Xperia X10 Review Roundup #2

Xperia X10Following the last review roundup, a few other major sites have put the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 handset through its paces. The main points carry over from the first round of reviews that includes criticism of Android 1.6 over newer firmware, along with the text input keyboard.

Positives include its 8MP camera, which is gaining consensus as being the best Android camera phone. The 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset makes for a zippy performance too. Build quality is good and the concepts behind Timescape/Mediascape are well received. Click through for the main reviews seen since review roundup #1.

GSMArena: “We expect the retail firmware update to come knocking on our door any moment now, so we’ll update this review should we see improvements in any aspect of the XPERIA X10. For now it remains what it is – a huge leap from what we saw several months back and an exceptional high-end cameraphone with only a few faults that can be excused.”

PhoneArena: “The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is one of the best Android handsets today, but what it needs to become perfect is software update to the latest version of the operating system and a fix to resolve the several bugs and lagging issue. We hope the manufacturer responds fast in order to make its flagship device even more appealing than it currently is.”

Slashgear: “Camera performance bests anything we’ve seen on other Android smartphones, and with 4-inch displays teetering on the limits of what many users want to carry, you could argue a bigger panel would be overkill. Meanwhile the 1GHz processor is swift and there’s no shortage of connectivity. We’ll believe Sony Ericsson’s promises to update Android when we see the update itself, but a more modest update to address data lags in Timescape and – more urgently, perhaps – patchy touchscreen response (which could well come in the final production build) seems a more realistic expectation.”

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4 responses to “Xperia X10 Review Roundup #2”

  1. How many of these reviews are based on what the reviewer “hopes”, “thinks” or has been “promised” will come in future updates?

    The way that Sony have strung everyone out over the multi-touch issue is frankly despicable, and I’m so glad that I didn’t pre-order an X10, as I was so close to doing.

    Honestly, like they only just realised that the hardware doesn’t support it? Why have you sunk so low Sony? Why?

  2. Who cares about multi-touch? Honestly I don’t get this massive problem that everyone has over multi-touch. Ok it’s funky in specific situations, but it’s not mandatory, people are perfectly capable of navigating a phone or internet browser without it.

  3. great review. love my x10. my wife just bought us 2 for our anniversary and we are so wrapped up in these. so far this year, these are my favorite unlocked 3g phones. they are practical, easy to use, the touch screen is really responsive and the games keep us busy on long trips. much better than our old unlocked htc phones. the email and gps are great for helping me get around and keep in touch with my clients. when i first got these i thought they would just be fun to play with but they are perfect for my company too. our daughter loves her unlocked android phones for the facebook and the apps, she is on her phone almost all day and is just obsessed with them too. the camera is great for her taking pictures of her and her friends, also my wife likes the recorder for all the concerts she goes too. we also got our phone unlock codes and blackberry unlock codes for free too so that was cool. the battery life is long enough to last me all day too which is cool and the speaker phone is loud enough to hear when im driving. the web surfing helps me run my fantasy football team too. got our last couple unlocked new phones at 2 thumbs way up