats a bit of good news…its only 3weeks till we find out the facts
    cuz am hvin bad issues wif d y and x messing up obviously on modern combat

  11. somebody please also say we are getting 16m display colors too that will be a very pleasing thing to hear

  12. yeah, i hope we get 16m colors too, and about the fps cap i don’t really care since xda-developers will unlock it 🙂 especially now, when the bootloader will be cracked soon 🙂

  13. It has been confirmed several Times’ that SE Will not include 16m colours. For that we have to rely on XDA

  14. i don’t believe anything, that doesn’t come from Rikard Skogberg.

    DAVID is unemployed, he’s sitting the whole day at his desk refreshing this page and waits for new news!!!

  15. in my experience with SE Brazil, most of their clarification are wrong in the end, so please everyone, just let this rumor die willya? If there is possibility of 4 multitouch, it should be release (by XDA of course) long time ago .

  16. Whatcha gonna use four touch for anyway??? Decent two fingered multi touch should be enough???

  17. @ianthetaxman
    well, if XY axis problem still there, even you have 10 finger touch is consider useless.

  18. Common guys, leave David alone, maybe he just had some lucky moments, don’t tell me you are perfect, this is just childish.

    Don’t you think it is better being angry at SE then brother in mobile?? 😀

  19. Can any one tell when is the release date in india?????????????????????????????????????

  20. FUCK OFF SE WHEN U GONNA UPDATE X10 mini, X10 mini pro & X8 ?

  21. i work for sonyericsson turkey. can now confirm you with new 2.3.3 has fully functional mt with solved issue with xy axis. The lcd screen do not support 16 m colours im afraid but you can not give a screen more colour with a software . the realease shall start with german kits as planned 2nd of aug

  22. I am emloyed… and I like the Blog site on facebook… so I klicked the news and got first… that’s all 😀

  23. @ Engin
    If it is true, it will be really awesome. I especially like the axis issue is solved and also that the update release date isnt in second half of august

  24. DAVID is SHIT!
    SE is SHIT!

    i dont care about 4 touch. just fix the XY axis problem!

  25. I bet all I have (and more) that the update will be delayed…remember 2.1, same company’s software for the same phone with the same customer base. My money is on an October release at the earliest…

  26. @ all david haters — just because he got this news before you don’t hate him

    @MEDO – You only commented on david being first but are obnoxious enough to contradict yourself in your own post, to put it in your own words
    “if you have a good comment, or an idea about something or useful tip write it
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  27. @ eX-X10 user : I bow to your wisdom sir!

    SE, all I’m trully asking is an update with a decent flash player. Please don’t screw this up… :-/

  28. @ eX-X10 user
    Personally I think that writing ( FIRST! ) isn’t a useful tip or an idea. WTF does that have to do with this topic?

    No hate here, just saying.

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  31. trip is a piece of a shit arse dev for the x10 community.his roms are half cooked and no help when problems come out.he just goes on and make some new roms.and his claim to port over the bravia engine to the x10.then he really is a god as to be able to do the impossible.maybe he can port over eemor r lense and also upgrade the phone to quad core and not to mention make the battery last for a year with non stop off to trip and the all are making the x10 community a dump hole with all those stupid remarks.he is a good developer my arse.if he were to volunteer to clean my toilet bowl.i will also reject.cause he failed and failed and depends on lies to get by

  32. let’s just wait for the update to come….

    BTW is there no moderator in this forum? most comments are are already out of the topic.

  33. @ Trip FanBoy
    You are damn true. Trip is useless. His widely popular, fast and stable MiUI roms and unfortunatelly unfinished TripNArc project? Bah… You obviously sparkle with experiences and skills when you cant even use capital letters or spaces after periods…
    World needs more pesimists and haters like you instead of awesome developers like Trip who spend lots of hours to release a stable rom for us.
    His MiUI roms are fully functional, although i dont like the Apple-like design, and despite TripNArc rom being unfinished, it was fast, stable and one of best looking out there!

  34. @all
    i`m back ! glad to be back on this forum.. 🙂 It seems that the guy from 1st service centre was kind enough to repair my phone free of charge, yeah, he soldered the connector again, and it works.. at least for now. 🙂 i`m happy i`ll receive this update. i can’t wait. hope it`ll be in <1 month !

  35. SE Brazil Facebook (google translate):
    “Nimrod, we would like to portray information about the multitouch 4 points for the X10 update with android. In fact, it will not happen. We apologize for the misinformation.”

    NO 4-point multitouch

  36. first.trip is a pussy for releasing stupid things.bravia engine? about exemor r lense for us the meantime release quad core.trip is fast and stable?he is.on his way to hell.all you bootlickers really need some life out of making trip the best arsehole in the earth.lets just be honest and admit there is no bravia engine in his the fuck you going to port hardware via software.i should think you all uses your shit hole to think instead of your fucking brain to think.a simple thing also cant be solved

  37. xperia duo is on its way….12mp , 2500 battery, 1.4 dual core, 1.5gb ram,4.5inch qHDscreen

  38. @ Trip
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  41. its about me i ask it and after that they sayd it wont have four and their will only be dual touch

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  44. @Trip FanBoy. I dont need custom rom in my phone, but Im working for IT company as a lead programmer. Im dealing with many thing including custom rommed devices. What i really wanna say – having alternative is great thing, even knowing this alternative might be not perfect. Is it sutch a hard point to understand, mr MegaBrain ?

    Now, start you usual shit about spelling etc …

  45. @void
    *Programmer (capital for title of something)
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  46. Funny thing about custom roms is that I’ve tried a few, I tried the trip one that got took down as he got moaned at for ripping off other developers work and not giving kudos where it should have been given.. or at least it seemed that way.. thing was that Rom was quite good. I’ve had a go at the caynogen Rom too but my fave is free x10 🙂 but even after all I’ve ended up back on official 2. 1 due to mainly the camera not working properly, and I didn’t like the camera UI in 2. 2 either. I’ve just got a few tweaks on 2. 1 like a modded keyboard with T9 and the arc home screen launcher and I’m happy enough with that 🙂 at least trip can program which I would like to know how to do so maybe a bit of envy there, but I can build, install and setup a computer domain 🙂 could he, could you? Who cares man we all know what we know and we do our thing accordingly. Point is he tries and ya can’t fault him for that 🙂

  47. Mr Spell Checker. Should we continue in Russian? It would be easier for me and I can assure you, I gonna make a lot less mistakes. No? Oh, I’m sorry, your Russian is not that good ? Then – have a respect to someone who have an ability to communicate with you.


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  50. @Ighost
    Yeah, where’s the moderator?

    we need this site to be informative to fellow Xperia owners or those who are planing to be part of the community. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A WARZONE.

  51. trip fanboy I can see you are complaining about anyone’s comments,if you complain for other’s people roms, then you probably used it, otherwise it will be stupid complaining about something you don’t know, but it does not surprise me,you probably are doing this…

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  52. Nice! 😀 I love where this is heading!
    Maybe it is off-topic warzone, but it is just so amusing to argue with silly hater 🙂
    I like the Mr. Spellchecker name, especially since you give lessons of right spelling, but cant spell even Exmor R lens (not exemor r lense/ eemor r lense) nor properly write (spaces after period, use also commas and not just periods and what about capital letters? …)
    I really dont wanna play your silly and primitively offensive game, I just cant understand how you can hate him so much… You obviously are not a dev whos work was used without credits and you obviously havent tried any of his custom roms, so whats your point??

  53. Sorry, no hate here! Having a bit of fun, bored at work and enjoying reading the amazingly silly comment being posted here!

    @void… In Russian… I’m typing as fast as I can!
    @rsto… It’s called ‘irony’… I was being ‘ironic’, the fact it isn’t spelt correctly, because I knowingly used a capital ‘C’, oh never mind…

    And it’s been mentioned a MILLION times that the X10 is incapable of mt… ONLY DUAL TOUCH!!! It’s an hardward issue.

    And the best custom rom? Pac Man VC for my Wii…

  54. Damn guys,
    Who cares if his roms suck?! Flash to something else and move on. There was more than one custom rom for X10 last I checked. I tried several roms and flashed back to generic 2.1 a couple weeks ago in hopes of good stable 2.3 in August.
    Most all the roms available are unusable to me because I can not stand the broken camera, the crashes, reboots, etc but I don’t flame the dev for his work.
    2.3 will bring what I really want app2sd, adobe flash, and tethering so I’m happy… for now.
    If we’re gonna get off topic, is there some custom roms you would recomend?

    If my spelling sucks blame it on my X10 🙂

    Self Proclaimed Moderator

  55. SE Brazil being a source of false hope again?
    I’m waiting for that Skoberg guy (sorry, but I don’t know his name’s spellling, but you do get who I’m talking about, right?) to say confirm the falseness of this rumor. I’m not being negative, I’m just saying this is usually what happens?
    Still, nice if this comes true. But then again I rarely use more than two fingers when using my smartphone.

  56. […] Sony-Ericsson XPERIA X10 Dijital Kamera İncelemeleri Xperia X10 " title=" Xperia X10 " width="543" style="border:none"> Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 gets official: Hands-on Video Demo … Xperia X10 " title=" Xperia X10 " width="543" style="border:none"> Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 announced, we go hands-on — Engadget Xperia X10 " title=" Xperia X10 " width="543" style="border:none"> SE Brazil says Xperia X10 getting 4-point multitouch in next …Description : Sony Ericsson Brazil has said that the Xperia X10 will receive four-finger multitouch in the upcoming Android 2.3 Gingerbread update. This was refuted by Sony. .. […]

  57. @Brian

    Try Achotjans ROM, it is very fast, stable and looks nice as well:). Regarding the flash on the camera, you know you can get apps which fix this problem such as vignette.

  58. You can get it with Lockbot pro ($3.49) And you can customize the slider and background. But it sometimes flashes the default lockscreen before the arc lock pops up. Also has htc, samsung,Iphone, etc lockscreens. Also a free version.

  59. @ manbai even i dont know that language, still we can see x10 works with 2.3 very well



  61. It’s so poor try… Are you seven or so to do this kind of stuff??
    btw, at least learn how to write properly in english when you try to fool (I don’t know whether it’s appropriate word for what were you trying to do…) someone

  62. think im only six and a learning how to can teACH ME?i am now trying to rip off achotan rom and rename it to trip gingermod v7