Rogers Xperia X10 update to land next week?

Xperia X10The Rogers Android 2.1 update for the Xperia X10 family is expected to land during the week beginning November 8th according to a tipster over at mobile-syrup. We have no idea how trusted the source, but the timeline wouldn’t surprise us as Sony Ericsson Canada have said it will definitely appear at some point during this month. Thankfully, it’s not too long to wait to find out if the tipster speaks the truth.

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  1. You mean there are people in Canada who haven’t flashed to a Nordic firmware to get 2.1 the first week of November?

    This Canadian did.

  2. Hells yes this is good news 🙂 , cant wait

    and no I like my warranty thank you, and id rather have Canadian firmware seeing as how i am Canadian, I can wait & I have been waiting.

    I’d say its pretty good that Canada is getting shit before alot of other country’s
    way to go rogers!!

  3. @NEMESIS381 …or it just means that Canada is the second smallest market for Sony Ericsson after Nordic countries – their test ground for their launch of 2.1?

  4. But, as I said in my reply to the tweet (which was addressing my original question):
    Pardon my cynicism; ‘Oct’ was 31/10 for 1 kit only – is ‘Nov’ to customers or to Rogers then we wait longer (next yr?) for it?
    As yet, there is no answer to this.
    I suspect it will simply be a generic kit, then Rogers will futz around for a month or so before finally deigning to load the update down with crapware^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H *ahem* ‘Value Added Applications And Services(TM)’ and letting us have it in January or February.
    Time to flash to Nordic, and in future buy something other than an SE device.

  5. U.S. will most likely be the last ones to receive this update, after all they were the last ones that actually got the phone so

  6. You know, ive had sony in everything my entire life and with this dumb xperia x10 i thought i had something good again. Boy i was wrong. Its a piece of junk and regret every second of getting it. In Canada too with rogers. Will never ever buy a sony phone again. Stuck with it for now. Flashing didnt work for me yet

  7. hey roger, me too i had problems but i re-disabled UAC and when i connected my phone in flash mode, i pressed really fast on the enter button when i was running the .bat file. I redid it a few times but after a while it worked…

  8. I’m hopeful that they’ll release this next week… but not too optimistic.

    Rogers is usually pretty slow getting their updates out… or doing anything else for that matter.

    I’m happy with the nordic version X10i for now(loving the new apps, especially ). I’ll probably revert to 1.6 X10a when rogers releases their update. I’ve already backed up my apps on 2.1 so it should be ready to go when their update hits.

  9. I honestly don’t believe that Rogers will have this by the 8th.

    I will wait for one week and if no release I will call them, and if they can not give me a date that is reasonable for 2.1 update, then and only then will I consider the Nordic X10i flash, but I am a little worry about doing it after reading some problems that ppl have had. Particularly about SEUS not recognizing the phone after that for future updates. And problems with LED notification and also what about the phone constantly switching from 3G to HSPDA for data service.

    does anyone know if or how one could reflash to phone back to X10a firmware after it has been released from the X10i Nordic firmware?

  10. this is AWESOME!!!
    good job rogers! i was thinking i would have to wait till next year for this.

  11. @kev

    I think you can, well that is what I am going to do when 2.1 x10a version comes out.
    for now i will just play with Nordic 2,1 firmware lol.

  12. Cool. Personally I doubt that Rogers will have it by the end of next week, but it’s possible. Has anyone heard if it will be the exact same update from last weekend, or will there be any minor improvements?

    BTW – people have to stop commenting about “when will it be in my country”, just make a thread in the forum, or search for the info yourself, if you look up the twitter feeds of your SE region or carrier you are bound to find something. You’ll get the info sooner anyways, I found this in a forum thread yesterday afternoon.

  13. Even if the update is released in Nov 30th, it’s better to wait. Retards at Sony Ericsson are probably still ironing out the bugs and doing testings that should have been done MONTHS AGO.
    It’s better to wait than to hack your phone, lose your warranty, risk killing your phone, just to install a half-assed rushed buggy update on an already shitty phone.


  14. What the fuck is Rogers? We don’t care about rogers.

    Think about the international visitors of you blog. We don’t know what rogers is and don’t care about it. Besides, the north-americans are a few month behind the .eu launches of SE smartphones, so why bother posting something about rogers?? Please explain.

  15. @Rens

    Because no one cares about the EU. Pakistan will probably receive the update before you. LOL

  16. @Rens

    you are a fucking idiot. Find your own god damn forum. If you don’t know “what the fuck Rogers is” then you are looking in the wrong place. You can suck it. Apparently you are the only one on this forum that does not care about Rogers. I hope your carrier takes 3 months to approve and release 2.1 for you. lol

  17. Well, considering the X10a sold well here in Canada, has been available a long time…and there are probably a lot of hits on this blog as a result, I think it’s rather considerate that this blog mentions Rogers, the only carrier in the country that has the X10.

  18. Today I just phoned 3 different Rogers stores to confirm this update,
    all I got the answers was the same.
    8th Nov. 🙂

    But there’s is one thing I should mention about.
    One support in the Rogers store told me we will not receive a message in the notification bar about the 2.1 update,we need to check it via the PC Companion around 7-8th Nov.
    Still,I’m almost checking it everyday XD

  19. LOL any advance x10 user already has the nordic 2.1, like i do.
    but thanks for the info 😛

  20. i have a xperia x10a with rogers, if i flash to nordic 2.1 firmware will i be able to flash to the rogers updated firmware when it comes out?

  21. I wouldn’t call a user who voids his warranty just to get the outdated update a few days earlier advanced. Anyone with half a brain could flash their phone if they truly wanted to. The steps are straight forward and not complicated.

    If the other half of their brain was working then they might worry about voiding their warranty or any of the other apparent problems that can happen from running X10i firmware on their X10a phone like causing SEUS to not recognize the phone for future updates, or maybe the notification LED not working anymore., or maybe even the fact that nobody can say just how to reverse the process of flashing to Nordic firmware back to Rogers firmware once it is released… possibly in 5 days.

    Something to think about if you are wishing to flash your phone.

  22. There is no “bloatware” on the Rogers X10a. Just a startup screen. Moxier and Quadrapop are SE manifestations, no? This should make for a quick release. I am cautiously optimistic.

    @marazao An advanced user would thank XDA for their assistance. I didnt see your name come up.

    @ezeke Just wait til Monday and see what happens…

    @ren BuggerOff

  23. Woah, I’m actually pretty surprised considering Rogers track record for their updates with Android phones.And the captivate won’t be getting their 2.2 update till next year O_o

    If rogers does get the update out by the 8th I may keep my x10 for longer because of Rogers support for it 😀

    Also, I was kinda hoping that SE would include a live background similar to the default background for the ps3. It would look even more B/A 😀

  24. i updated and it was extremely easy. Worth it too, runs awesome. From my understanding, all you would have to do is reinstall the original firmware from the PC companion and then update via SEUS…if that doesnt work all you would have to do is wait for the rogers rom to be leaked and flash again

  25. WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT ???? you people still don’t have the update ? in ROGERS ???????? we got the update 3 days before here in India ! I am waiting for the second update kit.

  26. @Manu

    I tried what you said, and didn’t work. Either you’re very lucky, or you have a different phone, or you are a great liar, and I will fight you because you lie.

  27. Sorry. That was a reply to sz. However, i will say this. After reinstalling the old firmware, i noticed some changes. Mainly my x10 is now much faster and responsive than before even though its on the same build as before, with the same settings and apps. Thats weird.

  28. Hey my handset is branded,t-mobile germany,but i have moved to another counry. do i have to wait for the update via SEPC,pls someone give me a better option so that i could get the update fast.thnx

  29. @Bandit
    Just because you dont have the update how will i become a lier ??? are you out of your mind ? how on earth you know that I don’t have an update ? Do you need a screenshot ???

  30. @ Bandit by the way why the unbranding not working for you ? and how did you tried ? check this link and count the no of people succeeded in updating their phone. if you can’t do it, then you are a stupid and keep quite waiting for SE to deliver your update. and stop blaming me for your stupidity. For unbranding a phone you need your phone to be rooted. To do all these stuff you need a little commonsense and knowledge. So start learning how to do it before calling others liers.

  31. @manu
    turn of yewr phone nd chek 😀
    global …nd nodric is incomplete buggy updatee
    dats yyy 😀
    nd wen the update for yewr region b releasd ul upgrade to dat becoz yewr are too much off wat we say
    or .lyk freee
    to backup things again nd again ….

  32. I flashed my one WITH THE XDA TOOLS there is very good improvement in the contact the calling from the contact are now very simple. The wifi signal i think now is much more stronger. I imprest by the recording. the native resolution of recording is 1280 x720 p the countinous focus work technicaly perfect there is half second or second to get it small delay depend of the situation but is very good. i’m not sure but in may case image stablizer are i think slightly better. For sure there is now flash so bbc iplayer dont work. in my case the coulor in my xperia are more saturdated they are brigther. There is quality of music in my xperia a bit improved. no equalizer . I love the keyboard. For sure ther are live wallpapers there are some sound sensitive so visulization in the background. There are not excellence but looks impresive. I love the widget with the last 3 calls i didn’t. The whole system are a full of animation. I don’t know but I did a test i opened 9 appliction and i stll had 81mb of ram left

    I did find any battery improved by the way. may by becouse i dont turn off the wifi at all. The but think is when the battery if full the charger is disconnected automtically so when you live for night you find that battery have only 91% that the fuck.

    This firmware is very simple to rooted with all avaible application out in the internet
    Or this is the XDA improvement!

    This is xperia uk customised flashe to the nordic one


  33. @ seus Lightning
    seems lyk it workd for yew 😉
    can yew access
    menu back back menu back menu menu back
    nd the other 1 ??

    my cell fuckdd up doing this root methoddd.

  34. ps
    the 1 of the recording cost you 60 mb and 3 minutes cost even more impresivly 190 mb. That is in not moving situaltion in moving situaltion is 90mb for 1 min
    In sum up 2.74gb for only 50 minute recordings

    Have nice day guys

  35. In XDA ther is new way of doing this update YOu download the x10 flasher where here is a bat . see in xda the news way of update!!! that waork the previouse one dont work

  36. Hey dous any 1 now about branded phone when they get abdatet what i mean is those phone who is branded with telia och 3 i liv in sweden and still my fuckin abdete has not arived and trid every methot too debrand the phone but it dous not work. vit seem that seus an pc companion relaise any attemt of rebrandin my xperia x10

  37. In uk version this update work perfectly from XDA
    “””””Okay guys.
    Here is new X10flash for Firmware 2.1 Version (old 1.6 Firmware can not be flashed with this at the moment).

    Windows 7/Vista Users should diasable UAC!!

    Download Flasher: (Update 2.11.2010)…
    Thanks to jerpelea and the_laser(for giving the hint what is wrong)

    You will see that there is a new Folder “firmware” the firmware files must be inside this folder!

    Download Firmware:
    Thanks to imugur and Reb0rn

    Put the extracted files into the new “firmware” Folder and run the X10flash.bat

    You have to wipe your USERDATA !! This is important, otherwise you will enter Bootloops etc.
    Also be sure SEUS is NOT running! (But at least it should have detected your phone once)

    But the flashtool should be capable of flashing all Xperia Series now!
    If someone decrypts the Rom you can try it

    Bin4ry “

  38. Guy guys
    use the link above and work perfectly
    bear in mind which version of operation sytem (windows )you used if you used >>>>64bit <<< choose 64bit dont mix or you will be fucked
    Just downloaded two of the
    I see you with 2.1

  39. Fuck seus and compansion fucked it up!!!!!!!!!!!

    Glory to the XDA I love you XDA ove you and your ways !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    best best guys in xda!!!!!!!!

  40. instruction


    It works like a charm on X10a

    HSPDA network works. (i.e.: 3G in my region)
    Headphones WORK
    AngryBirds WORK

    Here’s what happens:

    You download the two files listed by Binary
    Put the extracted firmware in the firmware directory (along with loader.sin)(10 sin files together)
    Open the .bat file (type in 1, 2 , 3 or 4 depending on your windows version).
    It will ask you: Please plug Xperia in flash mode so,

    Turn off your phone, press back and plug the usb cable! and Hit enter ( you should be quick, if you take to long it may not work, you have about 5 seconds. You know you are in flash mode because de GREEN LED on your X10 will stay ON)

    Your device will stay with the screen off while flashing. The .bat will be running and running like mad for about 2-3 minutes. After that WAIT for windows to tell you that it has finished. Hit ENTER. The .bat WILL CLOSE.

    On your device: Unplug your USB cable, wait for it to boot. I waited for like 2 minutes and nothing so I had to press POWER again.

    A device and a camera with a BLUE arrow will appear on your device screen. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT. It will reboot, and take like 2 minutes on sony ericson screen.

    It will boot up eventualy.

    That’s it.
    Now lets go root! :

    Just download the SuperOneClickv1.5.1-ShortFuse version. I didn’t use any other of those files attached in the link above.
    Turn USB debugging on. Settings -> Aplication -> Development

    Conect on USB (it should show on notification that you are debugging.)
    Press root. (on windows)

    It doesn’t work, it stays in “Running rageagainstthecage…”

    You should now tick/untick the USB debugging mode on your phone to make it work. (just look at the oneclick terminal. If it is halted untick/tick, wait till it stops again.

    Took me like 5 minutes, and ROOTED appeared on my laptop screen.


  41. My link gone

    Okay guys.
    Here is new X10flash for Firmware 2.1 Version (old 1.6 Firmware can not be flashed with this at the moment).

    Windows 7/Vista Users should diasable UAC!!

    Download Flasher: (Update 2.11.2010)…
    Thanks to jerpelea and the_laser(for giving the hint what is wrong)

    You will see that there is a new Folder “firmware” the firmware files must be inside this folder!

    Download Firmware:
    Thanks to imugur and Reb0rn

    Put the extracted files into the new “firmware” Folder and run the X10flash.bat

    You have to wipe your USERDATA !! This is important, otherwise you will enter Bootloops etc.
    Also be sure SEUS is NOT running! (But at least it should have detected your phone once)

    But the flashtool should be capable of flashing all Xperia Series now!
    If someone decrypts the Rom you can try it


  42. @ zaryab
    are you NORDIC or GENERIC ? Have you used NORDIC update ? I am a heavy user of my phone and I myself didn’t found any lag or anything slow after 2.1 update. And what are you suggesting to check after switching off the phone ? Tell things clearly. Have you used or seen a phone running 2.1 ? If so, tell me what you use the most in your phone after the update.
    and what the heck you saying YEW YEW always ? i don’t understand what that thing is.

  43. @ manu
    Lyk we say Knew…past form of know
    its yew inplace of [you]
    yup i updated my phone .2 days back with a nordic firmware
    face many problemss
    Led light not working
    Keyboard is laggy
    I switchd off the phone nd den just insert the battery the phone turnd on itself without even pressing power button
    I can also turn on the phone while holding back button instead of power button
    the screen hangs many tymss .software task killer doznt run smooth
    aplication menu too muchh lagg scroling up down

    so i lash back to 1.6
    il w8 wen germany gets updateee

  44. menu back back menu back menu menu back
    whay this don’t work in 2.1 so how to check this in my xperia

  45. @ pack
    this doesnt work for those who have flashd to nodric or ….global generic
    to get update 2.1

    those who having default nodric or global world firmwaress nd upgrade to 2.1
    it works for them

  46. Hi guys,

    twitter news from SE Germany:

    “Wir werden auch spätere Android-Vers in unserem Portfolio einbetten. Anfang 2011 wird vorerst die Erweiterung des 2.1Upgrades kommen”

    Google Translate:
    “We will also embed future Android-verse in our portfolio. Early 2011 will come the time being the extension of the 2.1 upgrade”

    There is a chance to become Froyo on X10.

    In this moment i’m very satisfied with 2.1, don’t wait for 2.2 😉


  47. Hy!
    First: Sorry my bad english 🙂 I’m live in Hungary.
    Second: I like flash my x10 mini pro (Nordic). I search “how to…” but i didn’t find. Anyone tell me or link how to change my rom? Because i read if i have nordic ram i can update 2.1. This is true? And i read if i change 2.1 i can find Magyar language in the phone. True?

    Really sorry my bad english.


  48. Couple of weeks ago, Rogers store reps in Pickering, and Rogers Tech support dude told me canadian update should be on or around Nov 7th, so this sounds like things are still going according to schedule. They also said there isn’t much that Rogers will need to do on their end because SE will deliver the FW as per Rogers needs. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

  49. Any idea when India will be upgrading its device…….Approx date will be much appreciated if not sure,
    Thanks in advance,

  50. Orange uk have said today that in the next few weeks the update will be available 🙂 cant wait!

  51. Also couldn’t wait for the Rogers update. I used the flash method mentioned above and it worked great after a few tries.
    Phone seems much faster now. Moving around the menus, etc.
    HD recording is awesome.
    Android Market seems faster than before too.
    Made a few power adjustments and killed some running apps and battery life is great too.
    By default, screen is at full brightness so I turned it down a bit.
    Downloaded some 2.1 apps and they run great.
    Overall I’m impressed.

  52. Hi everyone.

    I’ve just flashed back to the original rogers firmware.

    SEUS seems to recongnize the phone again and it updated to the current version of 1.6.

    I used this firmware file:

    With this flash tool:

    Step1: Download both files and extract them to a directory.
    1.2: Extract the folders “android_1233-6929_R11A_R1FA014” and “phone” from the already extracted “a_WWE_R1FA014_DEK”

    Step2: In the folder “android_1233-6929_R11A_R1FA014”
    -Rename: “system_S1-SW-LIVE-AC12-0001-S1-PARTITION-WITH-SPARE.sin” to> “system.sin”
    -Rename: “userdata_S1-SW-LIVE-AC12-0001-S1-PARTITION-WITH-SPARE.sin” to> “userdata.sin”

    Step3: Copy all files in “phone” and “android_1233-6929_R11A_R1FA014” into the directory of the other file that was downloaded: “XIOFUB\X10Flash_Unbrick”
    -overwrite all files located in this directory when prompted.
    Step4: Find your device ID and place it in the DeviceID.txt file. Make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces.
    4.1: To find device ID:
    4.1.1: press start and search “regedit”
    4.1.2: click edit>find, and type in “Vid_0fce&Pid_adde”. You should find “DeviceInstance”. Copy the last section of that, it should look something like “5&2888d0ff&0&1” If that fails to see anything, make sure “Match whole string” is un-ticked, and click “find next”, if that fails, try “USB\VID_0FCE&PID_ADDE”
    **Note: It changes with every diffrent USB port you use

    Step5: Run X10flash.bat The process takes a minute or two to complete(similar to flashing it to 2.1 in the first place).
    Step6: Unplug cable and boot phone, it will take a while to boot the first time.
    Step7: Plug in the cable, start SEUS. Follow the steps to get the latest rogers firmware.
    Step8: Use phone… root it if you want to?

  53. Well i’m hoping the update for next week is true. I don’t wanna mess around with the Nordic, i’ve only had my phone for 3 weeks anyway so i’m not the one who complained the most .. by far !

  54. For 2.1, the “secret menu” has been changed to:

    Home, Back, Back, Home, Back, Home, Home, Back

    Do this while the SLIDE LOCK screen is showing (press Power to lock, then Power to get to the lock screen).

    And by the way, the notification LED does work, and you can downgrade by using the old flasher. It’s just that the new updated flasher can’t flash old firmware.

  55. Really? Next week? Already flashed the Generic Global.. not sure why anyone would want all the Rogers crapware on it.

    Can’t do SEUS updates? SEUS is a poc anyways, just flash the updates from the forums.

  56. Well, I got my X10 back in September but after the bad news (updates delayed) I got an unlocked Samsung Captivate (AT&T originally ) which originaly was loaded with 2.1 and I recently updated that with Android 2.2. HUGE difference. I may not get abck to 2.1 so I am not excited about this update. There are a lot of improvments on 2.2 which I won’t have them on 2.1 anyways. My X10 is going on Craig list soon.

  57. I just call Rogers, and they confirmed me that SE will be releasing the update starting on nov 7 and 8. But heres’ a question: I know that Rogers have some “dumb” apps on it, so I want to know is it possible after the update that I delete them? And I was reading that you could flash your xperia to 2.1 already, so I’m a newbie when it comes to this so what it means to “Windows 7/Vista Users should diasable UAC!!” and also “flash the unit, and update the FW with the bat. files” . Sorry for inconvience, just want to get 2.1 now, don’t really want to wait for NOV 7 . thanks

  58. I can’t believe that every other country is getting this update first when it should be globally all at once. Motorola Backflip is getting upgraded to Eclair in the U.S before this phone…… WTF!!! Seriously SE should consider restructuring internal departments responsible for the lag and lack of support!! But still waiting for 2.1 on Att 🙂

  59. Orange user in the UK.
    Got a text message today from Orange saying that we’ll have the update within the next 2 weeks. I’ll be checking daily. 😉

  60. @ seus lighting x10
    How does Angry Bird works on the xperia x10, I hear it needs flash, so does it means we get flash?

  61. Last week i bought a holster for my x10 from a sonystyle store and a rep told me that the update should be landing for rogers on the 5th of this month. Lets see if he lying. I flashed the
    Nordic fw and flashed back.
    2.1 is pretty sick on the phone.
    Lets hope he wasnt pulling my leg tryna get me excited

  62. Angry birds runs very well on the X10. Very nice demonstration of the hardware and software actually running correctly.

    I noticed the messaging app seemed to be a little slow at times and sometimes would take a while to open (5-10s).
    Not sure if this will be solved with the official X10a/Rogers release.

    @peter: no this update will not include the 16mil color functionality.

  63. @zaryab
    Alrite so update didn’t worked for you….Does it mean that the update does the same for the whole world ? Or are you acting as a stupid or what ?

  64. Why in android 2.1 its take 5hrs to be fully charge the battery… and drain just half of the day… thats my only complain for the updates…

  65. @ manu
    start reading ppl comments on differnt blogs forums etccc.
    stop acting lyk a typical manu fan

  66. @ Zaryab

    That’s what I got to tell you. Read other’s opinions. Whatever you say, I won’t agree to you as I don’t have any problem with the update. Just because your TV is not working, does it mean TV’s all around the world stopped working ? Grow up man !

  67. Grow up man
    read comment ….with eyes open
    em not saying the whole world
    but most off the ppl
    yew might got into those luckyy 1nzz…..

  68. is ther any information – confirmaed information about uk geric soft I already update to the nordic one but becasue i got the guarranty i would like to come back to the uk one
    In advanced thank you for answer

  69. @ Xperia … no 2.2 🙁
    it i t does work quite well in my x10 with nordic 2.1
    be happy 🙂

  70. what the poin to flash it back to the 1.6
    i dont see any logic there I will wait for orginal firm in 2.1
    However it goood to know
    thank any way!! 😉

  71. Rogers customer in Toronto Flashed to 2.1 a couple of days ago everything works great,the only problem I have is that when I am on 3g I could download apps check my account but when I try to connect to the internet it says not available , any one else having this problem if so how do I fix it any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks Angelo

  72. @Angelo

    Type this into the APN settings(make sure you save the changes):

    Name: Rogers Internet
    APN: rogers-core-appl1.apn
    Proxy: Not Set
    Port: Not Set
    Username: Not Set
    Password: Not Set
    Server: Not Set
    MMSC: http ://
    MMS proxy:
    MMS port: 80
    MCC: 302
    MNC: 720
    APN Type: Not Set

    Voila! working 3G/H networking. It will show up as H instead of 3G in most areas, H is faster than 3G, 1.6 just didn’t distinguish between the two.

  73. @ Ekul
    Thanks for your help on my APN settings all is the same except I have one columm called Authenticaion Type and my options are NONE, PAP, CHAP, PAP OR CHAP it says it is trying to load my settings but it fails.

  74. Just got off the phone with SE Customer Service. The rep mentioned that there is no specific info regarding the release of the update. I don’t believe it. After some poking and prodding I finally got him to say that he thought it would be released within 1-2 weeks. I even mentioned the “buzz” about Nov. 7, 8. He wouldn’t bite.

    Rikard Skogberg replied to me just a few minutes ago on the X10 Product Blog that he had no info regarding the Canadian release. But he would provide updates when he can. He mentions the roll-out will pick up speed as of this weekend so hears to hoping.

  75. Meh……..If it’s as slow as their Guide Menu Loading then were all screwed! haha

    I wouldn’t hold your breath for Sunday/Monday. I’m thinking it’ll be into the 2nd week of the month.

  76. @zaryab
    its not about luck dude. its the update works fine for me coz i know how to handle a phone. stop messing with ur phone and dtop whinin bout the update and get some knowledge. AND ABOVE ALL STOP COPYING AND USING WHAT I TOLD YOU.

  77. I gave up on Rogers long ago, flashed to 2.1 with the xda method for x10a last week! Now working perfectly fine and rooted too 🙂 Honestly don’t need to wait for Roger’s slow update..who knows when they’ll release it (with the other loaded crap)

  78. @tdrama
    my 3g H work just fine as well, the problem I am having is that when I want to open a regular web browser it says not available, when I go into the market app,rogers app,live score app or any other app including youtube I have no problem it is only when I try opening a reular web browser like hotmail or msn,if you could help or any one else it would be greatly appreciated.

  79. moron, you wear well your name :p

    No to both…xda developpers will try to find a way to make it happen but don’t count on sony, they want to include both features in their next phone

  80. Is anyone in the same boat as me?

    I’m on the FIDO network in Canada but I’ve flashed the Brazilian Firmware (R1FB001) on my X10. Will I have to wait for the Canadian or Brazilian release of Android 2.1 to get the upgrade???

    Anyone know?

  81. Just talked to tech support on their website they said they have no time frame for the release…

  82. okay, so i have rogers x10a but i live usa, im wondering how can i download this update? through pc companion?

    anyway im wondering if i should bother waiting for this update (if im even america) or i shouuld flash uodate to 2.1.

    does anyone have a link to a good tut to update my phone? can i just debrand the phone and try to update through ericson pc companion?

  83. Im a rogers employee with x10 dnt wait for it we dnt ven know when the exact date is but its soon

  84. Its add 1 picture on startup, that so hard for rogers… all world its on 2.1. ready and rogers …


  86. I confirmed with a friend from Rogers in a decent position that this is going down sometime this week. As for that exact day my friend was unsure. I tried the Nordic version several times and messed around with the BAT with no luck. I really want to upgrade. I’m sick of the donut interface. So it’s not just a rumour is my point.

    My friend also mentioned for all you who want off this boat that the new Windows phones arriving soon are amazing and will seriously blow your mind compared anything out there.

  87. So… Ladies and Gentlemen. The Nov 8th timeline, as it turns out, GASP.. HOLD YOUR BREATH, HUGE SURPRISE COMING… WAS….. false.

    What else is new? Does anyone take any date seriously anymore? It’s just a game, spit out a date, deliver a few months after without keeping your customers informed about anything.

    It’s Nov 8th and my shitty phone is still 1.6.

  88. @Bandit. The Mobilesyrup notice said “the week of November 8th”

    So that could mean anytime this week. Or maybe November 2011. 😛

  89. @ Ekul – is there away to disable those Rogers apps after the update?
    @ seus lighting x10 – Thanks for the reply man 🙂 Hey, I was wondering how long does the battery last now since you got it to 2.1. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting, and even SECA told me will be available this week of nov 8th, so it was not starting in Nov 8, so I kinda feel let down by SE atm.

  90. @Xperia… : If you have a rooted handset you can remove them using titanium backup or other root app managers. I removed a bunch of them(anything that says rogers except the account app), and it seemed to run a bit better in certain circumstances.

    The battery life didn’t seem to be much different on 2.1(I was using the nordic f.w.), but I’ll wait for the official Rogers X10a version before I say anything for sure.

    Hoping to have this update soon, but the differences really aren’t staggering, Skype(works and is pretty decent :D) and some better media apps are the biggest differences I noticed.

  91. This is from the SE-TwitterCA Page: “hi there, i can’t announce an official date for the update but I can assure you that the update is coming VERY soon.”

    Going by “VERY soon” I’d say we’re looking at the next few days or sometime this week, which is pretty much what we figured before…

  92. @Shaun

    They had to, as they now have the Galaxy S Captivate. It has nothing to do with the x10, unfortunately.

  93. A rogers rep told me the update will be out in mid november. no specific date but thats good to hear. this was from rogers tech support.

  94. Bandit, I know why your phone is shitty. It takes after you! Put both of yourselves on ebay, or craigslist. Also, learn to read. ” Week of Nov 8th” doesn’t mean right on the 8th. Idiot.

    Even though I’d love to have 2.1 or 2.2 even, my X10 works perfectly in the meantime. A few days here and there isn’t going to make a difference. Its not like the i Phone 4 where its dropping signals, isn’t usable and hence a fix or update is urgently needed.

    Bottom line, continue normal existence: go to work, hang out with friends, have fun, get a gf, and most importantly, stop being a 5 year old.

  95. All I can say is that all the posts I’ve seen state simply and plainly – the WEEK of November 8. And we should wait. I heard issues with the nordic firmware. I’m not about to try it. I still have 3 years on this contract and to take a chance (even if its a slim chance) to kill my phone over a firmware that will eventually be released to our market just seems idiotic to me.

    I work and pay my own bills. I don’t have mommy or daddy to run to if I want to upgrade or if I kill my phone. How can you tell I’m tired of seeing children squabble on these forums over something that will eventually come around. I to want the update to happen, but yelling at Rogers or Sony Ericsson isn’t going to make things happen any quicker.

    If you want to yell about something – yell about the high costs of our phones plans. Canada pays the most for cellular coverage compared other nations in the world. We pay more on average than even in the US for the same or similar plans ( and

    If you flash your phone on your own accord with a backdoor method, and you end up being one of the few who brick it, then your just a statistic. Your better off being patient and let the release come on its own.

    Have some wisdom and know what is worth a battle and what isn’t. The update time frame is not a battle worth fighting for as nothing you say or do will make a difference. You can threaten to cancel your service but if your like most people you will be on a contract and subject to the huge fee to get out of it (last I checked it was around $500 a number of years ago – I expect this to have increased since then). You can toss the phone and buy another one – but the phone is still on your plan and your still paying for it, and buying another phone outright isn’t cheap – unless you don’t want a smart phone. If your on a 3 year plan, Rogers wont even let you upgrade to another phone if its past the 30 days of original purchase, for 2 years, meaning your stuck with it unless you do one of the previous options that I described.

  96. From what I found out on the Sony Ericsson blog was that all the apps you see on your phone – with exceptions only to “Shop” and “urMusic” – are all software is bundled by Sony Ericsson.

  97. Dammit… Still no update from what I see of your posts… I am still on dial up and don’t have the connection luxury most of you have.

    Nemesis381, please stop posting. You’re making Canadians look like we never took any grammar in our English classes. *sigh*

    Love SE and I’ll wait for the update. The OS we have now isn’t horrible. It just could be better. Whining won’t make it come any faster, unfortunately.

  98. @AaronF

    This is A forum I was not aware we needed to be proper.

    As for the update… still nothing 🙁 .

  99. Nope not on the list either.

    My SI # 1232-4506.

    Will update when that number gets on the list.

  100. mine is on the list
    but still no update
    ive tried uninstaling pc companion nd seus
    firwall anitvirus switchd off
    nothing work …..

  101. I felt like checking to see if I won the lottery, but no. My phone is aRogers X10a debranded to Generic Latin America :S

  102. I’m with Rogers and couldnt wait any longer so I decided last night that I would flash my phone to the Nordic 2.1. It took me 5 minutes. I also rooted the phone. All in all it took me 30 minutes for everyhting and now I am up and running on 2.1. What a big difference! The phone runs much faster, the camera is much faster at taking pictures and the list goes on…If Rogers does decide to launch the update, I will just flash it back to 1.6 and get the Rogers firmware…for now I am really happy!

  103. @Rocky, do you have a tut on how to flash to 2.1? I want a good one because i dont want to brick my phone.

  104. @haRBINGER
    Heres the instructions. just follow the instructions and you wont brick your phone…lmk if u need further assistance..


    It works like a charm on X10a

    HSPDA network works. (i.e.: 3G in my region)
    Headphones WORK
    AngryBirds WORK

    Here’s what happens:

    You download the two files listed by Binary
    Put the extracted firmware in the firmware directory (along with loader.sin)(10 sin files together)
    Open the .bat file (type in 1, 2 , 3 or 4 depending on your windows version).
    It will ask you: Please plug Xperia in flash mode so,

    Turn off your phone, press back and plug the usb cable! and Hit enter ( you should be quick, if you take to long it may not work, you have about 5 seconds. You know you are in flash mode because de GREEN LED on your X10 will stay ON)

    Your device will stay with the screen off while flashing. The .bat will be running and running like mad for about 2-3 minutes. After that WAIT for windows to tell you that it has finished. Hit ENTER. The .bat WILL CLOSE.

    On your device: Unplug your USB cable, wait for it to boot. I waited for like 2 minutes and nothing so I had to press POWER again.

    A device and a camera with a BLUE arrow will appear on your device screen. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT. It will reboot, and take like 2 minutes on sony ericson screen.

    It will boot up eventualy.

    That’s it.
    Now lets go root! :

    Just download the SuperOneClickv1.5.1-ShortFuse version. I didn’t use any other of those files attached in the link above.
    Turn USB debugging on. Settings -> Aplication -> Development

    Conect on USB (it should show on notification that you are debugging.)
    Press root. (on windows)

    It doesn’t work, it stays in “Running rageagainstthecage…”

    You should now tick/untick the USB debugging mode on your phone to make it work. (just look at the oneclick terminal. If it is halted untick/tick, wait till it stops again.

    Took me like 5 minutes, and ROOTED appeared on my laptop screen.


  105. @ Rocky
    I as well did not wait and flashed my phone to 2.1 and there is a big difference,my question to you is how do I flash back to 1.6 when rogers update comes out do you have any instructions,also if I root could I still flash back? thanks for your help.

  106. Latest from Rogers : the update is planned for the 11th Nov. It’ll have all 3 update options i.e. OTA, SEUS and PC Companion.
    Stop losing sleep until then.

  107. i called rogers (611) and the guy told me he doesnt know when the update is coming out, so he told me to update the 2.1 nordic and that it doesnt affect my warranty, but if i fuck up the phone while flashing its my fault. take that for wat its worth

  108. OTA, SEUS, and PC companion are all just different ways of accomplishing the same task.

    I wouldn’t trust an OTA update for an upgrade this big(I would question the validity of this claim too, none of the other markets have been OTA so far, so I doubt we’d be any different).
    Just plug it into your PC and don’t worry about it.

  109. @Fred, the rumor wasn’t Nov 8th, it was for the week of Nov 8th. Big difference. Nov 11th still falls in that time frame. Anyway, we don’t have a choice other than to wait patiently or flash with nordic 2.1.

  110. @Fredd
    Week of November 8th and November 8th are two completely different things, so November 11th still falls into the week of November 8th timeline.. One week seven days… so that could mean all the way up to the 15th of November. If you can’t handle the wait stop complaining and just flash your phone to the Nordic and flash back to 1.6 when the update finally arrives.

  111. @Eukl -thanks for the response. It’s good to know that the battery performs better, I do tons of internet browsing, and loads of facebook and other social apps, I still dont understand what urMusic is about, but hey, mostly I found I do use Radio apps, like “A Online Radio” – “XiiaLive Lite” and recently I bought “Anime Radio Recorder” , the last one works well with the xperia when I record anime songs being streamed. I just bought 2 new games “Exzeus” and “Zenonia” through the Market. I cant wait to try Skype on it. 🙂
    Anyone ever try to watch online TV streaming? I try the Rogers ROD, and it sux… big time.

  112. @Xperia … no 2.2 🙁

    The urMusic app is Rogers online music store/player. Rogers had Sony put that in their kit instead of Sony’s PlayNow app.

  113. @Paul, @Latest

    I’m just saying that I will believe it once it’s on SE or Rogers webpage. It’s not a complaint!

  114. Lol angry birds came out today in the market… 🙂 I think I can wait for 2.1 just one more day lol…

  115. I am so tempted to flash my X10a! But I won’t since my boyfriend gave it to me as a birthday gift and I don’t want to void my warranty.. 🙁

    Sigh.. I guess I have no choice but to wait and be patient..

  116. according to the box on the right, the update has been released in Australia around 12:00 AM Local time, on Nov.

    I have a good feeling, we will see the update tonite at midnight!


  117. Hey I called rogers today and asked when will we get the update. The tech guy said with in the next week or two no set date so looks like we will just have to wait.

  118. Fuck you rogers! fucking third world countries have the update already and we need to wait a week or TWO?!!

  119. at least i just recive the actualization for the roger aplcations “my account” for the new 2.2 froyo thats good news at least

  120. @Hello,

    that’s interesting, that link must have just been put up.

    But in all honesty, the update could come at any time. Every rogers rep is telling everyone different dates, so they might not know themselves. We still might have to wait a bit. If it was tommorow or the nest day shouldn’t they know the date already?

  121. So the new date is Friday, the 12th. Lucky for SE its not Friday the 13th. 🙂
    Even if we get it on the 12th, thats only 1 day later than the info I posted earlier. Lets hope its the final date.
    Everyone who’s been trying to get the update by using PC Companion or SEUS several times a day, You will receive a notification in your X10 when the update becomes available. Save yourselves the hardwork and irritation by constantly checking, and wait for the notification to appear.

  122. Im calling rogers now, i cant wait to take some HD videos! The camera is already decent, soon it will be sicccccckkkk!

  123. @Latest – I talk to a SECA rep today, he told me ” the week of Nov8th will be when the roll out goes out to Canada. Rogers will be posting an information on how to upload the 2.1 OS on the Xperia.” So I went to rogers website and found under support for Xperia 10x through the download section, a 2.1 upload icon. Click it and took me to SEUS to download Service Upgrade and PC companion. I did that and nothing, still 1.6. I was in a WTF mood. So I call SECA and told them that its the same 1.6, WTH you guys are doing?!? What false advertising are you doing?!? They say it will come the week of Nov 8th. So told them then why Rogers has that support for 2.1 upgrade for Xperia when nothing happens? They said “Rogers are currently preparing for support to all Xperia x10 for the upgrade which will start on the week of Nov 8th” I told SECA, that I think after all the lies that I went through with x10, I bought it with the promises that it will be “always” update with the latest Android OS, and its Sony Ericsson flagship smartphone. I think Sony should drop Ericsson and go with Google, instead of SE, it will be SG. That way for sure all this web of lies will stop.

  124. I just confirmed with a Live Chat agent on that the update is coming out Friday.

    I told him I tried to run the update from their 2.1 Update link and he said it will be out Friday.

  125. @Xperia … no 2.2 🙁

    This has been said several times but I’ll say it again: people who were under the impression that X10 will always be updated didn’t do enough research. besides, even with updates, the highest the X10 can go is Froyo. Gingerbread and onwards have hardware requirements that X10 doesn’t meet, such as RAM etc.

    Like I said, calm down and wait for the notification in your status bar. Calling SECA or Rogers won’t speed up the process. Or keep checking PC Companion won’t make the update appear miraculously.

    People who are complaining about Canada getting the update much later than other regions should take into account that Europe is way ahead of us in terms of their cellular market and is brutally competitive. places like India have a billion people economy whereas Canada is about 30 million. Canada sadly also has market policies that discourage competition and innovation and encourage monopolies and status quo at the cost of the canadian consumer. therefore companies like rogers etc can take their sweet time bringing the latest tech to the consumer while charging exorbitant prices. For e,g I was told yesterday by rogers that while everywhere int he rest of the world incoming text msgs are free regardless of where they come from, Rogers will charge me .15c per incoming text msg if its coming from another country, even USA. Unless ofcourse I got the International Texting Plan. We’re being charged for stuff that the rest of the world stopped paying for like 10 years ago. Beat that!

  126. First, let me agree with LATEST… he hit it dead on about Canada’s economy and business practices. One thing to have a smaller market and not as much options, but to discourage competition by pandering to the big boys does make me ill!

    That being said, I’m a newbie to the X10 world, just received mine 2 days ago, and even with all the new options (iPhone 4G, Galaxy, HTC Desire HD), I still went with the SE X10. And I’m happy with what I got. And if it works this great with 1.6… I’m sure 2.1 will be amazing! And maybe we won’t get Gingerbread… that’s ok, I’m sure 2.1 will be JUST FINE! You can’t expect any technology to stay current forever. That’s why you can use your Hardware Upgrade credits every 2 years… that’ll keep everyone current!

    In 2 years I’m pretty sure Android will be in version 5 and using names of meats since they’ll have long finished the dessert alphabet by then. Just think, when the HTC Apparition (or whatever) comes out with Android 4.6 and you’re comparing it to the Xperia with its much-delayed 2.1, you’ll remember to never buy SE again.

    I know that’s what I’ll be thinking.

  128. @J3EBS:

    According to Phone Arena SE is coming out with 7 Android devices next year, possibly all 7 in Q1, running the latest flavours of Android. We’ve already seen pics of X12/Anzu. There are also very strong rumours of a PSP Phone running Android. Both of those products can be blockbusters for SE. Also keep in mind that other than Apple to some extent, no one else does design in the mobile world like SE. SE’s designs are unique and always stand out. Design is a major factor for normal buyers ( not techies or geeks) other than hardcore specs. Heck, HTC Desire with 2.2 already looks out dated but X10 still looks great. I’ll guarantee you that it’ll be one of SE’s timeless classic designs like T68 or T610.
    Why would you or anyone compare a current phone with a 2 year old phone with the way technology is sprinting ahead ? Would you compare an N95 ( a fantastic flagship phone for Nokia) with anything thats out now ?

    @CSENSATION: yeah, unfortunately thats life of a canadian consumer. getting ripped by the govt, insurance companies, banks, telecom companies, auto industry and the list goes on and on …. we just smoke our weed and go back to sleep.

  129. Well I hope the update is Friday, or tonite at mid night! I cant wait! While I agree that the x10 is still a sick phone, you can not dismiss peoples criticisim just because its still a nice phone. The fact is, XDA is humiliating SE software developers.

    The x10 is way ahead of most of the phones out in terms of hardware, but the 1.6 software is now the oldest out there. All SE had to do was integrate their UI with android and release it, (just like Samsung, HTC, Motorolla) instead of muckin around with timescape (sure, its nice but why not release that part later) and media scape is decent but has absolutely no options or features. IT IS A JOKE!

    I am thinking of getting a Sony handycam HD but after this fiasco, I might get a Panasonic… Sony needs to understand that software is just as important as hardware when it comes to modern electronics!

  130. It seems that Rogers update is finally out, there is a new link on there support page that direct you to th SE website with the procedure to update ill try when I get home.

  131. @omar – the icon was added in the last 24 hrs… so I think it is a sign that they are ready for it… however it is not there as far as i know. all signs are pointing to tonite at midnight… let us pray to Allah that we will get the update soon!

    there is widespread speculation that November 12 is the date. This makes sense as SE Canada has been saying on their twitter feed “very soon” for the last 4 days now…

    if the update isnt out by the weekend i am for sure gonna flash my phone! if it bricks, so be it!

  132. The update will be here tomorrow “Friday November 12”. It was confirmed by a rep at Rogers yesterday. Just hang tight for a day and you all will be happy campers!

    Don’t blame rogers because of SE’s fuck up. Hopefully SE learns well from this and they get their act together for the next release of the X12.


  133. Pray to Allah? Are you shitting me?

    Look, you’re living in a free country, I respect your right to believe whatever the hell you want to believe, but please do it in the privacy of your homes. Do not be polluting the comment section with your superstitious crap.

    Besides, if praying to Allah solved any problems, Islamic countries wouldn’t be third world dumps. I would know since I’m from one.

  134. @bandit: look i know your cranky, but dont blame Allah for the delay of the update… I bet you Muhammad’s Android already has Gingerbread! 😛

  135. Hey guys, Checking as usually, its funny that SE product blog has its comments section close out for the past few days, so I guess they were tired hearing ppl complaining. At least that tells you something about SE. Come to think of it… EBAY and Craiglist suddenly have a surge of x10 on sell in the last few days, cheap too. I wonder….

  136. @ Bandit: this is an internet which means it has nothing to do with which country you live in. people can come in here from wherever and say whatever. Guessing from the names, the poster’s comment was meant for a fellow muslim, not for every one else. besides, no one heard you complain when people invoked Jesus while compaining about SE. Or you believe that invoking Jesus while complaining about X10 helps solve the problem ? freedom of expression is a two way street. get a grip.

    @ Xperia … no 2.2 :(:
    i just did a search on eBay for Nexus One, HTC Desire and X10. here are the numbers:
    Google Nexus One: 9560
    HTC Desire: 8882
    SE X10: 6476.
    As you can see, there’re fewer X10s on sale than either of the other two devices. However there’s no cure for paranoia.

  137. @Bandit
    I usually love it when you get angry on this site and you piss off all the SE fanboys, it is awesome and I cheer along side you. But you calling ones religion superstitions is beyond what this blog is about and what being Canadian actually is. It’s sad that someone from a third world country has become a bigot. You are the definition of bigotry. I am from a third world country, I am not Muslim but I truly appreciate the freedom of religion Canada offers. I now believe that your life really sucks and you have too much anger in your system. Seriously, keep these comments on this blog geared towards the X10 and SE not towards calling religions superstitions. Your constant use of profanity also illustrates you lack of intelligence, as well as not knowing that Duhbi and Abu Dahbi are two of the most wealthy cities ever to exist on this planet, and guess what? They are in Islamic countries. Also I believe you can calm down and wait one more day for the update, think about a peaceful garden or sleeping kittens, that should stop you from becoming a grumpy old man

  138. @Latest

    While I do agree with most of what you said, I have to point something out; 7 devices that you say possibly could all be in Q1 of 2011. If I recall, the update to the X10 was supposed to be out in summer. I REALLY wouldn’t count on more than 2 of those phones to come out in January or February, and even then March is still kind of a stretch. You can call me cynical or jaded or whatever you like, but have you seen how many things are getting delayed or released at a sub-par level lately? Fallout: New Vegas, iPhone 4, AMD 6900-series, list goes on.

    And mind you those are phones that they’re working on in general, let alone the fact that Canada will get them after other countries (only time I’ve seen an exception to this is with the Galaxy S provided through Bell).

  139. Okay fellow Xperia X10 users,
    I just spoke with a Rogers’ rep on online chat support.
    (For the record, I know a lot more than I pretended too. I was playing stupid in hopes of getting concrete data.) This was our conversation.

    Jony says:
    Hello Tyler Lancaster, thank you for choosing Rogers Live Support. My Name is Jony, how may I assist you today?

    Tyler Lancaster says:
    I just recently noticed that on the Rogers website, there is now a link for the Sony Xperia X10 update to android 2.1

    Jony says:
    I am sorry.

    Tyler Lancaster says:
    For some reason, I can’t download the update. Is the link broken?

    Jony says:
    The update will be available tomorrow.

    Jony says:
    Please wait till tomorrow.

    Jony says:
    Is there anything else I can assist you with at this time?

    Tyler Lancaster says:
    oh. So it isn’t actually available yet?

    Jony says:
    Yes you are correct.

    Tyler Lancaster says:
    Will it be available at midnight tonight?

    Jony says:
    You can check back around midnight or tomorrow morning.

    Tyler Lancaster says:
    okay great. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

    Jony says:
    You’re welcome and thank you for choosing Rogers Live Chat Support. Please feel free to contact us again if you need any further assistance at You may end this session by clicking on the End Session button.

  140. Dear Rod H, I usually enjoy your support as I laugh at fanboys, but you are one deeply confused dude who’s shaking his fist at the wall and not me.
    Your claims are baseless and other than SE fanboys, I laugh at your politically correct misconceptions of what it is to be Canadian. Let’s begin.

    You called me a bigot. Dictionary tells me a bigot is someone who is intolerant of those who differ.
    Oh really. Am I intolerant? Did you bother reading what I wrote? I do not care what religion people practice. I do not care what makes them happy. Everyone has the right of pursuit of happiness. Worship Allah, Jesus, King Tut, Harry Potter, it makes no difference to me.

    This is called tolerance. This is called freedom. I respect everyone’s freedom to practice what they wish and I wish the same for myself. I am STRONGLY against any form of intolerance or discrimination against someone of different religion, race, sexual orientation etc…
    This is what being Canadian is all about and this is what I absolutely love about this country.

    However, this does not mean I have to “Respect” that religion or belief. I think Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are backwarded, ugly, hateful desert dogma’s that have done more evil than good. This is my opinion and belief. I am entitled to it as you are to yours.

    I don’t know if I can put it any simpler than this.

    So no, my life doesn’t suck (other than the fact that I have a shitty phone, still running 1.6, this sucks very much indeed, FUCK YOU SE), and I’m not angry, other than sometimes biting my phone.
    Although society sometimes loves to misguide us to believe we have to RESPECT everyone’s beliefs, people tend to forget to use their heads and realize how dangerous this can be and what freedom actually means.

    So yes, let’s use this comment section for SE bashing discussions.

    As for the rest of your comments, mr. ROD H, you rant on about nonsense, but then you make a mistake of giving me an example of a rich Islamic city. Dude, don’t even play that game, don’t even get started. I know Islam, history, and middle east a little too well. If you give me one example, I’ll give you a thousand bad ones. K?


  141. @ Sajid and Tyler.
    Thanks for posting your transcripts guys. I do wish you had asked them one more question: once SECA releases the update to rogers, will it become available to rogers’ customers right away or we’ll have to wait further for rogers to release it to the rest of us ?
    I really do hope its the former and not the later.

  142. @Bandit: why are you ranting about Islam, this is an x10 forum! you wanna talk islamic history, start and rant on that!

    Anyways, according to tech support, the reps had training for the x10 update questions… and it will be tommorow (maybe in an hour, as it will be Nov. 12 12:00 EST soon time, maybe longer) let us pray to- wait- Is it ok to pray to Xperia, lord of anticipation and delay….

  143. @Bandit:
    You do understand that this is the Internet and hence whichever country you’re from doesn’t mean anything here ? Anyone can log in from anywhere and regardless of whichever country they may be from, they can post anything anonymously. Its one of the fringe benefits of the Internet, get used to it. Besides, the comment in question was between Omar and Osama, clearly understandable to anyone who may have the brains to decipher the “@omar” preceding the comment. Why would you butt into a comment that isn’t meant for you ? to Osama’s credit, he had the tolerance and sense of humor to come back with a witty retort to your offensive and rude self righteous rant.
    Secondly, even if it was a general comment, and you were offended by it ( even though you’re not a bigot by your own claim), why haven’t you been offended by people invoking Jesus when complaining about SE in these forums ? following your logic, if its foolish to invoke Allah for help in a cell phone upgrade, isn’t it equally foolish to invoke Jesus while complaining about the same issue ? Unless you believe that it is indeed ok to invoke Jesus because Jesus will solve it ? lol.
    you’re entitled to your belief and opinion, but so is everyone else. if an expression of people’s belief offends you, or you think they’re aren’t entitled to express it publicly on a free forum, you have a lot to learn about tolerance. until you do, in my opinion, its quite obvious you are an idiot and a bigot. you just don’t know it yet.

  144. @Osama:
    I’m watching Fringe on my PVR, so i think i’ll wait up another hour or so to see if i get the blessed notification. otherwise hopefully we’ll have it tomorrow morning.

  145. @ latest: I dont know if you will get the notice, the tech guy told me just use PC campanion to update it, because the notice will be phased out so not everyone overloads SE servers… this is pure speculation on my part…no Bandit, the blessed angel Gabriel didn’t come to me in a dream…

  146. Just got through with a chat w/ Rogers Live Support at 12:34 Eastern Time, they are unsure as to what time the update will be made available today, and extremely vague when asked if Roger’s customers will receive the update immediately. Sorry no screenshot.

  147. i checked now and got something but nothing. The support zone got updated today and i’ve been checking daily. True for anyone else? my time is 9:45 pm. Should be soon.

  148. On Sony Ericsson Canada it says there will be a notification on the phone… I’d say just wait for that during the course of the day and if nothing appears then try the PC Companion tonight.. live your lives people! :-p

  149. Well Osama, living in a cave in afghanistan must suck… no hot water… no cell reception… no Android 2.1 … :-p

  150. Chat log from Rogers support:

    12 Nov 2010 08:56:12 lando27 says: hello, is the Android 2.1 for the X10 available yet?
    12 Nov 2010 08:56:31 Rogers says: Yes and no.
    12 Nov 2010 08:56:43 Rogers says: Yes its supposed to be available however the links by sony are currently down.
    12 Nov 2010 08:56:50 Rogers says: We dont have the ETA when they will fix them yet.
    12 Nov 2010 08:56:57 Rogers says: So I would check back later in the evening probably.
    12 Nov 2010 08:57:13 lando27 says: this page:
    12 Nov 2010 08:57:15 lando27 says: ?
    12 Nov 2010 08:57:35 Rogers says: Thats the pc companion not the actual 2.1
    12 Nov 2010 08:58:02 lando27 says: is it being released OTA or just pc companion or SEUS?
    12 Nov 2010 08:58:19 Rogers says: Right now pc companion however we are working on an OTA as well.

  151. Lol was suppose to be mad because sony bullshit cuz I loved sony everuthing are sony,tv camcoder,playstation,vaio laptop,x10 now I am starting to hate sony,but because I kept laughing when reading your coments now I’m At work and I keep checking for that dem update last check was at 9am ET cuz I’m in you are son funny man I like your coments on osama for the hot water stuff lol dat was really funny lol

  152. PC companion is same for all phones. If X10 links does not work, ,load it with x10 mini link. Anyway update is not available. Looks like by blocking the link SE wants to delay more.

  153. what does OTA mean? Also, aren’t we suppposed to get a notification on our phone when ready so no need to check?

  154. if the update isnt available by 11:59 AM i am flashing this dinosaur with xda. if it bricks, i will smash the phone and tell rogers I lost/stolen it!

  155. I just googled OTA, because I’m on a computer replying in a forum, and it’s Ontario Trucking Association.

    sorry no, over the air.
    that’s better 😛

  156. @Delish… OTA = Over The Air dude.

    SE BLOWS!!!! Thx for the fuck around for the last 6 months and for rushing a device that should never have launched without the proper software in the first place. This update is almost on the same level as to saying Christmas will be in Feb this year, then when that comes…..Christmas will now be in May. Fuck you SE!!!

  157. Why don’t some of you just hold your breath until you turn blue. Chill out, ladies and gentlemen. The damn thing is about to be updated….not worth getting all pissed off for an update. Relax. Take the big view here. It’ll probably come today. You sound like pre-teens throwing a tantrum.

  158. @ Robert Yuna, ur rite dude im going through these posts trying get info on whats going on with the the update and it sounds like youtube comment wars on here. i am a lil pissed that its taking sooo damn long…just because 2.1 is better doesent mean that 1.6 is patient guys its coming out v ery very soon i hope 🙂

  159. checked at 10:00am, nothing.

    Also talked to Live Support, they gave me nothing, except essentially saying they were supposed to have it by now but SE is the one delaying them. no surprise there.

  160. Been lurking here for updates the past week. Was up at midnight with the rest of you. lol

    10:20am ET, Rogers Chat:
    Chun: The software update will happen very shortly. However, at this time we are still waiting for our management for the ok. I do apologize for the inconvenience and I thank you for your patience.

    He agrees it should happen sometime TODAY, just not sure what time.
    I think we’re all pretty anxious for this update guys. It’ll be nice to be upgraded.

  161. i have to admit guys i will be a little sad once i update my phone to 2.1 i have been enjoying reading this blog for the last 2 weeks. you guys have been very helpfull with links and even tho this is the first time im writing a comment i have been swearing and getting as pissed off as all of you so while we all wait lets all hope this is our last day of bonding togueter over this fucking 2.1 update shit…..fucking SE , now i feel better….lol

  162. so what about 2.2? will that ever be released for this? Man I really want to just sell this and just get a Galaxy S or something.

  163. Ya, as soon as I saw the Galaxy S I thought I made a mistake. The x10 is my first smartphone, and I knew I wanted android so I basically had to get it because it was a rogers upgrade. But know there is so much to choose from with android phones, its too bad. I thought getting the x10 was a safe bet because the hardware was ahead of its time (for Canada), but honestly if you have old firmware the phone still feels old and clunky.

  164. i just contacted sony ericsson canada and they said they didnt think the update was even available in canada yet and no timeline on when…. WTF!!!!

  165. HAHAHAHAHA. What did I tell you baloon heads. I told you 2.1 is a pipe dream. They lied to us before and they will continue to lie. Timlelines don’t mean shit and SE doesn’t stick to them. They’ll release this crap update someday I guess, I just hope it’ll be in this month. Meanwhile, enjoy your crapperia with its ancient software. Other companies are starting to work on gingerbread,, we wait for 2..1.. Sony Ericsson – make, believe. Do you Believe?

  166. When you call 1-888-Rogers-1, the automated message mentions new update for X10… but I’m at work, so I haven’t checked software yet… anyone try recently?

  167. man… rogers know how to shove people away..
    i dont know if the guy really meant it, but he told me (after furiously waiting for 25 mins on the tech support line) that the update was made available already for canadian users of the x10. he also noted that there are approx. 850000 users in canada who are on the same boat. he said should be any hour now. (like all 850000 of us didnt know that)

  168. guys, i think its here. on xda, someone from Kanata (not even sure where that is, maybe near ottawa i think) has recieved the update OTA. he says 2.1 looks great on his phone. however, I still do not see it, so I am wondering if he telling the truth now…

  169. No wonder SE can’t get their shit together… when you mix an asian and a swede and get them to make a phone, apparently it doesn’t work. The X10 is like the looks of a Toyota with the engine of a SAAB… bleh.

  170. The engine of a SAAB is a beautiful thing, in all its turbocharged glory. If you had said the body of a Toyota with the crappy Ford engine of a Volvo, then I’d agree.

  171. @ osama

    do you know actually know this person or did you see a post of someone posting it somewhere else?

  172. @Mitch Leitman,

    You may agree, but you would both be incorrect. The x10 has a wonderful engine. It’s capable of a LOT more than it’s currently allowed to utilize. So a Toyota with the engine of a SAAB is absolutely accurate. Please troll somewhere else.

  173. Saab was a beautiful thing until GM crapped all over it, now it belongs in the dumpster, JUST LIKE XPERIA X10.

  174. I think the Ford Duratec engine which has been awesomized over the past 20+ years is super solid. GM sold what,1 Saab in Canada maybe? And to a guy named Sven Icelicker no doubt.

  175. mazdaspeed3, you’re from the past! 3 hours ago to be exact! in Ontario we’re in the present and in Newfieland, they’re from the future

  176. On hold waiting for Rogers Tech Support. The recorded message says the update was released today…ringing…Glen@Rogers says it’s out!!! I will be checking SEUS and/or PC Comp. In a few hrs. Damn work. Anyone get it yet? Rogers also says OTA update will be available in a couple weeks. Like I am gonna wait for that. Hopefully we’re all good:-)

  177. @ tc

    dont think it really matters whether or not im 3hrs behind unless rogers is going to be a bizatch rolling the updates out by time zone.. 😛
    btw, it still doesnt make any difference since no one here has officially confirmed having the official ROGERS update… yet

  178. Well looks like we are ALL still waiting I might have to write Santa and ask for it for christmas only 43 days away

  179. SE should have known there could be a flood of people trying to access this 1 file before they released it… why couldnt they just made the proper precautions prior to the moment of truth? i guess they enjoy watching us little minions in panic and frustration for this long due update..

  180. I’m in Ottawa and still nothing….. serious7 is lying his ass off I think, I very much doubt they at the sole person with an update

  181. I just talked to Rogers Technical Support and this is what i was told:

    Saleh joined the incident.

    Saleh says:
    Hello Mikey, thank you for choosing Rogers Live Support. My Name is Saleh, how may I assist you today?

    Mikey says:
    Hi I have an X10 and am being told that the 2.1 update has been released and some are getting it, but I am not. Is it actually released yet?

    Saleh says:
    It has been released but theres a problem with the sony website right now traffic has caused the links not to work.

    Saleh says:
    So you may have to try later today.

    Mikey says:
    Ok thank you. Will I have to check later by connecting to PC Companion or will my phone get a notification that it is available?

    Saleh says:
    You have to check the pc companion

    Mikey says:
    Alright thanks for the help.

    Saleh says:
    You’re welcome.

    I guess it seems that Sony, as usual, could not foresee the immense traffic that we would cause trying to upgrade to the ridiculously delayed 2.1 OS. Hopefully, if this is all true, we will be able to upgrade through PC Companion later today.

  182. mazdaspeed3… BC eh… I was there in March, skiied at Panorama Resort. Gorgeous place. Notice how I’m trying to talk about other things to defuse my internal rage… :-p

  183. Im running windows vista and when I try to install media go I get an error does anyone know how to fix it

  184. Im in montreal quebec, and was just wondering, for this upgrade to work, would you have to have the latest pc companion installed? and if so hw do you know you dont have the latest pc compainon? i clicked the link posted many time and it brings me to the pc companion DL page, version 2.0, but thats been the same version of pc companion since i’ve been checking from oct 31, so how are you suppose to know, if the link isnt working/working and if you have the latest pc companion, id appreciate any answers thanks

  185. Just used the link above posted by lando27, brought me to the pc companion download site, i uninstalled and redownloaded pc companion, plugged in my phone……..and got ” your phone is up to date”….i’d say we dont get 2.1 today, just my personal opnion

  186. After being on hold several times today, after being told initially it was available by Rogers support. They told me how to do it, then I tried to contact live online because I was doing something work, they just brushed me off. Everyone can put down the phones and stop holding your breath. I just got off the phone with SE Support (1 866 766 9374 if you want to call yourself) and they said Rogers support may be missinformed, there is no ‘confirmed’ release date for Rogers Wireless. I am more apt to be believe SE then Rogers Support. I can wait longer if I have to, phone works fine for me now (though hate not having multitouch as advertised) but still looking forward to the upgrade.

  187. @loki: easy answer, uninstall vista. ;o) Sorry for the sarcasm, it was to easy of a shot. As for the issue, I beleive if you were to call SE on this they too would tell you it’s a known, and unresolved issue (though that was over a month ago, so who knows now…)



  190. wow a bit of anger issues lol. but i agree this thing is beyond a piece of crap, i can’t wait to get rid of this and get an iphone or galaxy s. but since we are stuck wtih this do you guys know if this will get multi touch? and the 16m color upgrade? and any sort of battery life upgrade?

    god i wish i never bought this piece of crap

  191. Transcript of Chat with SE as of 3:22 Eastern Time (Ontario)

    Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…
    You have been connected to Agent Patricia.
    Agent Patricia: Thank you for choosing Sony Ericsson Chat Support. My name is Patricia your Xperia™ Support Representative. How can I help you today?
    Vince: Hello how are you?
    Agent Patricia: Good, thank you. How are you?
    Vince: I’m good, i’m contacting you with regards to the X10 2.1 update for Rogers Canada, do you know whether it is available today or is it just rumour?
    Agent Patricia: Sorry, we do not have that information. You’ll need to contact Rogers to confirm.
    Vince: Rogers has said that the delay was cause by SE and i should contact you
    Vince: caused””
    Agent Patricia: The roll-out of the Android 2.1 based updates for Xperia X10, X10 mini and X10 mini pro started on Sunday October 31st.
    So far we have received confirmation that the generic kits for the Nordic countries will be the very first ones out on Sunday evening and then there will be more kits coming already during Monday and then the roll-out will continue throughout the month of November.
    Vince: So that’s all the information you have available?
    Agent Patricia: yes
    Vince: Ok thank you for your time
    Agent Patricia: Have I answered all of your questions today?
    Vince: yes thank you

  192. @ Osama : for the record (not that your solely directing your comment at me) I said it works fine for me, can’t speak for other people. Oh, and I have never missed a call as of yet locked or unlocked.

    @ dude : no multitouch EVER, battery life is to improved with this update, no answer for the 16m colours (color, if yur a yank) eh.

    My only gripes, delayed upgrade, keyboard and multitouch, otherwise the unit is fine for me. To anyone, if you don’t like yours, feel free to send me your old one when you get a new one.

    Going home now, I’ll check this forum Monday to see if there are any smiling faces.

  193. I love this phone but 1.6 is soooo old. No flash support unfortunately till who knows when, I did buy this phone thinking that there would be latest android updates on it within decent time frame and so being able to watch flash websites this year…. lol. Laughs on me, but going on 7 months now since I bought it and nothing yet. I think SE is looking at this phone as “we will update this when we feel its needed” as apposed to it being upgraded with the latest android releases. Their update division is slower then molasses, do they all go on holidays and work 4 days a week? Looking like today is not going to be update for my phone, was looking forward to it very much, being able to use 2.1 apps would be nice and somewhat HD camera.. no multitouch is almost a dealbreaker for me after playing with an iphone 4.. grrrr!

  194. As a matter of fact, my x10 sometimes do drop my calls, and sometimes it does shutdown (power off) by itself. Is it the hardware problem or some app I installed causing this? How do I troubles shoot when these things happen again?
    BTW, I am still using 1.6 😀

  195. Hey I just got an inside scoop from someone who works at Rogers in a decent position. They will announce over Twitter – follow @rogersbuzz. The fault lies with SE. Hopefully fixed by end of today is what I got.

    Somebody with Twitter get on that. I don’t do Tweets. Let us know when it’s available.

  196. GOT IT…NOT.
    In case any SE people are reading this, I think I am not alone when I say
    I will never buy anything sony ever again.

  197. @hello: i suspect the self rebooting problem is an overheating processor (if you take off the back cover, you can smell something burning in the x10)

    @dude: according to SE, 16m colors, multi-touch and arabic language support will not be included in the x10’s OS, though the hardware does support such features…the software doesnt, simply because they dont have time to complete their programming, they are too busy working on the x12 and PSP phone to care about an ancient dinasour like the craperia

    more serious issues that i wished i noticed when i first bought it:

    1. you cant lock the screen during a call, sometimes it locks on its own, most of the time it doesnt. screen turns off, but if you touch it it comes back on? wtf? cant put phone in my pocket during a call, this is a major flaw, why no lock option?

    2. it takes 3 clicks to call someone (maybe favorits are easier, not sure) but why the heck do you need to confirm 4 times to call someone?

    3. mediascape is a joke. i only use it for photos, even then, there are so few options, almost none actually

    4. the supposedly 8.1 MP camera is medicore, very hard to take a picture, i hate the 2 level camera button, you gotta press it so hard that it shakes the camera when you click the button, idiots!

    5. no flash support, there is no excuse for this, as the whole reason i was so impressed by this phone was its web browising, should have noticed this before..

    6. in call volume with handset (not headphone or bluetooth) is a JOKE. the speaker looks so big, but it barely has any sound. you can not hear calls over traffic, trains, wind, etc.

    7. the microphone is also in a horrible location, as you have to hold the phone a certain side for people to be able to hear you.

    8. the lack of 16m colors for such a large and high resolution screen is a waste… like come on Sony

    Sony (along with the rest of Japan) is in big trouble. I was in shock to learn that the Sony Handycams HDs only record in 60i, there is no option for 24p or 30p/60p on their handycams…there is no excuse for this other than stupidity. Why do I wanna spend $1000 on a single sensor camera with no 1080p recording? GARBAGE SONY, YOU ARE LOOSING ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS!

  198. 4:15pm ET with Sony Chat Support

    They were not given any information about the update being released in Canada today. I mentioned that Rogers had told me this morning that it would roll today, and she apologized for the confusion.

  199. hey guys, first of all I love you all and I passed a great week at work reading your comments and screaming alone and getting crooked looks from my coworkers but after waiting for so long after Mr. Rogers (god rest his soul) to update my x10, I took the plunge and flashed it to Nordic 2 days ago.
    The flashing process was very easy, got a few heart attacks when the phone was rebooting but all was good. So after using it for 2 days I can never go back to 1.6. I got a real Skype (very well built), twitter and multiple other apps, 5 rows and 5 screens live wallpaper… so to get to the bad part, the phone is still sluggish and fairly slow, battery is still horrible as soon as you start doing anything online. So the way I see it is we never keep our phones for the 3 year terms, so might as well keep those few hairs left on your head (I lost like 6 hairs and one more is about to fall waiting for this update) and flash it, we can come back here and start complaining again when we will be waiting for 2.2

  200. 4:35pm ET with Rogers Chat Support

    Sean tells me that there is some congestion with the PC Companion update method, but it should be rolling out today still. Apparently my PC Companion will stop mocking me by telling me that my phone is up-to-date, and eventually tell me that I can upgrade. Fingers crossed it happens sooner than later. 🙂

  201. I just tried the PC Camp. and it reloaded 1.6 when i used repair option.

    lets face it, SE has been saying very soon for days now, last 2 days they are silent. either it is about to be released any minute… or im just gonna flash it by mid night, unless they tell us it will be available by Sunday night… but if no words by midnight, LETS BRICK OUR X10s!!!

  202. @ mynx and everyone who contributed to this blog

    Thanks for the update mate. I really do hope they will be able to roll it out tonight via PC Companion. From what I’ve been reading above, seems like SE and Rogers aren’t even on the same page as to whats happening with the x10 Android 2.2 update.

    I updated today for the first time on PC Companion, but it was just the latest updates for 1.6 lol (I’ve haven’t updated since getting this phone 3 weeks ago). The software update (OTA) on the phone would always say I’m up to date, so I guess you can really only trust PC Companion for SE updates.

    Going to keep a regular check my PC Companion and hopefully sometime today there will be updates! Until then I’ll patiently wait and play some Angry Birds! Good luck to everyone!

  203. 5:34 pm in ottawa and still no update availlable , the hell with it i’m giving up on this 2.1 shit this is about 9 hours of life ill never get back.

  204. I did hear from my source at Rogers that if it doesn’t drop today it will be Monday but quite likely today unless SE drops the ball. I hope it’s a late night for the techies at SE and Rogers.

    Get ‘er done boys. Give people a good weekend.

  205. We should probably discuss other matters to take our minds off it. I know that this morning I didn’t think once about the update because I was too busy trying to make plans for the night and contemplating if I should watch Skyline or not.

    Personally I’ve always been a big fan of doomsday-type movies, apart from The Core. One thing that bums me out about Skyline is that it’s only 1.5 hours long. I think the plot is going to be way too dense, because there will be half an hour of startup nonsense haha. Thoughts?



  207. Honestly, id love to update this phone with the 2.1 euro update but im just to scared to brick it, the instructions in previous posts sound like it could be a problem… Do this in 5 seconds or else… eeek! Anyways i dont have the money for a new phone and im stuck in a contract. So here is to waiting. My thoughts.
    1. Is this 2.1 update going to radically change my life if i cannot wait for rogers and do it myself.
    2. Is this update going to give me a pay raise??? humm! food for thought
    3. Have i lost sleep, lost hair, crashed my car treat my co-workers badly.
    4. Will it cause me to win the lottery… hey magical phone spit me out some numbers from your new mystical 2.1 update brain power…

    Nah! didnt think so… guess ill go cry meself to sleep.
    what a life..GRRRR! SE!

  208. J3EBS is right with all this update bullshit i ignored my girlfriend all day while she was laying in bed waiting for my attention……WTF as SE turned me into????????? i forgot i had a life today fuck this i aint wasting anymoretime here im going to show my gf how special she is……back in about 46 -52 seconds…….lol

  209. to all those who say the 2.1 update is not that important, i disagree. $600 (baiscally, even on a contract with Robbers- and they do rob you, i know this very well as I had to reclaim hundred of dollars from them by whining on the phone… THE COMPANY IS A JOKE?!!! WORSE THAN SE!!! MONOPOLY. they just buy out the competition like fido (beware wind vrigin whatever), and bell and telus didnt even have GSM till like last year!

    I meant to talk about the so called “8.1 MP” caamera, while video recording is no doubt very sick for a phone (better resolution than a high end SD mini DV camera), I WANT THE HD!!! 720p video all the time, imagine the craziness you could post to facebook or sell to the local media stations… Sony Ericsson Fan smahses his x10, filmed with an X10 in HD (by the looks of it Thanks to xda and not SE of course…)

    anyways, yes, the camera was the reason i got the craperia, so at least i will feel justified spending so muchg money on it! so rogers tells me to redownload the pc companion, which i did. then theY tell me to redo it but reboot when you uninstall… so i did, he was like “you think im wasting your time” well Jony, maybe you are… cause it says (for %$^%$ sakes!) “your phone is up to date”… is it SE? No, it isnt, ITS NOT UP TO DATE WITH HTC 2.2, OR THE NEW 2. ^%&^%&! 3 THATS COMMIN OUT ON NEXUS OR WHATEVER!


  210. @ Osama:
    dude this is ANDROID, which means there are options available to users if they don’t like the the stock apps. If you wanted everything fed to you by the manufacturer with no options to change/customize anything, you should’ve bought an iPhone. Learn your phone and Android before you complain.

    1. there is a proximity sensor which will locks the phone when you’re on a call. if you’re using a headset, you can open up the dialpad and it’ll lock the screen after couple of secs by itself and your have to Tap TWICE to unlock it. if your sensor is bad, you can change your phone under waranty.

    2. yeah the stock dialer is counter-intituitive, but there are other dialers available that you can download. thats the whole point of getting an Android phone.

    3. mediascape is probably not the best media player but it is a pretty slick looking media manager. besides none of of the stock media players on any android phone so far has a good media player. again, there are other better options in the market and they’re free.

    4. you do know that there is Touch Capture available on the camera and u don’t have to use the hard button ?

    5. if had done your research u would’ve have known abt flash. btw flash isn’t widely implemented on majority of the android phones still. even the brand new Windows Phone 7 doesn’t have flash support. in the meantime u can use SkyFire.

    6. may be u have a bad phone but i don’t have any issues with call volume. i use my phone on the train, in the subway, in the mall with no problems. u still have the warranty, u can change your phone.

    7. i’ve no idea about the microphone thing , i’ve never noticed that.

    8. do u know that its extremely hard to detecet 16m colors vs 65k in normal usage ? even in movies and videos. yeah it still might be good to have in certain apps but its not like it’ll turn your screen into AMOLED.

    9. so don’t spend $1000 on a sony camcorder and don’t whine about it.

    Again, its funny when people get an android phone but expect it to be be like an iPhone or even symbian for that matter. I’ve no issues with people having legitimate complains but as i pointed out, pretty much none of your issues qualify as legitimate. you’re just blaming everything on SE because thats the easiest thing to do.

  211. Lack of multi-touch? He’s never noticed that.
    Lack of updates? He’s never noticed that.
    Lack of 16m color? He’s never noticed that.
    Lack of higher call volume? He’s never noticed that.
    Lack of proper speaker? He’s never noticed that.
    Lack of decent camera? He’s never noticed that.
    Slow and laggy interface? He’s never noticed that.
    Lack of flash? He’s never noticed that.
    Paycheck from SE? He’s noticed that.

  212. @latest
    1. why is there no obvious graphic option, 4″ of blue screen but no lock button?
    2,3. should be covered by a sony “smart PHONE”, also consider sony invented the walkman
    4. i know man, im not an idiot, its awkward to operate the touch capture with one hand
    5. i acknowledged my error, should have noticed
    6. volume is usable, yes, but barely, compared to the super mega side speaker which cant be lowered to use as a phone speaker…
    7. there are 2 slots at the left side of the x10, top one being for “media,speaker” speaker, other being for the micropphone, it has to be near your mouth to be heard well (for someone who tried to make me look like a whiney child, u should have known that)
    8. i agree, not wirth the RAM and power consumption, though 16m sounds nice
    9. i wont, im not whining, just disapointed with sony, and using what I thought what the appropriate venue to communicate my frustration with their eng. mngmt. dept.

  213. Haha fact to fact sooo true. It disgusts me how many se employees are trolling blogs and forums in an attemt to Do damage control. How bout you retards at se shift your priorities from marketing to development as any simpleton knows a good product sells it self. I wish I could go back to using my very nice responsive 3 g with multi touch but the damn wifi won’t work.

    Anyone into pysch suspicious of.the name. Se x10. Sex10 lol damn subliminals maybe that’s how we were fooled.into using this thing.

  214. Well, after long wait i flashed with global firmware. Guess, its done in 5 minutes and i have 2.1 on my phone now. Thanks to XDA developers. update is breeze and very easy. So i suggest f u c k rogers and SE canada and do update with XDA.

  215. lol .. thanks everyone for such an amusing experience over the past few weeks, the update will be good and everything but I think this blog was better ! lol

    SE !! Can you just frk’n get the bloody update out for all of us fine folk so we can get on with our lives!! lol P P P P P P P P LEASE!!!!!!! with with whip cream on top! Bunch a balloon heads (my favourite line … ) lol

  216. While I think the 2.1 update will be good whenever it frickin arrives .. but the past few weeks will proove to be more amusing !! lol .. ya bunch of balloonheads! lol my fav line..

    SE! Can you please just get the update out for everyone , so all of us fine folk can get on with our flippin lives! lol for God’s sake .. lol P P P P P P P P LEASE! with whip cream on top…. well at least the camera works well …

  217. the longer the night progresses without an update, and without solid plans, the more likely i will FLASH THIS BRICK!!!

  218. @ never buy sony
    i know i may sound like a rookie here which i sort of am but could you send me the link to flash my phone with xda and are the instruction easy to follow….thx

  219. @fact :
    Dude I’ve got nothing to do with SE but if that’s what you want to think, be my guest.
    What I will admit to is getting annoyed with people who never contribute anything positive to the forum, their sole purpose being here to complain and rant and pick on everyone else who happens to know that it is just a phone, not a ticket to heavenly nirvana and is satisfied or happy with their purchase.
    You can keep pointing out why X10 sucks but in the end you made the choice to buy it so the joke is on you. There were other phones available with the features you wanted and yet you chose to buy a phone based on rumored promises ? lol. I bought X10 bc multi touch isn’t a big deal to me (not a gamer), and it does everything I want it to do. I would’ve preferred a front facing camera but none of the android phones did at the time so I let it go. I’ve been happy with my X10. Go ahead and hate. lol.

  220. @ Osama LETS BRICK THIS MOTHERFUCKER …. I’VE GOT TWO PIECES OF THIS SHIT.. just gonna get a htc desire Z instead of this bull crap

  221. Would anyone buy my piece of shit (x10) for $200? Is it worth that much? I wanna give it away, get the Desire HD or a windows 7 phone. I have used nothing but SE phones in the past. This is sad but NEVER EVER AGAIN. I learned my lesson.

  222. lets give them a few hrs… but this is a joke… i kind of want it to brick, no doubt it will suck to look at a $600 paperweight, but it will teach me a lesson….never again!

  223. @never buy sony: is it that easy??? like you seem like your standing by to feed us our fix, like a heroin dealer injecting his customers! LOL

  224. SE is a major disappointment. I would never ever in my life ever buy an SE again. I would B**** to each and every person I know about SE. I would never ever recommend any SE product to any one I ever meet. I am switching to HTC which is a lot more better.
    Bye bye SE, you just lost a very loyal customer, and this customer will make you loose as many customers as he can!

  225. @ Never buy Sony

    thx bros!!!!! i will give it a shot and my girlfriend thx you as well the faster i leave my damn phone alone the happier she will be……lol im sooooo sleeping on the fucking couch tonight….lol

  226. Please tell each and everyone of you cry babies are in grade 9 or 10 because then your rants are acceptable. Look if someone told it was next week, you’d wait patiently this weekend and then start the crying again next weekend. If someone told you it would be this week and you got the update last weekend you’d be having a love-in. Stop crying and be patient, SE is not reading this forum so your idol threats of leaving and taking customers really is just hot air wasted. If Sony came out with the best phone on the market for their next edition, you’d be back, or complaining somewhere that you made the wrong choice. I made the wrong choice because I wanted multi-touch, though for me it was advertised then taken away. Regardless, I have the phone now and the milk has been spilled. I’ll clean it up and wait patient for more milk. You should all give it a try.

  227. @s.girard
    I just reflashed to the global one now with that link. what you need to do is download the 2 zip files in that one of 162mb and one of 25mb. unzip them, then open the Global World 2.1 folder, delete all the files in except the firmware folder. Then open the X10Flash-2.1 and copy paste the content inside the Global World 2.1 folder and replace/overwrite. Run the X10flash bat fileanswer the few questions, plug your phone in flash mode and click enter to continue. and watch the beautiful files loading in on your phone

  228. thx bros!!! holly shit not only SE hates me but my own phone and technology does….lol . this might sounds really gay right now but fuck i love you guys , ill give SE one good thing it as brought us pretty close to each other the last few days….lol cheers to that

  229. im so fed up with this
    it was supposed to come out in july
    then in october
    then november 1st
    then november 4th
    then the 8th
    then the 11th
    then the 12th, didnt happen
    fuck it im flashing it
    pos rogers and se
    i come read this thread every single day and im fed up
    2.1 here i come
    oh btw
    flashing your phone wont void the warranty

  230. @s.girard pleasure man

    I’m become a flash whore, I don’t mind re-flashing my phone for the 3rd time and making a lil video for you guys to see that it is sweet, simple and it works.

  231. Its ANDROID.
    FLASH your phone and get over it. THATS the POINT of buying an ANDROID phone. what a bunch of whiners and cry babies. lol.

  232. so it seems the rogers rep told me that the update was indeed released but twe now have to wait for the sony update servers to become availible as they are down right know.

  233. @xxtrabass -That’s what I heard too just now.

    9:40pm EST The update WAS released today, but the Sony Update servers are down. The Rogers rep told me to try “another day”. I asked, “this weekend?” And his response was
    “Possibly, but from what I see right now it will be early next week”.

  234. @mynx lol thats the exact same comment they made to me, i guess they have this stuff ready as they are being flooded with people contacting them

  235. @OSAMA
    “lets face it, SE has been saying very soon for days now, last 2 days they are silent. either it is about to be released any minute… or im just gonna flash it by mid night, unless they tell us it will be available by Sunday night… but if no words by midnight, LETS BRICK OUR X10s!!!”
    “the longer the night progresses without an update, and without solid plans, the more likely i will FLASH THIS BRICK!!!”
    “LETS BRICK THIS MOTHERFUCKER …. I’VE GOT TWO PIECES OF THIS SHIT.. just gonna get a htc desire Z instead of this bull crap”

    “thx bros!!!!! i will give it a shot and my girlfriend thx you as well the faster i leave my damn phone alone the happier she will be……lol im sooooo sleeping on the fucking couch tonight….lol”

    @Never Buy Sony
    “Well, after long wait i flashed with global firmware. Guess, its done in 5 minutes and i have 2.1 on my phone now. Thanks to XDA developers. update is breeze and very easy. So i suggest f u c k rogers and SE canada and do update with XDA.”

    First off boys, FUCK YA! This IS what it’s all about, by far some of the funniest things I’ve heard all day. @Latest, We hear ya man, there are alot of good things that one could say about the X10 when effective marketing gave us all a hard-on about what it’s supposed to do, but I was the second person in WPG to get it the day it came out and am now on my second device in 6 months due to “shotty software” – Rogers Tech Dept Quote, as well as a person who belives in getting what they pay for.

    Burns to me b/c I bought a peice of shit phone which is exactely what i paid $700 for, and will more than likely drop SE from my line-up (4th device) and BRICK my phone tonite trying to flash nordic.

    Again to Quote myself earlier….. SE BLOWS!!

  236. @OSAMA
    “lets face it, SE has been saying very soon for days now, last 2 days they are silent. either it is about to be released any minute… or im just gonna flash it by mid night, unless they tell us it will be available by Sunday night… but if no words by midnight, LETS BRICK OUR X10s!!!”
    “the longer the night progresses without an update, and without solid plans, the more likely i will FLASH THIS BRICK!!!”
    “LETS BRICK THIS MOTHERFUCKER …. I’VE GOT TWO PIECES OF THIS SHIT.. just gonna get a htc desire Z instead of this bull crap”

    “thx bros!!!!! i will give it a shot and my girlfriend thx you as well the faster i leave my damn phone alone the happier she will be……lol im sooooo sleeping on the fucking couch tonight….lol”

    @Never Buy Sony
    “Well, after long wait i flashed with global firmware. Guess, its done in 5 minutes and i have 2.1 on my phone now. Thanks to XDA developers. update is breeze and very easy. So i suggest f u c k rogers and SE canada and do update with XDA.”

    First off boys, FUCK YA! This IS what it’s all about, by far some of the funniest things I’ve heard all day. @Latest, We hear ya man, there are alot of good things that one could say about the X10 when effective marketing gave us all a hard-on about what it’s supposed to do, but I was the second person in WPG to get it the day it came out and am now on my second device in 6 months due to “shotty software” – Rogers Tech Dept Quote, as well as a person who belives in getting what they pay for.

    Burns to me b/c I bought a peice of shit phone which is exactely what i paid $700 for, and will more than likely drop SE from my line-up (4th device) and BRICK my phone tonite trying to flash nordic.

    Again to Quote myself earlier….. SE BLOWS!!

  237. still trying to figure out how to flash my phone and my girlfriend is wondering how the fuck did i graduated from school….. looks like your all my date tonight fucking SE as turned me into a blog whore and wreking my relationship… that fucking couch is getting closer she as already left me a blanket and a pillow or is it that peice of junk the dog sleeps on not sure…

  238. yeah well sorry guys but it’s not allowing me to re-re-re-flash it.

    dang I put my pants on for nothing -.-‘

  239. @James:
    i’m sorry your X10 was a lemon. you have my sympathies man. and i don’t blame u for dropping SE if thats your experience. just to keep it in perspective though, almost every android manufacturer’s user forums are full of legit complains which tells me that buggy software exists across the board. i’m not justifying it. i’m just saying switching brands won’t necessarily mean a better experience. if android isn’t a must for you, may be you should get a Nokia. they have a stable, proven OS. not as fancy as apple or google but it has some advantages too. and Nokias in my experience have been bullet proof. anyways, good luck.

  240. s.girard
    Follow this method and se if you able to flash:
    Get flash tool from here:
    Get firmware (global) from here:

    Use above flash tool and not that come with the global firmware. replace firmware folder of flash tool with one came with global firmware. Follow instruction after launching bat file.

    Make sure you have java 32 bit installed on your computer before you start.

  241. Can someone please give me a very simple step by step on how to flash nordic? This is my first time doing this and i need it as simplified as possible. Thx guys, your help is appreciated.

  242. Allright, couldnt wait anymore flashed wityh nordic, running 2.1 works awesome. Fuck Rogers, to everybody here “Just Flash the damn thing, its still covered under warranty”

  243. sorry guys im going to have to second DES on that request im going to need a step by step cuz this fucking thing is becoming like bigfoot to me , ive seen footage,pictures,footprints but until i see that fucking 2.1 software on my phone im not going to belive in it

  244. After flashing ur phone do u have to do anything to make it work on the network or well the phone just start working fine

  245. i just flashed my phone and its great
    bin4ry just updated the flasher and its so easy to use
    the phone works perfectly
    no difference
    been using it for about an hour know and its amazing

  246. @ s.girard – this is Bin4ry step by step flashing to 2.1. from xda dev.
    – X10Flash 2.1 final & 2.1 Firmware (Updated Flasher 5.11.2010) –

    He updated the Flasher.
    – X10 Flash Tool – Always newest Version (5.11.2010) –

    Also check post from seus lighting x10 (post #45 to 49),also check Ekul (post# 62 and so on),

    And If you want to browse around XDA DEV site for Xperia , here’s the link :

  247. From a Rogers employee on the Rogers Community Forums:

    People were questioning why SE is telling people one story and Rogers another. Here is his answer. Best one I’ve heard so far, and it explains a lot.

    “We did get the update today, however the sever that connects PC Companion and the Rogers network is full due to all the requests coming through at once, and as such, only a few people “get through” at once. This is why PC Companion shows no update available. That’s the default when it cannot connect to the Rogers servers.

    Over time it will die down, otherwise, if you are super anxious, just keep trying. …I’d just wait and try maybe 2-3 times a day at various times.

    Its hard to say on who’s end this is crashing, be it SE’s servers or ours, either way, it is what it is.”

  248. I just flashed my phone and in is way it all ways say that in on H and not 3g in only on 3g when in on the home screen

  249. @Mynx the only problem is my requests should go through at 1 am Pm time. As most the east is a sleep. I think its down, or letting one dude through single file. I’m going to try again in a couple hours… Like how many people can possibly be trying to upgrade their phones in canada at 3am pm time?
    @ noodies x10 flasher its on HSPA which is in fact faster then 3g some call it 3g plus, or 3.5 g. In the old update it didn’t let you know if you were on 3g or HSPA+, but now on 2.1 it shows the difference. HSPA was supported before but just didn’t let you know.

  250. Just to let you peeps know, make sure you restart pc companion, you will most likely get the update right after you restart the app.

  251. downloading update as of now 3.26am Vancouver BC
    hope this works….. this is such a painless procedure.. why did they have to make it so frustrating for all of us..

    anyhow, i guess congrats everone =) the wait is officially over

  252. 6:30 am Ottawa, downloading upload via PC Companion. Had to reinstall it.
    Received update notice when trying to do a software update on 3g, not from a text message.

  253. Well I can officially say I am glad I waited, not quite a week after official release but at least I did it through pc companion and not the way others have and have problems and now their phone is out of warranty. >”<

  254. 6: 55 am, toronto.
    The update is here and its still the “week of nov 8th”.
    Good luck with the update everyone. Hope everyone finds new reasons to like their X10.
    And just a reminder, there is one more major update scheduled for X10 around december, or perhaps a bit later than that, so there is more to look forward to. SE has also left the door open for 2.2 so that’s still a possibility. Otherwise I’m sure the geniuses at XDA will have it figured out by then. More power to X10. 🙂

  255. I have an x10a with rogers flashed it yesterday with bin4rym and happy with it all the way and 3g is working for me. Touch screen is more responsive the whole phone is just smoother.

  256. mine still says my phone is up to date , if im not getting this update today i think my girlfriend is going to upgrade my couch to a hotel room lol

  257. Same for me.

    My PC Companion keep saying my phone is up to date. But when I try the Software update option on the phone it told me that I need a cumputer to update?

    Anyone know how I can update?


  258. Ok I find how to upgrade.

    It saying me that I’m up to date but I choose Repair option.

    Now I have 2.1

  259. All i did was connected to Pc Companion. Check in the setting to look for ugrades the next time a connect is phone. It took a couple of minutes to prep the install , and about 10 mins in total. Loving the new look, and glad i have all day to get used to it now.



  261. Ok, found a trick. I used a software called Update Service found on SE website. It said I was up to date but I clicked install anyways and it installed 2.1

    They will have to kick their developpers’ butt a little because to me this is shitty programmation.

    Exploring 2.1 now, FINALLY!

  262. Hi all welcome to 2.1 , question for anyone I updated about 2weeks ago with nordic now that rogers is available how would I flash back to 1.6 so I can update through rogers also how could I save all my current settings and apps ? Help would be appreciated thanks.

  263. K just driving home out of a night shift and before i dive into bed last try on phone to update software and it wont do it and for first time tells me to connect to comp to update software. Is this then THE day or phone acting up. Maybe its here after a week yelling and screaming at SE. Anyway, check it for me, going to bed. Hope when i wake up you all told me Rogers update to 2.1 is a fact for Canada. Goodnight 🙂

  264. + Live wallpaper, HD, Speed, New Lock Screen, etc….
    – No more Automatic light……..WTF!!!!!!

  265. Anyone in western Canada get it yet? I just did a repair install on my phone via PC Companion and it put 1.6 back on my phone. Any suggestions?

  266. I just ran the Update Service, and it told me I’m up to date. I didn’t reflash with it though.


  268. Still nothing here in Belgium… FRUSTRATING since a colleague with an X10 mini pro already got his update last weekend.. same operator… SE is really testing my patience… I can no longer download anything from the store since 3 weeks, cannot add mail accounts because the certificates are no longer trusted, etc etc… I’m not far away of throwing the X10 to the floor and getting the 3gs back out 🙁

  269. 10:20am Barrie, Ontario

    Just flashed using SE PC companion, said software was up to date but hit repair button anyways. The results are in, what firmware did i end up getting?……

    2.1 !!!!!!!! Yay finally!

  270. Alright guys i need your help big time while updating to 2.1 my laptop crash and fried my phone , now my phone is done i get a weird icon when i turn it on and it wont do anything , anyone as any idea anything will help links whatever …… thx guys

  271. I just connected mine to the PC, PC Companion took a while (about 2 minutes) to recognize that it’s not up to date (usually it would say “your phone is up to date” as soon as I connect), and now it’s updating.

  272. Yeah not working for me!, says my phone is up to date. hmm…
    This is very annoying. I tried through sony companion and update service and nothing.
    Anyone got any ideas?

  273. Hahhahahha @ s.girard

    Sorry dude but your phone is fucked beyond repair. Does your pc recognize the phone when you connect it? Download SEUS, turn of the phone, connect it to the pc and follow the instructions, try to repair. If that dont work, tell rogers you lost your phone, and they’ll give you a shitty replacement. Also, make that couch your permenant home, forget your girlfriend, now its just you and your pillow.

  274. @larry, just go to the thing that says support zone, then click repair. i had the same problem but after repairing it told me there was new software avaliable and voila. im now upgrading to x10

  275. @s.girard: did you flash it or did you use SE Companion? was your lap top old?

    @steve: though i didnt use it i dont understand why they removed it, doesnt make sense

    open home doesnt support 5 rows, which is too bad caused i wanted the dialer and browser button on the menu bar…ugghhh does anyone know a launcher that supports 5 rows and has the dioaler and browswer like open home?

  276. @ howard: didnt you get the update? or did you flash it last night? i passed out early last nite… too many Carlings, good thing i didnt cause the update is on my phone, its pretty sick so far, especially if u like facebook

  277. Anyone run into the problem that the update wouldn’t start? On PC Companion it says that an update is available, but when I follow the steps, it will get stuck and abort at “2. prepare”. There’s only a “retry” button there, and shows up a list of phones, but there’s no x10 to be selected.

  278. Running the update as we speak through SEUS 161.5mb windows 7 9:07AM Saturday Nov 13th

    helllllllllllllll yea baby

  279. Here it is folks, Winnipeg just got it, the update is so sicccckkkkkk!!!! Thx to all of you for hanging in there and keeping all of us in the loop with the information that you’ve provided. To anyone who is still having problems:

    If your PC companion is still not updating, uninstall and reinstall (made a big difference for me)
    When it asks to repair your phone click yes.
    If you still have problems with turning the phone off and pressing the back button when flashing, try it again untill it works. I had to do it twice before it would work and the whole process should take 15-30 mins depending on your broadband connection.

    Anyways Good luck and lets appreciate this for at least a while, or untill they announce 2.2 being available and give us a ETA of a year from now LOL

  280. Congrats all 2.1 great, was got wait, all update run so easy.

    btw: auto brightness its there, I read on xda forum haw set it up but dont remember now where….

  281. Have you guys figured out how to close the internet browser on 2.1? They removed the exit option when you click the left button so I can’t seem to close the net now…

    Using the X option seems to reload the home page…

  282. Alright guys im back in the game baaaaaabbbbyyyyy !!!!! i fixed my phone and got the 2.1 an awsome rep from rogers helped me fix it, the dumbass at SE suggested that i pull my battery until it was fix , next time his car breaks down he can try to pull out his engine out for 5 secs and putting it back in and see what happen. You guys have been amazing and entertaning and very very usefull i feel like we were all on a sinking ship and finally help as arrived and its now time to move on with our lives i wish you all the best and next year we should all come back here as a 2.1 tragedy reunion……lol have a great weekend guys i got some making up to do with the girlfriend…..BTW 2.1 fucking rocks

  283. Updating here in Vancouver, BC as we speak! 🙂 I tried PC Companion first, but no luck. Then I tried SEUS and presto! Depressed I have to go to work so I won’t get to play around with it right away lol

  284. Still haven’t gotten it here in Alberta. I just removed all Sony related stuff, reinstalled PC Companion, let it update, then did a repair on the phone. Still 1.6.

  285. 2.1 is sweet but one piss-off. On view of contact (from Facebook), i’m getting Funny, an SE proprietary app doesn’t work on SE. Typical. Oh well, onto the wait for 2.1x.

  286. Doesn’t like quotation, message is Timescape Plug in manager contact information is not editable on this device.

  287. I tried it earlier, but not since I removed it. I’ll try reinstalling it, and see what happens. At this rate i’m going to wear out my memory with my like 7th flash today 🙂

    Anyone else from Alberta have the update yet?

  288. Just tried it through SEUS. It’s not done yet, but the update it’s downloading is only 143mb, and everyone else posted that theres was around 160mb. Guess I’ll keep waiting.

  289. OK, i figure out why it didnt update.
    1. I had to delete the old PC companion and update the new one.
    2. after installing it, the PCC (pc companion) added new drivers and other things.
    3. When asked me to connect the phone, I had it power OFF. When connected it added the drivers and then I got “New software available”. I click to update and then it work ^_^’

    Now as we speak Xperia is updating 2.1 yaaaa!
    I’m sure after this we will be talking about 2.2 soon lol
    @Osama – did you try the camera? how does the pictures looks? And, did you try the HD cam as well? Really I’m hoping for the camera is better then the last one, I mean it does have 8.1m and at 1.6, at high res (8M) it takes like 2m digitized pictures. Hopefully 2.1 will upgrade it.
    @s.girard – Is your Xperia working now? hopefully nothing else happens. I so wanted to Flash it to Noric, but I decided to wait until Monday morning if the update didnt come. But. glad I did.

    Oh! Is there a way to have adobe flash on 2.1? maybe a XDA-dev may know?

  290. auto brightness, it is definitely still there. Seems to be enabled permanently? The auto adjustment is just much more gradual than before, so that’s why some people think its disabled. I assume this is to help conserve battery with the gradual transitioning. The old auto brightness was a real battery killer.

  291. updating via SEUS 161.6mb
    u guys try to uninstall all the sony undate service and reinstall
    it work for me

    btw i tried the PC Companion,it didn’t work

  292. Ekul I need your help help please , read my post # 381 and if you can help that would be great .

  293. GOT IT!!! Too bad not in time for my kid’s hockey this morning. I wanted to try the HD vid…oh well.

    Lots more apps/games to choose from in the market and elsewhere. Keyboard is much better, live wallpapers are sweet, interface much improved.

    My life can go on…

  294. If anyone is still having issues:

    1 make sure you delete and reinstall latest PC companion
    2 make sure to download and install new backup utility. It will back up applications.
    3 when told to plug in phone and hold down back button, don’t let go of back button until told to. should not take long.
    4 good how to video on youtube from SE
    5 remember it can take a minute to recognize phone needs update once you plug it in

  295. I have an odd question. I had debranded my phone some time ago, and I think I flashed it back to the branded firmware, but I can’t remember. Anyone know how to check if it’s branded or not. And if it’s not could that be why I’ve not gotten the update yet?

  296. bugs, design flaws i noticed right away…

    1. they removed the cursor arrows from the keyboard, this was really stupid!
    2. you can not remove facebook contacts from your phone without turning them all off
    3. timescape widget is horrible – rarely updates on its own, takes 8 tiles despite using prob 4, very laggy still

    other than that, phone looks good so far… havnt really used the cam though, its not like going from xp-windows 7, more like 95-98 kinda difference really…still welcomed… but by the time they update again i will probably be looklin at the new phones, sony needs to get back in the game

  297. The wait is finally over ladies and gentlemen! Updated to 2.1… Life’s GOOD! Now lets push SE for 2.2 =]

  298. just an update that my phone is working perfectly and 2.1 is working well , i cant get enough of this blog i guess… wish everyone luck with your update hope everyone as it by now

  299. I’m with ya Larry. Going to start pulling hair out soon. Just tried to call Rogers, but after 30 minutes on hold I hung up.

  300. Scott,
    You mentioned that your phone was debranded before? I believe that’s the problem. ‘Cause my girlfriend’s phone (untouched) was able to get the update just fine… this morning. I, however, debranded mine before as well. Going to try and flash it back to Rogers’ now… and see.

  301. I think I just found my backup of my original branded firmware. Maybe I’ll try flashing back to that and see what happens.

  302. Done. It may have helped that I uninstalled the PC companion and reinstalled it. It downloaded immediately thereafter. Looks very good. A bit of a learning cure but worth it, all in all. Try the uninstall tip!

  303. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both pc companion and SEUS a minimum of 3 times each, and done a repair flash 4 times now. I’m just in the process of downloading my original branded firmware from my work computer. I’ll flash to that (Though I think I did that already a few months ago, i’ll do it again just incase I hadn’t) then try again.

  304. downloaded the twitter ans skype apps but I can’t seem to find Google Earth. I thought it was out for 2.1.

  305. I couldn’t complete my install until I downloaded the new backup utility. If having issues, try it. Follow the back up link on the upgrade steps and scan the barcode or enter url.

  306. @dann

    I’m having the same problem….. update stops during step two and won’t continue, have you resolved this?

  307. Now that its 2.1, I played with the new features most of the day. A few differences, keyboard is better, and it seems its much faster after it loads up. Before I noticed that 1.6 used alot the display power, now is hardly 12%. Wi-if stay when its on tether mode, which is a bonus and Skype works great, seems having it On does not hinder battery power like the way 1.6 was with other apps. Even when I played Anime Radio Recorder for 4 hrs, it hardly dent the battery usage, unlike before 2 hrs I must have it connect to recharged. I tested the Facebook thingy, when my brother was on Facebook, it shows that I’m On when Xperia is Power On. So I guess SE was true to their word when they said when its On, FB will show that. I also played with Mediascape, and maybe its me, or I think the sound is better then before when I had my DJ headphone on, sound clear and crips, even at max volume doesnt disappoint. I guess they upgrade that big time. Yet, when I used the HD cam and went around recording my puppy mischief’s, at 720p, that blew me away. That was just simply amazing. The Camera looks so good I just couldnt get enough of it, looks better then the old ones that I took. Still, there is tons to play about, and its a learning curve to use 2.1 ATM, but I’m happy… still… it would be nice to have adobe flash work on it, would be even better.

    @ Bart – If the 10x mini/pro got theirs, the x10 is just around the corner. As I understand, mini/pro is first in your area, soon after x10 will roll. Check this link from SE product blog site it will tell you:
    @ Fred – I check on SE product blog site if their is USA update. It seems no info, the only info I got was their kits:
    Usually if SECA has released the update, then SEUS is just around the corner. It could be possible anytime next week or the beginning of next weekend. So, try to contact your provider , and SEUS and bug them as much as you can, and get the info.

  308. HAve tried the PC companion method and SEUS (after reinstalling both) multiple times without success. It may be because I debranded my phone ages ago.

    Any tutorials for rebranding back to rogers X10a ???? Please help !!!

    Or are there any other methods to get Rogers x10a 2.1 firmware onto my phone ?

    (Guelph, Canada)

  309. Hey have any of you guys experienced an issue where when you try and access the notifications on your notification bar nothing happens? or I should say that you can’t see the notifications anymore when you pull the bar all the way down?

    This is really bugging me :/

    Also I gotta say the battery life on idle is amazing, before when i left the phone on overnight it would drain about 70% of my battery life, now about 6% over 10 hrs :), I’m happy with that!

  310. Alright, do any of you eggheads know how to change the keyboard from default to the android one? Or perhaps stop the characters from popping up when you type on the default keyboard?


    Thats what i found ^_^

  312. I’m also having problems switching to the HTC keyboard. I enabled it in the Language and Keyboard tab in Settings but then when I go to type msgs/emails, it’s always the SE stock keyboard. Before I just held the Shift key (I think) and then a pop-up would appears for me to select which type of Input. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  313. yooo! got the solution! just go in sms or anywhere u can get the writing area and long press the writing area. then chose input method and thats it

  314. I have to say I am very, very impressed with what SE has done with 2.1. I have the generic flashed on my phone and rooted, and has fixed every one of my issues with my phone with the exception of the lack of MT and a lack of auto flash for the camera (Although Vigenette has auto flash for the X10). I have Rooted my phone and have deleted Moxier mail, qudrapop and SE sync. Barnacle wifi tether is amazing and I have linpack speed of 6.964 MFLOPS, without hardware acceleration. This is what the X10 SHOULD have come out with in the first place! I am still holding out hope for froyo, 2.1 is good but 2.2 would be great! I really hope that SE gives us froyo to make up for such a shoddy year of dissapiontments and lies (The no MT capable thing).

  315. hey guys i flashed my x10 a while back from x10a to x10i so i could get 2.1 on it. now rogers has there official update out does anyone know how i can flash it back to x10a so i can update it properly?

  316. @Talal Sleigman
    Thanks so much. It worked! I love the HTC keyboard. So much better than the stock SE and Droid keyboards.

  317. Just updated my phone finally!! PC Companion didnt work for me. Took me 1 hour and it kept giving me an error!!! SEUS worked like a charm. I highly recommend this option verus Pc Companion.
    2.1 is nothing special… Sony couldve tried a little harder!

  318. Good news people SE has decided that the Android 2.2 for the X10 will be released in 2 weeks…it will include 16 million colors and multitouch.

    Stay tuned and I will keep you guys updated

  319. hi,
    pls can anyone help me to update my se xperia 10 mini..i followed all the step.unstalled pc companion and installed it back…followed the step 1 and two and 3 step does not go through and the massage comes ARE YOU HAVING PROBLEM WITH THE UPDATE PLEASE TRY AGAIN..PLEASE HELP.

  320. Yeh Please can someone post a valid link from Sony Canada or Rogers Inc. to backup thier statement for the release of 2.2 for X10 ASAP…

  321. Ok folk… we got the 2.1 update… now lets whine about 2.2 or even 3.0…. lol! I cant believe how big this got LMAO but I hey they should do what they promised… anyhow… I want 2.2 now!! And I mean it I WANT IT NOW! 😛