Rogers Android 2.1 Xperia X10 update finally lands

RogersRogers has released the Android 2.1 update for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. A tipster pointed to a release date at some point this week and it looks like he was right. A number of people have already downloaded the firmware successfully according to the comments in our last Rogers post. Looks like Sony Ericsson has most markets covered now with the Android 2.1 update, this includes India and Australia that also saw the update released a few days back.

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  1. Well, I would like to point this out, India got the update really way back. Around 2nd or 3rd of November for unbranded handsets. But only those kind are available here so, all Xperias in India recieved it before 4th November.

  2. Funny that, New Zealand still doesn’t have it. =\ had to trick my phone into thinking it was Norweigen so I could install it, because I was sick of pointlessly waiting for what we should have received months ago.

  3. @X10 Australian and NZ SE did release the update, but carriers have not released it therefore 99% of Australian X10 owners do not have the 2.1 update yet.

  4. Cannot turn off the vibration while dialing and the lock screen. The haptic feedback is turned off everywhere, but still vibrates. Anyone with the same issue?

  5. Well not every carrier in uk has released it only vodafone. O2 uk get it this week coming the rest have an eta of end of november

  6. there isnt any draw back in the update except for contact picture during call they becum blurrryyyyyyy

  7. I wish Sony woud hurry up and sort out uk carriers. Why do we have to wait til the end of the month? T mobile said they submitted their changes and wait for approval from Sony and Google. This is a joke! Next time I’m getting an iphone. So fed up seeing everyone else get it but us. And I don’t want to flash my phone on principle. We shouldn’t have to do that to be up to date!

  8. Its been 24 hours tht I have updated my phone. And I have noticed the following changes. Whether they are good or bad is something of personal choice.
    1. The theme color of the handset has been changed to deep blue. Tht, as the case is, makes the appearance overall more prominent than wht it was in 1.6
    2. The update renders a largeness to everything in the phone. I mean.. Larger letters, larger numerics, thicker borders, brooding colors, thicker menu bars etc. It will definitely appeal to some, bt I found it downright ugly. It also is giving the impression as if the screen has become smaller. preferred and missing the slick appearance of 1.6.
    3. The keyboard has lost the keys. I miss them and its becoming a pain in the bum to place the cursor by touching the place in the screen where I want to put it. Plus, I am yet to xperiance any increase in keyboard performance
    4. Talking of performance, the phone has become very slow and laggy after the update. Even the free memory at restarts has decresed to 145+ mbs compared to 160+ in 1.6 (as displayed by automatic task killer). But as I have read in other posts, the laggyness subsides over time and the phone becomes faster. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
    5. I really liked the live wallpapers. I will definitely use them and download some from the market as well.
    6. No substantial change in mediascape and timescape performance.
    7. No substancial change in battery performance.
    8. And to clear it, there is no multi touch
    9. The phone book pictures become blurry when I am calling the person. I dont know why, but I really hate tht.
    10. Somehow, I also feel that the screen has lost its smoothness and consistency when I am viewing a photograph in the mediascape. The brightness changes momentarily when i long touch the pic. I dont know if I can xplain, but it is a bit annoying.
    11. I am a fan of rock player. But the avi play is not as smooth as it used to be in 1.6. Is 2.1 responsible? Or is it the rock player version? Dunno, but I think the amount of free memory has decreased.

    But at the end of the day if I ws asked of whether I wld have updated frm 1.6 to 2.1 if I knew these problems wld occur, I would have still said YES. If for nothng else, then for trying something new. Hope Sony understands this spirit. πŸ™‚

  9. I upgraded my Rogers x10 yesterday and am pleased with the results. Out of curiousity,anyone know,when our neighbours in the USA will receive the AT&T update?

  10. things i noticed in my update:

    when i go to type an email it only recognises the speedial of a stored email when the fone is verticl..doesnt work if its horizontal..have to rotate the fone.maybe its something i am doing

    also when the phone goes into sleep/standby when i havent used it for a while it drops the wife..never used to do this..when i wake the phone i have to go into the wifi part of the settings, close wife and then reopen.

    still cant bluetooth file transfer to my mac laptopd..very frustrating..says paired but not connected and nothing goes through

    i dont like the email inbox..have to look closely to see which mails are new

    i get a beep when i get an email from the gmail application but when i go into the email inbox and refresh most of the time it keeps trying to refresh and nothing comes through..i can see it in the gmail application but i hate that as i have to scroll down pages to see the new mail..

    other than that the update has made the fone much faster

  11. @ SHIT
    yup i vibration is there
    while unlocking nd in dialpad

    u think u only got vibration … ??//
    nd trying to further thin k dat there myt b prblm with ur cell ??/

  12. @ j
    140+mb in 2.1 nd 160+mb in ..1.6
    i gues uhavent installed ny application or widget or ur home screens are blank
    is it soo ???

    strange ..

  13. Lock screen is shityy veryy common …. 1.6 lockscreen was uniquee
    in 2.1 ujust only to press the starting point nd then give ny direction …. its buggyyyy

  14. Still I cant update my X10 mini here in QATAR!!!! Its giving me this freaking message ” unable to install or update software” during trying to update my fone in PC companion

  15. well xperia x10 mini and pro received 2.1 update around 5th nov..

    x10’s have got the update today morning only in india…

  16. Everyone keeps complaining about the keyboard. I downloaded Swype months ago and cannot be more pleased. It is the beta version form their website….what is everyone waiting for?

  17. I have noticed a huge improvement in the default keyboard. You can actually use it now with out going out of your mind. I don’t know what you guys are talking about.

  18. Finally have 2.1- overall, after the long wait, I am disappointed. The main thing I was hoping for was improved speed. In comparison to the Galaxy S, the phone is sluggish. The blurred picture when calling someone is crappy. The keyboard is not much better. The beta Swype keyboard is fabulous! The snapdragon processor on this phone is about as snappy as a sloth. What I love about this phone is the hardware. It remains my favourite bit I would never recommend this phone and regret the purchase.

  19. Thanks Mitch L.
    And YES, When will AT&T will roll the update for Xperia X10a now that Rogers have made it available in Canada? The first country in the Americas that have rolled it out…so far.

  20. Still waiting for my update, I’m in the UK, but bought my phone online, turns out it’s an unbranded Belgium phone,

  21. n i like the new keyword itsgud than old one. old keyword have small key on it so its diffcult to write new one have large as compare to the old one n u can also edit in middle of sectence as the old one dosent have that feture so its quit gud any how se is working on it to get more userfrindly.But at last i very happy frm these update these is lot more to get but. Now wating for 2.2

  22. For those who unbrand our phones throu the tutorial here, (mine was rogers), can we upgrade to 2.1? I still cant do it, says that i have the last software…

  23. again when does movistar spain get update x10 mini -please help me ”””””??????????????????????????????

  24. Does anyone know when could the update possibly arrive in central america? I mean we have waited ENOUGH!!

  25. @ajcatunga, I’m wondering the same thing… my phone is de-branded and rooted but my phone still isn’t finding the update. Tried PC companion multiple times and also going through the Settings > About Phone > Software update. NOTHING. Should I be doing something differently?

  26. Soo, seems to be that the update its already in America (Continent) mmmm…. so im in central america mmm hope comes soon, ill try SEUS but no respond, lucky u canadians

  27. Anyone know when Rogers’ X10 Mini gets the update to 2.1? I checked twice today but so such luck.

  28. when is it coming to england southampton? the update sounds good but not updating, just says up to date when im on 1.6 :@

  29. I really think the Canadians deserve the update first in America, because honestly they were the first to get the X10, while others didn’t even bother or didn’t have a clue about it. So yes I’m glad they got it now, and it seems that Rogers is doing a good job communicating with SE.

    I really like that Rogers appreciate SE handsets, unlike American carriers who focus more on cheap cheesy samsung handsets, it seems Canadians carriers are more classy than Americans.

    Well done, and keep the good work going on.

  30. Okay, after I updated my phone to 2.1 (Rogers X10a), here’s the problem:

    – I don’t have PC Companion (even though I’ve reinstalled it and connected my cellphone to my computer)
    – I can’t install backup and restore from whenever I download it and then tap it, it asks me if I wanna install so I tap install and then it loads and then after that it says “Application not installed”

  31. and oh yeah.. my backup and restore does not work.. I tried restoring my data back so many times but i always get “Restore failed” or whatever.. That is why i’m trying to install the new backup and restore from

  32. From my experience a lot of problems get solved after attempting a hard reset for your device. So it may be worth it if you keep having problems that you are finding a hard time to solve.

  33. @ Mitch

    Good for you now your working πŸ™‚

    Sometimes the problem is simple and can be solved, we only need to find the alternatives. Also, Like I previously asserted, sometimes we also have some small annoying problems, and we keep asking for help with no response at all.

    So for me just attempt a hard reset and most my problems is solved, without the headache of asking and waiting people to answer me :>

    Hope this helps,

  34. I thought I answer some things J said at the top.

    3. If you don’t like the new keyboard why keep it? Why not use stock on the device or install your own?
    4. Free memory doesn’t mean anything. Task killers work on a faulty idea, this isn’t a windows PC. Root it an take out the bloat apps, install a watchdog and just keep out bad apps. Free memory means zero in any version beyond android the first android version
    5. I noticed you said no improvements in battery life. I’ve noticed quite a jump, but if you use a livewallpaper it can take a medium hit.
    6. Mediascape has seen a noticeable jump. I have a 16 gig sd full, before it would be huge pain to select a song using artist or track. Now it doesn’t keep jumping around and is useable for individual tracks. It might of had to do with a full card but there is a clear difference in speed and how mediascape works.
    7. And i agree Sony should of seen the blurry pics in the phonebook.

  35. @@ laarson…hey bro…email me ung contact mo if ok lng sau..i’m still waiting for the update…so long

  36. Nothing in Brazil yet. And Claro Brazil informed me that they will make the update available only in JANUARY OF 2011. Ruge #FAIL for #Claro Brazil

  37. any news on the 2.1 update here in Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines. Darn SE, they slashed the original SRP to at least 50%. Owning an xperia x10 here in our country is a complete MOCKERY.

  38. SE philippines email me say it will come in week 46 or nov 15 2010… so still no update yet tartufee?

    only x10 and x10 mini pro though, the x10 mini will come in nov 18 they say…

    so still no update yet in philippines? cuz right now still using UK rooted ^^.. planning to downgrade to get the real local SE update… =_=

  39. se emailed me that they will roll update today here in the phils, but unfortunately up to this time it’s still nothing!

  40. se please release the update here in the philippines…we have been waiting for so long and yet no update and it is november 15 already…

  41. I have to say I am very, very impressed with what SE has done with 2.1. I have the generic flashed on my phone and rooted, and has fixed every one of my issues with my phone with the exception of the lack of MT and a lack of auto flash for the camera (Although Vigenette has auto flash for the X10). I have Rooted my phone and have deleted Moxier mail, qudrapop and SE sync. Barnacle wifi tether is amazing and I have linpack speed of 6.964 MFLOPS, without hardware acceleration. This is what the X10 SHOULD have come out with in the first place! I am still holding out hope for froyo, 2.1 is good but 2.2 would be great! I really hope that SE gives us froyo to make up for such a shoddy year of dissapiontments and lies (The no MT capable thing).

  42. #1 I predicted nov 15th for a rogers release

    #2 Im on rogers canada and still am wondering why people havnt used XDA to update…. seriously I had 2.1 an hour after it was posted here….

    #3 my #2 post makes me laugh on multiple levels…

  43. I’m liking the update for the most part.
    The OS doesn’t do a good job of keeping ram free, and the home screens seem to get laggy if there aren’t enough resources free.
    I don’t even use Mediascape any more, PowerAMP is 100x better and includes a great EQ.
    Don’t bother with the winamp app it isn’t good enough to replace anything.
    Subsonic is great for those of us with large media collections that won’t fit on an SD card.
    Timescape hasn’t ever really been too useful for me.
    I’m enjoying the phone more now, although the camera still takes way too long to load(I’m used to DSLR speed so this is probably not an issue for most people).

    The best part is that I ended up un-installing most of the Rogers garbage anyway, so I may as well have stayed with the unbranded firmware. πŸ˜›

  44. I finally upgraded with Rogers to 2.1 on Saturday and am thrilled that I can have access to more apps and live wallpapers. the HD vid cam is AWESOME and I prefer the new unlock screen. Often the curved one from 1.6 would get stuck if i was using one hand or driving or something. I miss being able to pick between 2 different keyboards. 2.1 seems to only have the android keyboard, which is kinda annoying cuz they took the question mark and punctuation keys off the main keyboard and now I have to press a different button to access them, which isn’t as quick. BUT the keyboard is more accurate which is nice. Having 5 screens is great! Maybe its cuz i’m going live wallpaper crazy, that I havent noticed battery improvement, but thats probably just my own fault lol. I have noticed 2.1 is not running as smoothly as 1.6 but I’ve read that it improves over time, so I will wait and see.

    Overall I really like the upgrade, couple things i’m not crazy about but whatever..

    only thing I really find annoying is the stupid Creatouch (its pointless!), Moxier EVERYTHING, urMusic and Wisepilot.. just a bunch of space fillers. I wish I could delete them!

    I used to have a Motorola Milestone (Droid) and It’d be nice to have voice to text input like I did on the Droid with the xperia x10.

  45. it is so sad to hear that the update here in the philippines is moved again,after saying the update is november 15….really frustrated…i have been waiting for so long..

  46. @Kay
    You can delete mocked mail or anything you want if you Root your phone. You use one click Root then download busybox installer, then you download titanium back up. Titanium allows you to delete all the crapware you want. πŸ™‚

  47. Rogers added very little bloat-ware only shop and urmusic is there doing. But if you want to get rid of any system apps. Download z4root from the market. Follow its instructions. Then install busybox to check if it is in fact rooted. It took me two tries to get it to work. Then install Android mate or Explorer find system, then apps, then get rid of the ones you don’t want, but be careful in what you delete.

  48. @ all
    there isnt any use of deleting applications doze dat are defaultly installed by SE
    such as moxier etcc
    by deleting them u will not get free space .not even a single KB
    only their icon will not b showwnnn in the menuu …nuthing else

  49. North American Continent,

    What is your product code (found inside the battery compartment on the label)?

  50. @dan & j: i agree with j regarding the big icons, especially the task bar. i liked it small, as my eyesight is string and i dont need the large icons. also, the keyboard thing is super annoying too

    as dan mentioned, the free memory thing is complex. i think the main problem x10 users will have is as soon as they update their phone, the first talk they will install is ATK, AFM (Task killer or manager). Every time you kill the apps, they just get reloaded anyway. Not only that, I noticed it unmounted my SD and SIM cards every time. I dont think this makes any sense, so i downloaded AnyCut and made a short cut to the “Running Services” menu item. You can see the services grouped and you can end them from there with one click.

    As many have pointed out Android is not windows. If the RAM is full, it will re-assign the RAM to the programs that are active. It will not slow down because the RAM is full. Free RAM is just the same as inactive RAM. If you dont belive me, try using the task killer and see how all the tasks just keep getting reloaded. Its a pointless app, especially if you can create a running services short cut.

    the problem with android is apps just open bythsemselves. ie. face recognition, google talk, timescape, etc. if you have widgets, they will update as you set them. if you want to save battery life, uninstall apps that constantly update using 3G or wifi, ie. weather widgets, news, facebook, etc. It sucks how you cant uninstall Moxier garbage… more apps mean more chances of these stupid apps opening and using syncing…on their own…

  51. @ osama
    paki boy πŸ˜€
    yes it reloads the OS required apps
    hav u ever seen it reloading an app on itself which u downloaded from markett
    yup the more widgets the more battery drainage
    in my 2.1 i use advance task cleaner …
    since my last rebooot i av running processes of google search nd google sumthing max 4
    the rest when i use i end the process
    nd i got 120+mb of free space πŸ˜€

  52. don’t know if it was mentioned here already, but the update for Belgium X10i is online.
    got the message when i tried software update on my phone.

  53. can someone tell me which firmware is stable because i flashed my phone to nordic firmware last nov 2 to get the update early and the issues im encountering are, the camera shutter has no sound, no haptic feedback even it is turned on and no soud on audible selection and on audible touch tone. i did reinstall the software by reupdating it using SEUS, it was fixed for just like a minute and the stupid issue still occurs! its not that really bad issue, just want to know if NORDIC firmware really sucks! can i flash it to UK generic? or does that firmware also encounters some issue? THANKS!

  54. when is going to come the update to the caribean users, i^m from dominican republic and here we want this actualization

  55. I actually had to uninstall seus and delete the folder manually after uninstalling before the new version would run. Rogers said update was unavailable until Nov.15 due to server traffic issues. Therefore: Update should be available over 3G today. If any troubles just hit up seus and make it happen. Overall 2.1 is great, but there are issues which I will post in forums/blogs. Biggest issue nobody else pointed out yet is that there is no longer an exit key for browser!

  56. My phone says that I have an available update but that I have to connect to the PC to do it. But PC companion says I have the latest version! What can I do?

  57. @JJ First try user support app in your app drawer. If you can’t get it that way, try on PC. There is a good chance you have the old Update Service on your PC. Uninstall it from Add/Remove Programs. Then go into Sony Ericsson folder in your program files. Delete the folder called Update Service. Then you should be able to install and run the newest version of Update Service from Sony Ericsson site. If above does not work; go to Rogers Video store or Rogers Wireless kiosk and get them to help you for free. Good luck.

  58. Whoooops @JJ, sorry I just noticed you are in Brazil.
    PC instructions should still help you.
    Good luck.

  59. @zaryab

    how do i change the firmware to UK firmware? i used root explorer before to change it to nordic, what to change this stupid software to UK version. what i have now is 1234-8465 my phone is x10 black

  60. hey guyz wot about spain i buyed the x10 mini pro from vodafone …. then i freed it now i a hve a x10 mini pro vodafone is there a prob by freeing tha phone can i get the update i still don have 2.1 and we already at 15 of november….. ?????????????’?? if no when for vodafone spain ??????

  61. @JJ

    In your PC companion settings you have to set it to “look for update the next time you connect your phone.” once you disconnect your X10 and remount it you will get a popup notice of a new fireware update.

  62. Ok. The whining has started again. Personnaly, I am absolutely satisfied. With 2.1, this is a new phone. I am excited to use it everytime. It’s much smoother, the keyboard is waaaay better! Words used to disappear while I was typing. I love the way it works now. It’s just a question of getting used to it. The camera was always crashing the phone under 1.6, now it works all the time. Just the access to 2.1 applications such as Skype is a major plus.

    I personally don’t care for multitouch. I’m not a gamer, but I played many games on this phone and never felt the need for multitouch. In my opinion, multitouch is a must on an iPad or other tablet, but on a phone this size, I really don’t see the big fuss about it.

    People should learn to differentiate between actual needs and techie gadgets.

    This race for the latest Android version, or the latest feature on the phone, like a front camera is a never ending quest that is similar to what we see with computers, digital camera or camcorders, etc etc etc people lose crazy amounts of time whining like kids instead of really asking themselves the real questions: is the phone giving me what I was expecting to get when I purchased it? In my case, it’s a big YES. I knew there was no multitouch, I knew Android wasn’t doing smooth transitions like the iPhone, or turning the image smoothly when you turn the phone, and I didn’t care. I knew it was way way way more than my old school cell I had before. Having access to so many applications, a reliable Google Map/Navigation system, being able to take decent photos and videos, being able to listen to music, sending emails, sms, and having access to Google Applications all synched with my desktop, and of course, being able to call, all of that was way more than enough!

    I give this phone 8/10 with the update. There are still little glitches here and there, but nothing worth whining on forums all day. Please get a life kids!

  63. hi everyone
    got some issues after the update. i seem to have trouble with browsing speed. my connection switches from “3G” to “H” (H is supposedly better) when im on my browser however i cannot even load pages for some reason. and if it does loan, it takes soo long. ive never had this problem before in the 1.6. any thoughts on this guys? or am i the only 1 having this problem

  64. @rod H – thanks for the info! I want to root to get rid of the filler stuff.. I was worried though that it’d wipe my 2.1 out and I’d have to start all over. is that the case?

  65. @ Ekul , @ Zaryab, @ Osama; Good to hear you guys again ^_^ <3
    Well I'm linking the update, I intall Skype and I test it it and works great, I also default it to come on when Xperia gets turn ON. At, first I was very worry becuase when I had even one apps running the battery would die in 3 to 4 hrs, I was surprised it lasted 14hrs straight… woo hoo *dance πŸ™‚
    The only thing I didnt like is that when I do use Live wallpaper screen thinggy, My battery would die soon, I also downloaded a cute live wallpaper with Hearts exploiting into little hearts, and it continues like that for awhile, it was not that big in file, but the battery ran out quickly, so i was like OMG! Anyways, so far it pretty good, but would still like to have 2.2 ^^

  66. @dyepnoodle
    7do the same process nw put

    @Xperia user
    not only yew but well all want 2.2
    nd about batter .turn offf yewr phone nd charge when the green lights onnn. let it charge for 10 mins more.. then remove battery for 30 seconds nd switch of yew phonee.. πŸ˜€
    it mytt helpp or u myt observe ur battery lyff more nd yewr cell muving extra faster :DDD

  67. @zaryab

    i cant change it, its saying that i have to root my x10.. i have a x10 root in my file but it is not working anymore, i think it only work on android 1.6 how can i edit that again?

  68. @zaryab

    i’ve install z4root (available on market) on my phone and i have rooted my phone again. should i go back to 1.6 before changing 1234-8465 to 1235-7379? or i will change it again even i’m running 2.1? do you know how to fix this? i will do the same, right, by changing and ro.semc.version.cust=1234-8465 to 1235-7379

    is that correct? BTW thanks for the help.

  69. Can anyone please be kind to tell me if the Rogers X10 mini was updated with its brother the X10? I tried updating countless times through the phones internal settings, as well as PC Companion, to no avail. Anyone?

  70. @zaryab

    i’ve checked it, its on Tmobile UK. i live here in the Philippines and rooted my phone last NOV 2 to get the update early. And i think NORDIC firmware is not that really good. How can i change it to UK firmware like what you are using now? Will it work if i change 1234-8465 to UK firmware even if i’m already running 2.2 on my phone. I have rooted it earlier thats why i can now use root explorer again.

  71. just told me that SONY pulled the upgrade, when I asked when I could get it. So it would seem that there is problems with it?????????

  72. @67mike

    I’ve been running the 2.1 for a few days now and I haven’t had any issues with it. SE may be having server issues or are overloaded with download requests. I’d check again at the end of the day and hopefully they resolved the problem.

  73. 1st try root explorer editing ur 1234-8465 to uk generic 1
    wen done delete the content in
    C/programfiles/sony ericsson/DB/137 sumthing lyk dat
    delet this folder

    open SEUS nd try update
    if it doesnt work den follow the above providedddd

  74. @ Zaryab – i type skype in the market place and it show up ^_^
    Maybe I also use an app call AppBrain App Market from the 1.6 days , and found it using that. Hope that helps πŸ™‚ <3 <3

  75. YAY!!!!!

    I finally got it all updated… tweaked my contacts, sync’d, reinstalled, restored, backed up… etc… and I can finally play with it.

    I already love the new extras…. now I’m trying to figure out the voice dialing.

  76. i updated my phone last night and am now running 2.1. While it all looks cool I do have two issues, the internet browser on it isn’t quite running right, everytime i open a page i skip to the bottom and each time i try to scroll up i skip right back down. Also, the new querty keypad without the directional arrows makes editing txt very difficult – I miss my arrows!
    Thanks for the update!

  77. The update is still not available to Rogers in British Columbia, Canada anxiously awaiting this update.

    It’s a shame that multi touch is not going to be able to used on the X10.


  78. @zaryab

    im trying to install the new software now, i changed the firmware to UK version and see what happens. its currently updating now, when i plugged my phone SEUS prompts that i have the latest software but i installed it anyway. (fingers crossed!) (hate the NORDIC firmware!)

  79. @zaryab

    Finally!! Done updating and i finally got rid of NORDIC firmware! thanks dude! that firmware really sucks!! my phone is OK now, has no BUGGY NORDIC anymore, and the camera shutter has sounds now. Thanks again friend!

  80. @dyepnoodle
    when u slec the middle text
    on screen it shows a small bar above the keyboard scroll that bar right leftt to select whea u want to enter the word or a missing letter πŸ˜€

  81. For those who are getting message
    “Your phone is up to date”
    check your PC Companion setting
    Make sure it is set to
    check for updates – next time phone is connected
    and then try

  82. Has anyone else experienced random restarts since the update?

    So far I have had restarts when : advancing to the next song in mediascape, unlocking the phone, hitting ‘send’ in Handcent, opening the main Settings screen and turning wifi on using the widget.

    Have not been able to reproduce any of these scenarios, just seems to be a random occurrence.

  83. I tried the method suggested of:

    ” … Chetan November 17, 2010 at 11:22 AM
    For those who are getting message
    β€œYour phone is up to date”
    check your PC Companion setting
    Make sure it is set to
    check for updates – next time phone is connected
    and then try
    Thanks, …”

    For my Rogers 10mini, but it still said it was up to date.

  84. hey so i got 2.1 installed, and everything seems to be working fine…but i’m trying to find how to enable continuous auto-focus on the camera. Anybody have any ideas?? It doesn’t seem to be working for me.

  85. Still nothing here in the Philippines (November 18th) … The SE Service sucks here anyway …

    Never thought I’d say this but iPhone here I come …

    I’m done with SE.

  86. Looks like Spain / Canary Islands doesn’t have the Android 2.1 update yet either.

    I’m generally happy with the phone but I’d like to see the full 16M colours if the hardware supports it.

    Also noticed a bug when editing a word when sending email or sms. You press the right arrow key, and get a bunch of little circle symbols, instead of the cursor moving one space to the right as it should. So you end up having to move to the left and then thr right…. That is the most annoying & most obvious glitch yet to anyone has sent a text message on the sony ericsson xperia x10 mobile ….. hopefully this is fixed on android 2.1

  87. Boy, am, I disappointed by this 2.1 upgrade on my Xperia X10.
    OK – some nice features like Live Wallpaper – just fluff in my opinion. Otherwise:
    1) You need to download and install the latest Backup and Restore program *before* you upgrade. Otherwise you will lose all the Apps. No warning until it is too late.
    2) The newest PC Companion software still details 1.6 not 2.1 in the Manual section. Not much use now…
    3) It is easy to lose contacts in the phone. You can see a contact’s name in the call log, but not the “Contacts” list. No idea why not.
    4) The user guide to read on the phone needs to manually downloaded to the SD card, *and renamed there*. The file that you download has the wrong name.
    5) No more choice of keyboard. Just one keyboard – that is too tiny for my banana fingers.
    Give me 1.6 back. I’d consider going to 2.2 for “pinch” and tethering – but as 2.1 doesn’t give me either I’ll go back to 1.6 given a chance.

  88. Since installing 2.1, I’ve had trouble pairing bluetooth in my car. It’s the Chrysler uConnect system. Anyone else have any trouble?
    Thanks, Mitch

  89. I updated to 2.1 yesterday and the only thing I really have a problem with is that my phone now takes forever to charge. Now been on charge for 5 hours and started with about 30% battery. It’s only just past 60% now… any ideas ??

    How do I load the user guide back onto my phone?

  90. Hey,

    So I updated my rogers xperia and overall the 2.1 flavor of android is good. Some annoyances though that I think should have been caught by SE. Biggest is I can have a text notification in the nav bar of the home screen and when I go to the message display it isn’t in there…it appears eventually but only after many cycles of opening messgng. Anyone else got refresh problems like that? I also don’t like the timescape format of the msg display now, that is likely partt of the refresh problem, is there anyway to go back to the classic 1.6 format?

    Timescape, mediascape, facebook etc are ultimately unecessary apps that I should root the phone over and remove, ironic that they are likely the reason 2.1 was delayed so much in the first place.

    Have to say though, xperia in general is great, it is the only phone I’ve had over the years that people drool over and ask me about. The next one is looking better still too…nice work SE.

  91. Can’t download 2.1 on my X10, anyone have an idea why. I get the following message everytime I’ve attempted: “Unable to install or start phone software update components“

  92. Hi Everyone,

    I have been running the 2.1 update in Canada now for a few weeks and have noticed that my battery is draining faster then before. Looking at the battery use I see that the Cell Standby and Phone Idle are using most of the power. This is the same issue that my phone had when I first got it, and was fixed with an update of 1.6.

    Do we have this same problem again in 2.1? If so I hope they come out with an update. I forgot to charge my phone the other day before going to be and it was dead by morning. Used to still have 50% + by morning if I forgot to charge it back with 1.6.


  93. @scandog

    I found the battery to be better. But when I first had 2.1 it drained super quick, like it was draining when I was charging my phone. After that first boot it settled down. Have you added any battery heavy apps that could account for the added drain like say live wallpapers? Look into getting a watch dog for rogue apps.

    For comparison for my use in the past 24 hours of medium use is:
    46 Stand by
    32 display
    and my idle was 5%

  94. @dan

    My phone has been unplugged for 3hrs (wasn’t fully charged) and I have the following.

    74% cell standby
    13% phone idle
    8% display
    2% Android sys
    2% newsRob

    Cell Standby and screen are usually the highest with nothing else usually close. Unless I am playing angry birds πŸ™‚

    I know when I first got my phone the Cell Standby and Phone idle where always most of the battery drain. Once the 1.6 update was release they dropped to almost nothing 5-15% of overall.

    I have talked to a friend with a Nexus one a while back when he had 2.1 and the 5-15% was about the same.

    Not sure what to think it is kinda. I am pretty careful to check what is running and kill things that might be draining the battery.

    I charged it last night around 6pm until charged played some games for a while and then forgot to charge it over night and it was at 75% this morning, but said it had only been up for 4hrs since last charged? Very strange as I unplugged it around 8pm.

    I have noticed that the battery drain somedays with normal use is very drastic compared to other days with the same use during the day (no games just check emails etc)

  95. Hi i updated my x10 today from 1.6 to 2.1. Im from the philippines.

    My problem is that whenever i receive a text message, my phone keeps on vibrating. I dont know where to turn off the vibrate! And when my phone is locked, and i need to unlock it thru the slidebar, it still has vibrates.

    Please help!

    Thanks on advance…

  96. Hey i have an x10 which this is the serial number 1237-4604 iam trying to update it and it wont work why ?? can anybody help me out please

  97. Can anyone help me with a problem? My x10’s camera shutter for some reason doesn’t make any sounds anymore. I tried all 3 sounds and none of them seems to work…

  98. the only reason I got this phone was because I was told an update would come in less than a month…. that was THREE MONTHS AGO!!

    I have had se phones all my life, hacked them all, played with them nonstop, LOVED them even though all America hadn’t even heard of them.

    NOW I’m soo disappointed I think I’m done. I’m gonna sell this outdated cheapo and move on, this company does NOT have the ability to keep up, or even keep in touch with the world about why they need more time to meet demands!!

  99. No haptic feedback on the dialier once I updated my x10 mini to Android 2.1

    I’ve tried all the settings and nothing….

  100. Hey! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m certainly enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates. 894152

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