Sony Ericsson reveals what to expect with X10 Gingerbread update

Sony EricssonThe Sony Ericsson support pages around the globe are being updated as we speak to give Xperia X10 users an idea of what to expect with the forthcoming Android 2.3 Gingerbread update. This does not mean that the update has begun rolling out as reported by a number of sites, but it does mean that it is perhaps imminent.

The update will be carried out through PC Companion only (not OTA) and will bring new features such as Facebook inside Xperia, equalizer, photo widget, app tray sorting (as seen in the Xperia arc) and other native Android features including Wi-Fi hotspot and Flash video.

The update page also confirms that everything saved in the phone memory will be wiped, therefore make sure your phone is backed up through a third-party app. Do not use Sony Ericsson’s ‘Backup and Restore’ app as this will be overwritten. A number of other apps will also be removed including Moxier Exchange, Creatouch, Neoreader, Quadrapop and Mediascape. Hopefully the Gingerbread X10 update will be landing very soon.

Sony Ericsson reveals what to expect with X10 Gingerbread update

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  1. Good to hear the update…
    But is there an update in the Bluetooth as well because my MW600 doesn’t read the track played by the music player and doesn’t show the contact name…

    Is there a change by this update…

  2. Some one knows if the music player will be able to play FLAC´s files? Cheers

  3. exciting news from Pablo, rest of the world should not be waiting too long now ..

  4. Wont all of the downloaded apps be lost after the update? I have never tried but is it possible to back up data and apps through pc companion?

  5. Pablo’s news is just a spanish translation of what you have here. No word said about it being ACTUALLY launched in Italy.

  6. so…the update begins today in italy, and i think we will have it too very soon (generic phones).

  7. I already have this update thanks to XDA, and I was slightly disappointed with the Facebook Inside Xperia features, they’re pretty limited. I can like a song on Facebook, but… it doesn’t show up on Facebook. Is it visible only to everyone else that has FiX? If so, what’s the point then?

  8. @andrei so then Hannah is a LIAR!? come one ppl, this is teh internets, serious business goin on here

  9. I couldn´t care less about the included apps like facebook inside or the equalizer. People, carriers or companies seem to forget that they’re dealing with Android and that it is very customizable; I have had equalizer in my music player for months. I only care about the Android version and from then I can do whatever I like.

    @X10i user
    I’m on the same boat here, but there’s a thread over XDA where they talk about the song info with the MW600, it seems to work on Gingerbread but only with third party apps.

    Here is the thread (in the interesting page):

  10. @ Hannah
    ” I already have this update thanks to XDA, ” , ” Well I am VIP and i have allready the Update, yes thats right, i have FROYO! ” . Wth.. you already have gingerbread from xda because you are VIP and already have froyo. Go back into the closet, troll !

  11. It say’s on the GB site it’s available now….. but it’s not – tried SEUS and Companion – It was like this last time, took three days to get up and running!! SE love to tease

  12. YESS!!!!!! all shite apps removed yesss my dream came true!!!! only disappointed because timescape is still there..

    Hannah how come you have Froyo? what are you talking about?

  13. Nobody cares who has the crappy version XDA released. The day they make a perfect working rom will be the day I inherit bill gates money. Installing a update sony hasn’t released yet is just inpatient and pathetic. I did it once and never again. I’ll stick to sonys official updates.

  14. I dont utdstd the need of operators to be involved in rolling out the update worldwide ……..!!!
    I m frm India …
    When i ll get the update…………
    official site shows , Android 2.3.3. is out n can be updated depending on generic kits or watever………
    man i cant wait anymore ……….

  15. Hey I wonder if you backup your apps and then you restore them in gingerbread, they might force close? Can anyone reccomend a free backup app? Cheers.

  16. Can someone clarify to me?
    I have an Orange Sim-only Xperia X10.
    Will I be able to receive the update? Or will I have to ‘Root’ it? Or whatever?

  17. Hey @Fat Mother Fucker, why don’t you get yourself killed? C’mon, you really know nothing about custom roms… Did you heard about FreeX10 Beta 4? It can be a Beta, but works fine on that shit (X10) with almost every function of Froyo. The only crap on that Beta is the tethering, but, download a crapy PDANet and have that shit (X10) fully working. Scr3w you.

  18. hey guys,
    could someone tell me whats a good back up app to use?? (im currently not rooted)
    thanks in advance.

    oh one more Q, if we update to the official 2.3.3 can we then root it later on??

  19. The warning about not using their own backup app just confirms my opinion of just how bad Sony Ericsson’s software development teams are. Quite incredible.

  20. I had a taste of Gingerbread with my Xperia neo. It’s awesome. Glad it’s coming to my Xperia x10. an awesome phone with an amazing update.
    There is just one thing I don’t like. the music player. It kept the “infinity button which let’s you search for online media, which is awesome, I hope that doesn’t change or remove it.
    But it still doesn’t have a lockscreen player/widget, for easy access to change tracks. It don’t have the repeat/shuffle, which also sucks because I wanna play a song over again, or randomly shuffle around my playlist. I hope SE can fix that, on all Xperia in a later small update.

  21. Oh the excitement of waiting for an update lol and just to keep in line with the piss taking, I’ve downloaded 75% of the new gingerbread update, and I’ve cum on Hannah and the fake Hannahs faces, while recording it in 720p, then when the update is done I’m gonna use my new teathering to upload it to YouTube, then I’m gonna set my x10 to vibrate and get them both to play with my gingerbread if you know what I mean! Lol

    I don’t normally take the piss like this, but I’m feeling a bit left out lol

    Free x10 ftw! Lol

  22. I think what it says on the support site is just a decoy to get more time for se to setup everything else

  23. YAY! Availble now in Sweden. Using 3 if it matters. Have to backup some stuff first and and think I want for some reports first! WOW!

  24. From India!……………….

    When will be in india ?

    Which is best 3rd party application to take back up all the things

  25. Mybackup free or pro.
    We dont know when or where it will be available.
    Be patient guys 😉

  26. @drxzEEh..i checked its only for rooted phones.but 2.3 wont be rooted thts the thing

  27. Sony says in their Official Blog that they will be selling Gingerbread for those who can’t wait.

    $10 a piece!

  28. Yes, it is confirmed. Me and a couple of my workmates here at the office owning an x10’s already downloading the update right now.

  29. Everyone talking shit, if its really out no one will believe us. Once its out ill proof with a pic. Mybackup is not free, and the root version wont work on unrooted phones… What app should I use?? Ps who is hannah?

  30. @Italy Boy
    Seriously? Or is this more bullshit from more idiots? Everyone needs to quit with the useless comments, there not even kinda funny! You sound like a bunch of retards.

  31. I just use “SMS backup +” Its free and you can backup and restore sms’s and call logs directly to gmail.

  32. Yeah it’s funny like shit to fool people like you almost crying about the update.

  33. No, I’m not crying, I’m waiting for info. Real info not retarded monkeys chattering about there dicks. Do all Italians speak as poorly as you? Your sentence dosent make any sense, “its funny like shit to fool people like you” I said it wasn’t funny. And how is something “funny like shit”. God damn! You are retarded aren’t you?

  34. Don’t feed the trolls ^^

    AGHH!! these final minutes (or hours, or days) are killing me of desperation!!

  35. hey guys,
    could someone tell me whats a good back up app to use?? (im currently not rooted)
    thanks in advance.

    oh one more Q, if we update to the official 2.3.3 can we then root it later on??

  36. @SON Goki
    We don’t know that yet, we’ll wait until we get the update, then we’ll figure out if we can root it. There’s always a big chance we can. It was the same case as with Eclair. At first it seemed impossible. But we had it eventually.

  37. I’m in the uk and have a generic unbranded handset, just checked the SEUS and nothing, still says I have the latest softwear 🙁

  38. Dunno why people go crazy checking pc companion for updates over and over. Your phone will alert you of a update….

  39. So when we finally get it, we celebrate, throw a party!

    Show off to everyone in the street you got urself a gingerbread.. LOL!

  40. So this update depends on the carriers again? In that case we’ll never get it on the 3 network here in Australia 🙁 They never even released 2.1 here.

  41. @Glenn

    LOL! What’s up with the carriers there in australia? Don’t know how to update?

  42. Well optus in Australia had no problem with rolling out the 2.1 update. Im dont know about froyo though .___.

  43. Still nothing here in Morocco (unbranded handset). Come on Sony Ericsson! If the update is “HERE”, it HAS to be HERE, not tomorrow nor yesterday!

  44. @rickard, don’t have the phone? Then fuck of filling the blog with utter shit. I bid you good fucking day.

  45. @ rickard, Even katie thinks your a fucking moron. You son of a bitch. The quicker your breaks fail, the better cyber life will be a better place.

  46. Hahaha! it’s so funny how Fat mother fucker ^^ gets so fucked up mad about some simple post. You really are affected by it LOL!

  47. @ Rickard, its funny how deranged and childish you get. Me mad? YOU BAD MOTHER FUCKER! YOU MAD! Ever so mad when I’m bouncing your mum on my lamp.




  49. @ Rickard, son, what have I told you about talking to strangers on the world wide web? Come down to the basement this instant young man. We have things to do 😉

  50. what i meant to say was:
    once we get gingerbread, can we use flashtool to root as usual? so we can download titanium and get out apps back?

  51. Not available yet in the Middle East!! Hopefully in few days time. I’m so excited!!!!!!

  52. Use se companion. Should take seconds to update. Very. Fast servers. It has true. 3 d movie player. Must buy goggles to use my mobile. Thanks se

  53. guys pls download MYBACKUP (trail version) not rooted version because after the update we dont have software to root our x10 ,we cannot open the app after the update without root permission…better go for TRil version of my backup now.

    anybody feels i am wrong pls tel me….

  54. On a second thought, sorry I admit I was just jealous of you all. I have a fuckin mini, and a i wanted so bad to get it updated to gingerbread. fuck my mini!

    And honestly I have a mini down there too.. 🙁

  55. once we get gingerbread, can we use flashtool to root as usual? so we can download titanium and get out apps back?

    also, does mybackup trial version require a rooted phone to restore data and apps?

  56. I tried to update my xperia x10 mini, it said I already have the latest version.

    Does that mean i already have gingerbread on my phone?

    Please answer me SE.

  57. Guru gtfo please, u making people here really nervous xD

    @ demetri, no we wont be able to use flashtool to root.
    XDA has so try how to root all over again.
    Eventually u will be able to root but not right away!

  58. Guru, you can always check your version of Android in “About phone” in your settings menu.

  59. mine just updated to 2.3 through SEUS. love it!
    finally fully working kickass smartphone with true camera and camcorder. no more custom rom for me as its give so much headache and trouble.
    if the 2.3 update still not available yet in your country that’s your network operator’s problem.
    just wait xda developers to provide flashable update if you cant be patient.

  60. @pussy

    go and find some mice ….. XDA do not need any advertisement here .

    they are kings, but this topic is from 2.3 official , not from flashtool, and not from any other method

  61. thats from a facebook site 25 min ago

    Sony Ericsson
    We’re in the final stage of preparing for the roll out.
    Keep checking for new software via PC Companion. Once it’s available you’ll notice this.
    Hebrew is not present in 2.3.3 in Xperia arc so I don’t think it will be in Xperia X10 either.


  62. Guys, I’m impatiently waiting for the update for my unbranded x10i. From Mauritius.
    Can those who have already updated their x10 show some screenshots?

  63. From India..Still no update here..The support website of SE shows the pop-up that its available but connecting to companion s/w it keeps showing that its up to date..This is really frustrating..Hope its out by tomorrow atleast.

  64. I have a friend here in Russia who works in SE. He said that new firmware is on a server already. But he has no idea why it’s still not available… Just give us God more patience ;)))))

  65. Brilliant! but I’m wondering if it still support the Arabic language same as the recent update?

  66. Najwan, I think there’ll be no problem with Arabic language support. Let’s just wait a little bit and we’ll see 😉

  67. xperia x10 Australia still no 2.3 update 🙁
    any1 from aus recieve the update???????????????

  68. where is “fact is fact” bitch i miss! >>> as think would be nice while waiting for a update 2.3.3

  69. SE PC Companion for the Mac…?
    Has Sorry Errorson completely droped the X10 owners on the Mac platform as they have done all the time! Perhaps they realized that the X10 users using Mac platform wont buy SE again!

  70. LOL@ Guru. He has to be the dumbest fuck known to the blog. He doesn’t even deserve to own a mobile phone. Shockingly dumb.

  71. Nothing doing in Ireland or UK either as far as I can see. Oi, Sony, get the facking famb aaaaht!

  72. Just because the website shows the update, doesn’t mean it has to be available to download. Ever heard of websites updating their pages in advance? They also planned for a early august release. It isn’t early august. Be thankful your getting it a few days early 😉

  73. Nothin down here in NZ as well.. still waiting on the update.. the sony ericsson website’s showing the availability but its not on SEUS or on PC companion.

  74. still no news in Singapore. Can’t wait for the update. Are we looking at hours or days for the launch?

  75. OMG I’m so excited! I wanted the Arc but this might just make me hold on to my X10 a bit longer. Woo Hoo!

  76. @, libda, that’s to download pc companion 2.0. The update isn’t available to download yet. Would be nice if people stopped posting this pointless webpage.

  77. @ Dan, Theres enough shit coming from your country as it its. Don’t increase the amount of shit.

  78. The “D’oh” page just changed to a regular 404. Means they’re up to something.

  79. @mym: just checked the site again.. looks like the site’s down here as well… they could be updating their site with the stuff right now.

  80. for ppl looking to back up their contacts, “Go Contacts” is an app avbl on the market, if ur interested. It backs up ur contacts in a .vcf file that can be opened either in outlook or usuing windows contacts. Just thought this info might be useful to some..

  81. the guys from xda said that they have that information and i quote ” Europe should be receiving their update this Friday. Other regions by end of next week. ”
    so if that is the deal we are gonna wait 2 more days 🙂

  82. @ Chris
    Geee everyone is talking shit here and btw you are going to get 2.3 in few days or maybe in some hours (which is unlikely) anyway, why do you need pics?

  83. @ SbywhoKnowSth: i agree with u…but its just the urge.. the wait’s been hard and long.. and u know with sonyericsson constantly changing their minds bout stuff..

  84. “The latest Android platform for smartphones, Android 2.3.3, is now available…”

    Sorry SE, but the latest Android release for smartphones is 2.3.4

    Still gonna install this tonight 😀

  85. How much is that x10 in the window?
    The one with the gingerbread update?

    I do hope that gingerbread is available,
    available to download tonight 🙂

  86. Funny how you dumb people think they’re up to something just because their website ain’t working properly lol. The update comes through the pc companion. Its nothing to do with the website. Theres a reason you old fuckers should leave phones like this to the younger generation. Go back to your black and white tv’s you fools.

  87. According to the the all god in hell (facebook, sony ericsson blog ) the update will be on friday >>> friday !!!

  88. Clarification regarding Gingerbread upgrade for Xperia X10
    Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
    As some of you have seen we have communicated on that the Gingerbread software update for Xperia X10 is available. Unfortunately that information was a bit too premature. The launch is imminent and timing according to plan but we just need some more days before we can push the button. Please stay tuned here on the product blog where we will notify you as soon as the first software kits start to roll out.

    Also, please note that there is a lot of false commenting and posts impersonating Rikard Skogberg. Please respect the guidelines so that we can continue to have an open spirit and direct dialogue on this forum.

    Any new information regarding Sony Ericsson software updates will always be communicated as a blog post, not in the comments field.

    We will shortly introduce to you the two new bloggers that will carry Rikard’s torch during his absence.

    Best Regards

    Mattias Holm
    Head of Product PR

    no update for now see you

    SE rook in fail stats

  89. Android 2.3.3 für Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 doch nicht verfügbar…

    Smartphones: Entgegen der offiziellen Mitteilung im englischsprachigen Supportbereich von Sony Ericsson steht das Update auf Android 2.3.3 noch nicht zur Verfügung. Es handelt sich vielmehr um einen Fehler, dass die Meldung vorzeitig veröffentlicht wur…

  90. “Hannah July 26, 2011 at 6:44 PM
    Well I am VIP and i have allready the Update, yes thats right, i have FROYO!!!”

    This second Hannah that posted was not me, someone just thought it would be funny to pose as me as if I was bragging. I wasn’t, because I was disappointed in the update. The only things I see differently with this update are a little thumb icon in the corner when I’m listening to a song, and the “Media Discovery” which lets me see what videos everyone has posted. Which is kind of neat but… that’s it? And if there isn’t a thread on XDA then I don’t know where else it would have come from. Maybe it got taken down since this update is imminent. But I have it. Not lying.

  91. flash to hong kong generic.then try seus.update is phone is not rooted.picture is found here

  92. Finally!!! Well… this means I will not need to buy a Galaxy SII to see my flash sites again. 🙂 The lack of Adobe Flash was a knightmare! Thanks, SonyEricsson.

  93. ARRRRGGGHHH Why does SE update page tell us to use Backup and Restore to save contacts – and then delete the F****** program after the update has completed.

    PLEASE can anyone tell me how to get my contacts restored (not the limited ones on the sim) ????????


  94. When will the Gingerbread avaliable for Xperia X10 in M’sia??? I really need this update… Please SE!!!!

  95. how can i do?because i put in mp3 files to the sdcard of my phone..when i open the file in the phone,,NOT SUPPORTED FILES APPEAR>>>how can i do,,,the model of the phone(sonny erickson x10i)

  96. Well Guys i am new here I Live in KOSOVO and i have a question for all of you here —– I have a Sonny ericsson Xperia x10i SE RACHAEL codename it is a protptype non for sale at least it says on the back when i inserted a battery and it was with 1.6 android version i tried many ways to upgraded it didn’t work because my PC companion stops the procedure and says that YOUR IP NETWORK WON”T LET YOU REPAIR OR UPDATE BROWN PHONE PLEASE CONNECT TO SEMC NETWORK TO UPDATE the same is with SEUS so after few days thanx to XDA developers i found a tutorial and flashed it to 2.1update1 android RIGHT NOW so i want to continue to get more and update to 2.3.3 android my REAL problem is that i can flash it to 2.3.3 gingerbread but after restarting the phone it freezes at language section and nothing reacts any more no touchscreen no choosing options nothing only way to flash it back to 2.1update1 and then works smooth and perfect i also wanna know if my country still can;t receive maybe update through PCC or SEUS or maybe i can never flash it to 2.3.3 because of prototype thing please HELP ME i am desperate with my x10i and wanna have 2.3.3 on it but just can’t find the real way