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  • Sony Ericsson VH700 Bluetooth ‘Noise Shield’ Headset Review

    Following on from our earlier Sony Ericsson MW600 review, we now have another Bluetooth headset up for review. This time it is the Sony Ericsson VH700 ‘noise guard’ Bluetooth headset, part of the company’s Greenheart range. The Sony Ericsson VH700 does not have as many fancy features as the MW600, for example you won’t find […]

  • Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth Headset Review

    Sony Ericsson was kind enough to send over a brand new white MW600 stereo Bluetooth headset to review. The black MW600 has been on sale for a while now, which we’ve been using since the Xperia X10 launch. However, for those of you still considering a Bluetooth headset and sporting a white Xperia X10 this […]

  • Mugen Power Xperia X10 Battery Review – Part 2

    We finally can deliver you part two of our Mugen Power Xperia X10 battery review. We want to apologise for the long delay in getting our results to you, but we wanted to make sure each battery had been properly run in before revealing our findings. In part one, we went through the ergonomics of […]

  • Xperia X8 rooted plus first review pops up

    GSM Arena came out with the first review for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 earlier this week. The handset was praised for its size, balanced features and price tag. However, they felt that in the face of weak competition it doesn’t really have the wow factor. They also felt that Sony Ericsson was shooting itself […]

  • Mugen Power Xperia X10 Battery Review – Part 1

    One of the biggest issues that people seem to have with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is battery performance. Yes, the Xperia X10 ships with a reasonably meaty 1500mAh battery, but the demands of that 4-inch screen and 1GHz Snapdragon processor means that most people have to charge their handsets every night. We’ve previously outlined […]

  • First X10 mini review appears

    The first proper review of the X10 mini has hit the web. GSM Arena has a comprehensive review up of the diminutive device and says that it is an “experiment, which works out well.” The X10 mini is easy to like and offers good value for money with a purpose-designed UI. They go on to […]

  • Xperia X10 Noreve Leather Case Review

    Smartphones continue to get ever powerful and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is no exception. After making a considerable investment in buying the X10, you’ll probably want to protect it whilst out on the move. One of the contenders that we’re reviewing today is the Noreve leather case that was kindly sent over by MobileFun, […]

  • Xperia X10 Review Roundup #3

    As there are probably many out there who are still undecided on which phone to go for next, we thought it was time for another review roundup of the Xperia X10. It has been a while since our last roundup back in late March and there have been a tonne of new reviews and in-depth […]

  • Xperia X10 Review Roundup #2

    Following the last review roundup, a few other major sites have put the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 handset through its paces. The main points carry over from the first round of reviews that includes criticism of Android 1.6 over newer firmware, along with the text input keyboard. Positives include its 8MP camera, which is gaining […]

  • Xperia X10 Review Roundup #1

    As we are now on the verge of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android handset hitting retail, it’s probably no surprise that a number of reviews are starting to be released. We have rounded up the main reviews that have been released thus far and will do more roundups as others are released. The reviews […]