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  • Ingenious marketing campaign for X10 mini [Video]

    We’re not sure how this slipped through our net, but around three months ago Sony Ericsson France launched an ingenious viral marketing campaign for the X10 mini on the streets of Paris. It involved a fleet of small radio-controlled vehicles including cars, trucks, buses and even boats with an obligatory X10 mini mounted on top. […]

  • Xperia X8 photo and video samples

    Those guys over at SE-First have been hard at work, following on from their unboxing video, they are first on the scene with some photo and video samples. As a quick reminder, the handset comes with a 3.2MP camera sensor (lower than the X10 mini series) and has no flash and no autofocus. The latter […]

  • Sony Ericsson shows funny side with Xperia X10 ‘product testing’ videos

    Sony Ericsson has released a number of hilarious videos about the Xperia X10 that shows the rigorous testing that takes place at their ‘Product Testing Institute’. They have produced five videos with various groups including glam rockers, guidos, surfers, models and toddlers. All deserve a watch and you can check them out below. My favourite […]

  • Xperia X8 in video unboxing

    SE-First has managed to get hold of the retail packaging for the upcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 highlighting that its release must be nearing. They put the handset through a video unboxing and revealed what prospective owners can look forward to. It seems that SE is being quite generous by including four different coloured back […]

  • Android 2.1 on Xperia 10 gets sneak video preview

    We’ve already seen some leaked details regarding the Android 2.1 update for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, but now we have something a lot more definitive. German site ViMoNews managed to get hands-on with the Xperia X10 at last week’s IFA show in Berlin. The interesting part is that the build they played with was […]

  • Sony Ericsson releases Xperia X8 retail demo video

    Sony Ericsson has released the first promotional video for the Xperia X8. The video highlights the Android market, YouTube, the four corner shortcuts, sharing photos, browsing apps/contacts as well as SE’s proprietary Timescape app. Hopefully the release of this video highlights that the Xperia X8 launch is just around the corner. Check out the video […]

  • Android 2.1 on Xperia X10 gets video demo

    There has been much excited talk in recent days given the fact that details of the Xperia X10 Android 2.1 release are slowly leaking out. We now have a preliminary idea of what features are to be expected, along with a 720p video sample, but we haven’t had a view of the phone running Android […]

  • First 720p HD video sample from the Xperia X10

    One of the big features to come from the Q3 Android 2.1 update on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is HD video recording. We previously reported that gbil from xda-developers is in possession of the Android 2.1 test ROM and is testing out some of the features. One of these includes HD video recording. He […]

  • Maria Sharapova unboxes the X10 mini pro

    We like our unboxing videos just like the next man, but they take on another level once you get a superstar in on the act. That’s exactly what those folks over at Sony Ericsson HQ managed when they coaxed tennis babe Sharapova to unbox the diminutive X10 mini pro. Check out to see how well […]

  • X10 mini pro now shipping

    The X10 mini pro is easily the smallest Android smartphone in the world with a QWERTY keyboard. Following the recent launch of the X10 mini (its keyboard-less cousin) the X10 mini pro has now hit retail shelves and is expected be available across Europe in the next week or so. Check out a promo video […]

  • Video guide to Xperia X10 Root

    The Xperia X10 root became publically available yesterday and there are already a number of people who are having difficulties in successfully rooting their device. However, don’t fear, help is at hand from Youtube member gne0n. He has produced a 10 minute video that goes through the full rooting procedure. Use it as a supplement […]

  • X10 mini pro gets video unboxing

    The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini is already out in the shops, but we’re still awaiting for the release of its QWERTY cousin, the X10 mini pro. The guys over at SE-First have managed to get hold of a retail box for the X10 mini pro and shot a very quick video to show us […]

  • Xperia X10 Root gets video proof

    Despite the good news that we brought to you yesterday, regarding the successful Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 root, there are still many detractors who refuse to believe it has been done. To put the issue to bed once and for all, one of the coders (biktor_gj) has released a video that shows this is no […]

  • RockPlayer Divx Android Media Player hands-on [Video]

    An unreleased beta of an upcoming Android application called RockPlayer (aka RockPlayerBase) has leaked onto the Internet. It is a media player capable of playing a wide range of video codecs including divx, avi, mkv, mp4 and rmvb. This is something that is much needed on Android as there are only a few handsets that […]

  • X10 mini gets video preview

    Michell Bak from the se-blog has a 5-minute video preview of Sony Ericsson’s X10 mini handset. I have to say it looks like a really smart idea and one that is surely to have wide appeal. Amongst other things he gives a quick tour of the messaging application, web browser and menu system. The interface […]